American Idol: Did the Right Singer Get Booted?

American Idol‘s Top 9 results-show telecast was traumatic tonight, and not just because Iggy Pop got up on stage and did his best Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs impression. Nope, without even a Tweet of warning from Nigel Lythgoe, the House That Kelly Clarkson Built was rocked to its very foundation with the ouster of Season 10’s most consistently powerful vocalist, Pia Toscano — considered by many (me included) to be a lock for a Top Three finish. [UPDATE: Read TVLine’s full episode recap here.]

With Pia’s elimination, Idol has now sent home five consecutive women since the Season 10 finals began, not counting Casey Abrams, who received the Judges Save after getting the lowest number of votes two weeks back. I wonder if Randy, Steven, and J.Lo wish they’d saved their veto power now; I sure do.

American Idol: Rating the Top 11′s iTunes Recordings from Elton John Week

Anyway, let’s give you the facts while I pause to drown my rage/shock/disappointment in a Big Carl-sized glass of wine:

Bottom Three
Stefano “Open Your Eyes (to the Fact That Jimmy Iovine Hates You” Langone
Pia “Probably Shoulda Danced Through the Closing Credits” Toscano
Jacob “Check Yourself (in the Mirror) Before You Wreck Yourself” Lusk

Bottom Two

Pia [insert unprintable stream of expletives here]

Musical Performances
The Season 10 Top 9: “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”/”The Letter”/”Sweet Home Alabama” medley
Constantine Maroulis: “Unchained Melody”
Iggy Pop: “Wild One”

And now that you’ve got the facts, I’m going to keep my vitriol to myself and get working on my full episode recap — look for it to post overnight here at [UPDATE: Full recap is liiive!] Until then, how are you feeling about Pia’s ouster? Even if you thought she was boring or too reliant on ballads, is there any way you can make peace with her exit? Do you wish the judges still had their save to use? And who deserves the biggest share of blame: Will.I.Am, Gwen Stefani and her hideous clothes, or Jimmy Iovine? Sound off below, and for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. melissa says:

    Wow……………. what a shocker. Pia wasn’t even my favorite contestant, but I can wholeheartedly admit that she was the best singer. Thought she would win or at least get to the finale. Those results were ridiculous.

    • Nick says:

      They could front-loaded the next season with 9 girls and 3 guys as tone-deaf and mute as Helen Keller, and we’d still get a phallocentric final three. Hell, next season’s top 12 could be ALL-MALE, and a woman would STILL go home before any of the men.

      Unless they institute policies to limit the number of times a person can vote, this is going to continue in perpetuity.

      They need to just rename this show “A Masculine Idol” and get it other with.

      • Brittany says:

        While Pia was not my favorite contestant, she was talented. There is no way in **** she deserved to go home before Stefano or Jacob (and maybe even Paul and Haley). Another female contestant gone, and the bottom three were the most non-white people left in the competition. All the feminists and racially sensitive people are gonna freak out on this one.

        • Danielle Notaro says:

          Who could blame us. Right?

        • Jamie says:

          Pia will be fine.

          She’s got a fat summer Idol tour check coming her way.

          She’s gotten recognition as a talented singer.

          I would not be surprised to hear that she landed a contract soon.

          I do think that Stefano SHOULD have been sent packing first. I can actually think of a few people who should have been gone first.

          .. BUT.. she was never ready to win. She has a lot of growing to do. Jennifer Lopez identified it week after week. Pia is a GREAT vocalist. She’s got MAD talent. But she’s not quite ready for prime time. She is still green and awkward. She’s got a beautiful voice but she doesn’t communicate the FEELING that goes with the songs that she sings. She doesn’t seem to connect in some way.

          I don’t dislike her. I don’t think she deserves to be slammed or disparaged in any way. I don’t deny she has talent. But.. I also don’t think she’s the best of the bunch as a total package.

          • Kerry says:

            I completely agree with you, and I believe that’s why she didn’t get people voting for her in big enough numbers. A very beautiful woman and a fantastic singer, but we needed to see some growth toward artistry. For me, I root for the people who surprise and move me, and Pia only impressed me (albeit REALLY impressed me). I’m sad to see her go before her time. But I assume she has it in her to grow as an artist, and I’m sure she will do really well.

          • Buggys says:

            Amen to that. I couldn’t agree with you more. I do, however, firmly believe that Jacob and Stefano needed, and deserved, to leave well before Pia.

