Amber Tamblyn's Post-House Plans Revealed

Following her well-received turn on Fox’s House this season, Amber Tamblyn is staying in business with Fox and House executive producer Katie Jacobs.

Tamblyn has teamed with Jacobs and The Wire co-creator Ed Burns for a potential drama series that would find the erstwhile Joan of Arcadia playing a young teacher in the world of public education. The project, which has received a script commitment from the network, is being produced by 20th Century Fox TV.

Jacobs came up with the idea for the drama and pitched it to Tamblyn while the two were working together on House. Tamblyn loved it, and the two then brought in Burns, who was a public teacher in Baltimore (as well as a police detective) before he segued into writing. The three developed the project together, with Burns attached to write and Jacobs to direct.

Also expected to be part of the show is Lin-Manuel Miranda, the Tony-winning writer-star of the Broadway musical In the Heights. Miranda, also a former teacher, is friends with Jacobs and appeared in the two-hour sixth-season premiere of House, which she directed.

Tamblyn, whose final episode of House is slated to air later this month, alluded to an exciting something brewing when TVLine Q&A’d her last month. “I have something coming up in the fall that is integral to why I left [House]. Once it’s announced, you’ll be like, ‘Ohhh, that’s why she left.’ And it’s a really good reason!”

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