Will House Call NBC Home Next Season? And Other Burning Questions Answered!

Is House about to become homeless?

Variety is reporting that renewal talks between NBC Universal and Fox are going down to the wire, and if a deal isn’t hammered out by April 15, the Peacock (which owns the hit drama) may shop the show elsewhere — and NBC itself is one possible suitor.

Series creator David Shore, however, is operating under the assumption that not only will House be around for another season, it’ll continue to air on Fox. “I would be absolutely astounded if there wasn’t [a Season 8],” Shore told reporters Friday during a conference call to promote Monday’s 150th episode. “Fox wants to have a Season 8, and NBC Universal wants them to have a Season 8. I fully expect there to be a Season 8 and we’re proceeding on that basis.”

But as underscored by TVLine’s recent Q&A with costar Robert Sean Leonard, a more pressing question is whether House‘s current occupants will be back. While Hugh Laurie is contracted for next season, deals for most of the supporting cast — including Lisa Edelstein, Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer and the aforementioned Leonard — are set to expire in May.

Asked specifically about Leonard — who confessed to being very much on the fence about continuing on — Shore said, “I’m operating on the assumption that he’s going to be back. We love him and we value him. That relationship [between House and Wilson] is one of the cornerstones of the show. That male friendship thing is one of the things I’m proudest of on the show.”

Shore was less certain about the fate of Olivia Wilde, whose return as Thirteen after an extended absence serves as the centerpiece of Monday’s milestone hour. “That’s yet to be worked out,” Shore said of the actress’ status beyond this season. “I certainly hope we have her. She’s wonderful.”