      • Sybil says:

        They should just rename it Phallus Idol, and be done with it. This is what happens when you lecture the most vocally talented girl about uptempo and dancing, and blow smoke up the asses of off key males. I may be done with Idol (unless David Cook appears on a results show).

        • melissa says:

          David will be on the results show in 2 weeks (the 21st I believe) singing his new song that will be released on the 19th.

          • ewolfgirl says:

            …and he’ll be singing his rendition of Simple Minds “Don’t You Forget About Me” on the Idol finale. So, yeah, if it wasn’t for David Cook, I wouldn’t be watching the show today. It does suck tho that women just don’t ‘idolize’ over other women. True story.

          • Jean says:

            Yeah! – a real reason to watch Idol. Mr. Cook is the reason I started watching Idol and one of the reasons I keep tuning in. Not sure this higher level of mentoring this year is working for them…certainly didn’t work for Pia. Glad my favorite Idol winner David Cook will be gracing the Idol stage soon. He still holds the top prize for most original Idol contestant EVER!!! in my book.

        • Roco says:

          The judges are partially to blame for Pia’s leaving. I LOVED Pia. I would have bet the farm that she would have won. much as I loved her, when the judges kept saying “maybe you can only do ballands,” it raised a doubt in my mind: well, maybe she is too one-dimensional, maybe she isn’t the “whole package.” But, her upbeat number (Moutain High) proved she WAS up to the task.

          Also, I think too many viewers were apathetic and didn’t off the couch to vote! I’m betting younger female voters are having a large influence on the outcome. Not a judgement…just as observation.

          At any rate, I’m pissed. And won’t watch the show again. I’ve read many comments of people who say they won’t watch. When Fox starts losing viewers, they will change the voting rules that the judges have a vote in choosing a winner.

          • OvenMitt says:

            It isn’t the young females, it’s the bored, middle-aged women who are power voting for the sauseege. That pretty girl never stood a chance, maybe five seasons ago, but not today. Not with the combo of horny housewives with a glass of red wine in one hand and a cell phone in the other.

          • veronica says:

            @ovenmitt – gotta say you’ve pretty much nailed it! depressing but true…

          • Lori says:

            You could be right about apathetic voters not voting for her, thinking she’d be safe. I felt the judges comments were constructive and it was obvious they felt she was a top contender — in it to win it. I do feel they should have told some of the guys who were weak or off key something constructive as well but they did not. They were too easy on Paul the past few weeks and to me, it seemed as though he lost his voice. He was not good and I was shocked to see he was not in the bottom three tonight. His time was up and I am very upset. We may boycott the show and not watch until they change the voting rules and let the judges have more power.

          • cathy says:

            Scotty only sings country songs and he is still there. If Pia had had a penis she would not have been voted off

          • Delirious says:

            I’m sorry, but I can’t agree, just like I can’t agree with Mike. The judges aren’t to blame at all (not even partially). Just like there shouldn’t be any regrets for using the save on Casey. As usual, it was the audience who screwed up, voting for “bahgawd, but Lawrin is saw kewt!” or “hell yeah, rock that stage, pummel the pop industry, Durbin [throw metal horns here]”, and not actually evaluating singing quality/prowess/talent (on the long run/in general), or the musical performances themselves.
            The save shouldn’t have been used on Casey? Why didn’t people say that last week with Naima or Thia (damn, had to look it up, already forgot about “15-year-old-Thia”), for example? (don’t answer, it’s rhetorical, trying to state my point here) And what if next week the audience acts like a bunch of [insert insult to inteligence, criteria, etc here] and kicks out someone worthwhile instead of serving justice on Stefano, Jacob, James or, oh-the-horror, Lauren? (just for the record, they either stop giving her songs she can’t _perform_, as the recap said, how can she feel like a woman at all? seriously? of course that’s the reason for her bland, plain and almost empty deliveries)

          • Delirious says:

            Forgot to mention, maybe they should think about adding a new “rule” for next season: once the bottom 3 are there, have them sing (or not, although that could make it more interesting), and have the judges save one of them before announcing who’s the bottom one (they might save someone who was already saved, or the actual loser of the night, killing the second-to-last’s run). Maybe that way we’ll see less of the trainwreckage we’re seeing this year. Example: if we see a bottom three with Stefano, Pia and Jacob, with a bit of luck, they’ll save Pia straight away, and forsake Stefano or Jacob while at it.

        • Lori says:

          I thought Paul would surely be the one to go home tonight after his recent weak performances. His voice was almost gone and I thought Stefano or maybe Jacob might be next after that. Pia was the strongest female contestant for sure if you judge on voice alone and she had the strongest classic voice of any contestant in several seasons, male or female. This is absolutely rediculous and shame on America.

      • Jean says:

        I agree – this will continue to happen until they limit the # of votes or let America decide the bottom 3 and then the judges select who gets eliminated. This is ridiculous. Stephano, Paul, and Jacob should have all gone home before Pia.

        • Love4All says:

          Oh my god u hit the nail on the wall and please throw in ‘country mcCreery’ while we are at it.

          • Snsetblaze says:

            Although I don’t agree that Paul should be on that list, I’d add Lauren to go home before Pia.

        • Sally in Chicago says:

          Or they should do like DWTS and let the judges give a numeric vote and factor it in with the audience.
          But the power voting and ability to vote over and over is ridiculous.

        • Christy says:

          I think having America choose the bottom 3 and then have the judges vote off from there would be a good idea. They do it on SYTYCD and it works pretty well. That way you know there are usually valid reasons for an ousting rather than tween textmongers and passive fans.

      • cmj says:

        “Unless they institute policies to limit the number of times a person can vote, this is going to continue in perpetuity.”

        I’ve always thought this should be the case…but then Ryan can’t say “32 million votes” It would be much lower than that.

        I really wanted Jacob out. Even more so with his comment about me needing to look in the mirror (because HELL will freeze over before I vote for him!)

        • Snsetblaze says:

          I’m guessing that Jacob will go next week – as this week his fans probably dialed like crazy to counter those that would not vote because of his idiotic comments.

        • teecie says:

          They’ll never limit the number of times a person can vote! It’s all about the total number of votes they get! They love to brag about it!

        • AtoZ says:

          They will never limit the votes… because AT&T is a sponsor and they make a fortune on the texting! It’s all about the money, as is everything to do with Idol.

      • Sally in Chicago says:

        The producers have to stop this silly boy/girl even split. Just finalize the “BEST”…..doesn’t matter if it’s 10 girls and 4 boys….if there are more girls than boys that can sing, then sobeit. Now the show is going to be dull dull dull and the little teenage girls are going to pick off Lauren and Haley and we’re left with all males who have no charm and are UGLY (I’m speaking about Casey).

      • Craig says:

        Absolutely right. A woman will not win this show again until they restrict the number of votes. Teen girls and cougars are the only people that will sit around and vote for 2 straight hours, and they aren’t voting for women. But its more important to Idol producers to be able to boast they got 50 million votes than it is to have an honest voting system.

    • Pia's big ugly nose says:


      • Hiro Kitty says:


        Done with AI. Bring on Simon’s superior version!

        • Liz says:

          Does anyone know what the voting procedures will be for X Factor?

          • Jake says:

            On X Factor the public decides the bottom two and the judges save a person after a sing off.

            Yes, it’s better cause the producers can keep better talent or more controversial talent on the show but it doesn’t keep things pure in that it doesn’t matter how many fans you have you can still get manipulated.

            This years x factor in the uk was pretty egregious in keeping contestants that were tabloid fodder that the public hated and the judges basically decided who would be in the final.

            By the way even in the UK the x factor has now a streak of non-threatening boys next door winning over more talented girls. And girl groups always do really really bad.

        • Nedsdag says:

          X-Factor? Hell, bring on The Voice. I’d rather watch AI and Rockstar Supernova rejects sing over the remaining contestants on this season’s monstrosity.

        • Steven says:

          I’m in the UK, where we’ve had X Factor for seven years now, and trust me – it’s every bit as prone to inconsistent judging and ridiculous eliminations as Idol is. Just ask Lucie Jones or TreyC Cohen.

      • Hiro Kittie says:


    • Ablo says:

      I’m surprised. I thought it would be Stefano — maybe Jacob. I didn’t like Pia very much (way overpraised I thought — pageantry singing), but still thought she would be in to the very end.

      • Brian says:

        I would love to see a clip of a pageant singer as good as Pia. Did you hear the last note she sang last night? Seriously…and this is why she went home.

        • Ablo says:

          Yea, it was only so – so compared to professional sings. If you want to say she was better than the other contestants fine. But it’s like me saying I’m the best looking person in my family. Maybe true, but not saying all that much.

        • Lyn says:

          Brian, you’ve probably had better things to do when Miss America was on, but believe me, Pia’s performances were very comparable to women who sing during pageants like that. Pretty, for sure, and talented, but just not that special.

          • cathy says:

            yet you think the guys are special? Jacob and Stefano are just horrible. Scotty is a one trick pony who has become very boring, Paul is bad, Casey should never have been saved and as much as I like James, sometimes he doesn’t sing very well. You ask if I voted for Pia? No, I am Canadian and I am not allowed to vote otherwise I would have

      • takakupo says:

        I seriously have a problem with people like you throwing out superficial reasons as to why people like Pia or Thia or even Naima should have been eliminated. She sang like a pageant singer? AND!?

        Casey has been praised for a performance he did months ago with an upright bass as if it was the best thing since water. Then he finally brought it out and he was FORGETTABLE. Not a good singer.
        Jacob sings like his face is having a seizure.
        James doesn’t know how to sit there and concentrate on vocals. More glitz than vocal.
        Stefano tries to oversing and fails constantly.
        Scotty does the SAME THING over and over every week.
        Paul is belongs on a small stage in a small hollywood venue where his small voice can carry him away into the indie pop scene.

        As for the remaining girls, Lauren is an okay singer but she suffers from the same thing that Thia did (lack of connection), but for some reason we all have to concentrate on her personality! (YOU TOO SLEZAK!).
        And Haley, well she’s the best hope this competition has for a breakout performer who can learn from her mistakes (lack of tenderness).

        This season is Soooo much more ridiculous with the results than season 9. If it weren’t for having actual performers and actual singers who could perform (Not the boys, who have ALWAYS been overpraised) than it would have taken the cake. It’s pretty damn close though.

    • Padraig says:

      Best singer? Perhaps. Best performer? Not by a long shot, in my opinion. She reminds me of what my parents said after attending a Helen Reddy concert back in 1974 – “Pretty singer, nice voice, but the personality of a dead fish. She stood there, sang her songs, and left the stage.”

      Pia did sign well, but she had zero stage presence and zero connection with the audience – and apparently the voters agreed with me.

      • Blondie says:

        I agree. I was angry at her just doing a substandard job of that wonderful Tina Turner song. The girls on Glee just got done doing a terrific and passionate rendition of the song. She is performing like a beauty show contestant. I was done with her after last night. That was her last chance for me and I guess others felt the same way. It is a shocker but if you think about it, she never stepped up after being told week after week to do something about her stage presence.

        • Salome says:

          The judges made a fatal error in leading Pia to believe that America didn’t want more from her than the “amazing” job she was already doing. She had time to work on her stage presence if they had driven the point home a little more. My problem is that I could see her thinking and anticipating when she sang. She wasn’t just living it the moment and letting it all out. And that’s something that’s downright required for a Tina Turner song.

        • Padraig says:

          Blondie – you are right on about Glee! Santana and Mercedes performed the song with heart and gusto and bravado, as if the fate of the Western World depended on them giving it their all. In comparison, Pia gave it her 50% – her singing was technically good, but her voice was so bland, sanitized, and grit-free, with no true passion evident (and the song really calls for the singer to dig scarily deep into their emotional well – the man should have absolutely no doubt that the woman is in the relationship 100% percent). And though Pia offered a little more movement than usual, I thought her “strut” just made things worse as she lumbered around the stage so verrrrrry slowwwwwly during her uptempo song (perhaps her hideous outfit was concealing a bunch of bricks strapped to her torso). Oh Pia, if I lost you, would I cry? Um, no. Sorry.

          • GSOgymrat says:

            The actors who play Santana and Mercedes on Glee CANNOT SING! They are auto-tuned, studio produced, choreographed and lipsyching.

          • Joe says:

            This is the most ridiculous post. You do realize that when they film Glee, they pre-record the vocals in a studio and they have professional choreographers who rehearse the dance with them and they shoot the scene about 100 times and then edit the best small bits together. Or do you live in a world where you believe Glee is real and done live? If you do, please stay there.

          • MissMel says:

            GSOgymrat: What are you talking about? Apparently you didn’t see Amber Riley (Mercedes) perform during the Motown concert at the White House or sing the National Anthem. Her voice is incredible, WAY better than Pia’s.

          • Padraig says:

            To those who disagreed with my post – I didn’t say that Mercedes and Santana “sang” with gusto, I said they performed with gusto. My point was this: even if the recording of the song or the taping of the show did require take after take after take, and even if it professionals did help with the choreography, both ladies were totally committed and gave it their all. Their energy never flagged and their performance never faltered. Pia also had help in her performance from trained vocal professionals, but she just didn’t have the required level of passion and commitment to pull it off. To me, she sang the words nicely but didn’t really feel it and didn’t really mean it – there were no chills, no excitement, no sparks. And America seemed to agree.

          • Melanie says:

            Let me see. When Paul sings without his guitar he looks like a fish out of water. James is manic on stage most of the time. Casey does not move. Scotty is extremely boring….a one trick pony but that is alright for him since he is a male. The most he did last night was walk around the table also. Jacob and Stefano have horrible stage presence. At least Pia could sing.

      • Anna says:

        I guess you took the time to look in your mirror if you think Pia deserved to go home over Jacob. And what about Stefano; he is boring to add insult to the fact that he has not been consistent, with several bad weeks. Who would have thought the singing in a singing competition is the number one factor in determining who stays? This is BS. They knocked out all the women of color and they went for the italian next.

        • Danielle Notaro says:

          Anna,Pia is half Puerto Rican half Italian. It sure is looking real obvious this season. Isn’t it.

      • darclyte says:

        They said the same things about Carrie Underwood in Season 4. Pretty girl, sings well, performs like a robot. Pia at least didn’t seem robot like, especially in Hollywood Group Night, and the group performances in the Top 13-Top 9.

        • Joe says:

          Carrie was a blonde haired blue eyed deer in the headlights that America was desperate to protect. She was the girl next door.
          Pia got screwed because she didn’t appear to be needy and vulnerable.
          Widdle Wauren doesn’t dance around the stage with the exception of her sexy underage lap dance shimmy she likes to throw in but she never got told to watch other performance clips of greats to learn how to work the stage.
          What happened tonight is on J. Lo. She gets wet for Stefano and praises him all the time and then knocks Pia who makes Stefano look like Mickey Rooney putting on a show in the barn.
          Pia had the second best voice next to Carrie in Idol history. It feels like the show is now truly amateur hour the rest of the way in. Very sad and shame on the “judges” for not having the courage to criticize people because they were afraid of their images taking a hit.

          • OrrinS says:

            “Pia had the second best voice next to Carrie in Idol history.”
            Totally agree. Any doubters go listen to her singing The Prayer on YT. If that doesn’t move you you’re dead. :)
            Simon said about Carrie it was as though she was in color and all the other contestants were in black and white. It was that way with me for Pia this season. Forget the “lack of stage presence” or “inability to connect” – her voice took me to places no one else on that stage did. And still does every time I listen to her. I was just cheated out of at least a few more Idol performances by a tween-driven text-nonstop-for-2-hours screwed up voting system.

        • Coco says:

          Carrie had a relatable backstory, though. The small town girl who is fresh off the farm story resonated with people. Pia was never humanized for the audience like Lauren or Haley or Casey or Scotty or James….

          • Justin says:

            How exactly was Haley “humanized.” I don’t recall them ever showing a big sob story for her.

          • Rusty says:

            Haley humanized herself with that lipstick massacre and her relaxed and humorous reaction to it. Lauren had that endearing spill down the stairs. All of the other contestants have some vulnerability in either the way they look, their personality, or talent (or some combination of the three.) Pia did not appear to have any vulnerability–she was beautiful, had a flawless voice, rockin’ body, and no endearing mess-ups. She doesn’t have Tourettes or Aspergers. She doesn’t have any other relatable toilette scrubbing backstory and she’s not fifteen-years-old. It was more difficult to root for her because she doesn’t appear to be in need of anyone’s support. I think people need to see some kind of humanity in a person in order to connect to them and be moved by them. Pia just came off like a perfect Idol robot. She really needed to be vulnerable in her performances to make up for her not having any perceptible weaknesses, but she never really got there.

      • Chrissy says:

        I totally agree!

      • Kim R says:

        I agree. I was not surprised. I was disappointed because I so wanted someone else to be off the stage. Alas, he was sent to safety first thing. :(

      • IMHO says:

        Yep. Driving around on errands today, I was thinking that Pia reminds me of the singers in the Disney World Shows. She’s a Disney Princess. BEAUTIFUL voice – yes! But many that I heard there had that as well, and were making a living singing in Disney stage shows cuz you simply have to have more than that. I would never, ever buy her CD, based on what I saw, altho as is so often the case, she finally started to show some spark tonight – her last night. However, she was ousted too early – Stefano looked like he was gonna barf as he knew it too. It was his time – Jacob’s too. BTW – still happy Casey got the save.

      • tarc says:

        I agree for the most part. Pia was never going to win; she was never going to get much action from the critical white teen female demo. I think she’ll do well – after a year or so of gigging. She needs a lot of performance skill building so that her performance matches her excellent vocal ability.

      • Coco says:

        She didn’t have much…wait for it….X factor. They should have been critiquing her dated stage posturing long ago, just like they should have warned Casey about the angry faces earlier so they didn’t need to use the save. I think this is going to be Scotty or Lauren’s title this year. That duet they did might have been prophetic.

      • Lianne says:

        I agree 100%. Think of all the successful, talented singers – they have charisma, magnetism, stage presence, whether it’s Mick Jagger, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston (in her heydey), or Aretha Franklin. They FEEL what they’re singing to the utmost. They put on a SHOW. It’s all part of the package. Pia had an excellent voice. A perfect voice. Grade A every time. But wow – boring, boring, boring.

    • John Berggren says:

      Hell to the no. I don’t need to watch the rest of the show. Just wait for Pia’s album.

      • forrest says:

        yup. I just deleted idol from my DVR. Once again the best, most polished singer leaves too soon. I’ll still watch Idoloonies for the excellent recap, but I really don’t care about the remaining group. Go ahead all you haters out there. It’s your day once again.

        • Irene says:

          I just deleted it from my DVR too. Pia was the one who kept reminding me that it was a SINGING contest! Now I could care less what happens the rest of the season! And I don’t even want to get into how I feel about Paul still being there!

        • Laurie says:

          I can’t believe it. Pia was the best vocalist on the show. She will do as well as Carrie. She was a class act all the way. I’m done watching Idol and I hope they figure out they better change the way you vote. I agree, AT&T and the show are making to much money. See how many tune in after this.

          I can’t wait for her album. Whom ever wins, they won’t go on to sell as many records as Pia.

          Pia, keep your chin up. You were the best and every one knows it. It’s just because you are beautiful, talented etc. and those who lack that are always trying to bring that down. They will find out, you can’t. Loved watching every minute of you and I can’t wait for your album and to see your incredible career come to light.

          Forever Pia fan

    • Lauri says:

      Will not watch idol again, this is a joke. Pia best by far

      • Terri says:

        SOOO shocked tonight !!! Actually, I’m sick to my stomach !!!
        Voting off Pia ? She was the next american Idol without a doubt !!!
        Thank God she’ll have a carreer !!!
        After several seasons, I’m done with Idol. I could care less who wins now !!!

        • Joe says:

          I admit I was shocked too. It was unexpected. In reality she was not voted off. She did not get enough votes to stay in the competition.
          I did not vote for her, but I was still surprised. When she sang
          today she sang with emotion. If she had been doing what she did today she may have gotton the votes to stay.

        • Erin says:

          My husband said he would have voted for her if she wore that black outfit on performance night instead of results night. I think he actually said “Yowza.” Waited too long to break out the twins! (just kidding, i really did like her)

          • Brittany says:

            I was thinking the same thing! I was like wow, normally she is really conservative (and classier). Where did this outfit come from? She must be trying to reach out to different demographics.

      • pamela says:

        Pia was the reason I watched each week. I WILL NOT WATCH THIS PROGRAM
        AGAIN. Not one of the other singers has her talent.

      • pamela says:

        Pia was the reason that I watched this program. I WILL NOT WATCH IT AGAIN THIS SEASON. The judges who rain praise on less talented contestants can take some of the blame. Watch out, Haley and Lauren- you better start producing testosterone or you’re next.

    • melissa says:

      I agree 100% with your comment. (Must be the name:) )

    • Therese says:

      Can ANYONE find a way to get through to idiot channel 2 and have them fix the phone lines so people can actually vote for the American Idol winner. I, or my friends have not been able to get through ONE TIME to vote since the process began, and there’s no way to get through to anyone to have them fix it. This HAS NEVER HAPPENED IN PAST YEARS. Of course, at this point, if you don’t have a computer to vote through or ATT, you just fuhgedaboudit, as it’s a waste of time. All you hear is “The circuits are busy.” They must be brain dead at Fox not to know how messed up the phone lines are.

      • Mddmouse says:

        Welcome to 2011. Never had a problem voting and voted multiple times for my favorites via text and web.

      • Suncatcher says:

        There were a lot of complaints like yours from folks who could not get through last night either. Myself included…

    • allie says:

      seeing the judges get so angry was a joke. She was the only one they critisized last night. If they had given anything less than Go-like praise to Stefano, Jacob, Casey or Lauren someone else would be out tonight. Sure people needed to vote for her but maybe now the judges will do their freakin jobs and tell these kids the truth!

      • Dani C says:

        This! The overacting was ridiculous. If the jugdes only critic one singer, then you can’t be shocked when she gets the boot. Now of course, i’m worried about my girl Haley. First her, then Lauren, then it’s gonna be a big ole sausage fest.

      • ladyhelix says:

        Who listens to the judges? Or who votes based on what the judges say? I think you’re giving them too much credit.

        And the judges have no one to blame but themselves for spending their save so early.

    • idol lover says:

      Im with you Slezak-wish they hadn’t wasted the save on Casey. Steven Tyler said on Fox news something like the guys are not voting and the girls are jealous which I think is true. The bulk of the votes probably come from teenage girls voting for the guy they think is the cutest. Nigel should reformulate and make it American Idols – one male and one female.

    • Marta says:

      Sorry Michael, I know you loved Pia, but for me, you’re exactly correct when you said she was consistent: Consistantly boring. I never felt like she was engaged in any way with any song’s actual meaning. Yes, I agree that she absolutely hit all the right notes every single time, but she never got the meaning of the words. She was an automation. What killed her chances this week was delivering yet another song that she didn’t connect with. She seemed a pleasant enough person, and there were certainly people who deserved to go home MORE. But for me, she just never got past that beauty pagent persona and showed very little indication that she was ever going to be more and this was going to happen sooner or later, it just happened sooner.

      • Alex says:

        Totally agree w Maria. As somebody above said, if she would perform as she did with the exit song, that is with emotions, she would still be there…But she never did! She was perfect in every possible way (singing, answers, beauty, smile,..), except for stage presence. There are people who should go home before her, but I guess there are two reasons why that happened: 1. people felt she got boring and 2. the ones who liked her thought she is safe and they either didn’t vote or they voted for somebody else…and this is the result!

      • pop culture bystander says:

        I think Pia imitates the style of her idol Celine Dion, and English is not Celine’s first language, so when she sings in English it’s pretty sounds but no connection to meaning. Same as when the Three Tenors sing Broadway show tunes. Just melodic phonetics and bombast, no heart.

    • darclyte says:

      Most people had been predicting Pia to be in the Final 2 or 3 at least. I thought for sure it’d be Jacob after he dissed America and sang first, and if not him then perhaps Stefano. Pia…not many saw that coming…not even the Idol Powers That Be. Most shocking elim EVER. More shocking than Daughtry and Tamyra since they both went home # 4…not # 9.

      • allie says:

        No, I think J-Hud was even more shocking. But I am still really, really ticked.

        • darclyte says:

          J-Hud wasn’t really a shock that season. She wasn’t that good, and was often criticized. That season had Fantasia and LaToya London (as well as Diana DeGarmo) who were miles ahead of J-Hud at that time. Jennifer had a LOT of raw talent that wasn’t anywhere near polished enough. In retrospect she may have went too early, but I don’t recall it being that much of a shock. Pia was consistently rated #1 and no lower than #3 by critics and fan polls on this site as well as others. This season never really had a clear “front runner,” but Pia was the closest until tonight, which is why it’s probably the most shocking ever. Daughtry was the fav in Season 5, but went 4th. Tamyra also went 4th but Kelly had already become the front runner. J-Hud was never considered the front runner in Season 3.

          • Joe says:

            Jennifer Hudson was kind of unlikable in her season. When she finally connected on Circle Of Life it was a major moment for her. Up until that performance she was not embraced or beloved and came off a bit surly. When she knocked Circle of Life out of the park it seemed like she announced she was there to stay and then she got eliminated. I think the surly nature of her personality that season killed her before she was about to take off. She came off mean and entitled.

    • Mike says:

      I have a question for all those who are proclaiming to be angry or hysterical that Pia got the boot. Exactly how many times did you actually vote for her last night? Be honest. Did any of you actually vote? Or did you just expect that others would take care of that for you and what you’re really mad about is that this is, at least partly, YOUR fault?

      • Kyndra says:

        I voted 2 times total that went through! I was redialing for the whole 2 hrs and couldn’t get through but 2 times, it just kept saying all circuits are busy. And I thought that was a good sign for her. I am so PISSED. This is CRAP. Wtf is wrong with America?

    • darclyte says:

      I wonder how many of all the people complaining actually voted for Pia?

      Instead of the “Judge’s Save,” they should announce the Bottom 3, have each one sing, and then the judges pick the person to go. I think that’s how they do it on X Factor, and isn’t that kinda how they do it on America’s Got Talent?

      It would prevent a Daughtry, Tamyra Gray, Casey Abrams, or Pia Toscano from going home too soon and correct for things like voting lines not working correctly. It’s a MUCH better option than the “Judge’s Save,” and would probably prevent this sort of thing from happening. Oh, and I’ve only been saying this since Tamyra got cut in Season 1.

    • alberta says:

      Pia went home because people didn’t vote. Everyone assumed she was a shoo-in, so they didn’t bother to vote. it’s just that simple. Her fans took her for granted. People can whine about blaming the judges all they want, but it’s not their fault, Pia’s fans didn’t bother to vote for her.

    • Jake says:

      I’ll repeat what I said last week. There’s no way for a girl to win this if there is a viable male contestant option available. Only sweet non-threatening cute girls have won this show in years where the male contestants have been horrific And fantasia won in a season of 8 girls and 4 boys (which included John Stevens and george huff)—enough said.

      The judges were stupid to save Casey cause if they thought he was so unbelievable and America was dumb enough to vote him off then they would be dumb enough to vote someone better down the road. But they wanted him in the tour so there you have it. If the judges think Casey has a bigger music career in front of them than Pia then they are nuts.

      A steven Tyler needs to look at himself before saying America is heartless. When everyone is beautiful and wonderful and amazing and the next day someone has to go then you don’t have the right to act appalled. As far as you’re concerned we are left with 8 equally beautiful wonderful and amazing contestants.

      I actually think the pro-boy vote has been helped by Facebook this year.

    • Lori says:

      I agree completely. Pia was the best vocalist and she deserved to be in the final top three, not the bottom three. Frankly, I thought she would win, despite her not moving all over the stage like most of the others. The judges needed to have another emergency save available to use tonight, for sure. I wouldn’t be surprised if this bad decision creates a total uproar on the show.

    • terryla says:

      what is up with america why is paul still there !!!!!!

      he is the worst is the ” VOTE FOR THE WORST ” GANG BACK AGAIN
      remember SANJAH………

    • flower says:

      I am not surprised that the bottom three consisted of three people that are not “original” but straightforward vocalists (yes, I include Jacob in this category). I don’t find their style of music interesting at all. These are the three I fast forward when they are singing because they are boring. I want “style” and something different that I can enjoy. Plus that horrible unflattering outfit on Pia that made her look waaay older (and chubbier, sorry it’s the truth) and her awkward movements probably didn’t help her. Not many will say she is their favorite. That is why she was sent home.

  2. Erica says:

    Pia was robbed!!! Can a woman win Idol? How could Jacob NEVER be in the bottom three and Pia go home?! Surely the so-called judges are wishing they hadn’t saved Casey. Sorry for the rant. Wish I could say it made me feel better. Do you think she’ll still end up with some sort of contract?

    • agrimesy says:

      I think Idol is broken. It isn’t right that FIVE female contestants have gone home and not one male. It was ridiculous for the judges to use their save so early. That being said, I think Pia will be better off as far away from Idol as possible. I’m beginning to think the same for myself.

      • Leigha says:

        Idol is broken because the judges are not doing their job. They sit there and hand out platitudes – deserving or not deserving. I think America responds to their comments to a small degree and Jennifer may have sealed the deal for Pia because she was the only contestant that received criticism from her. Wasn’t a huge fan of Pia’s but no way should Stefano or Jacob.

        • Wyatt says:

          I agree 100% with that Leigha. The judges are doing a crap job this year ever since the audition phase. They praise every performance no matter how lame, so to a lot of viewers who aren’t particularly sophisticated, they all seem like equivalent talents. Those are the people who vote 500 times for the cute one, or the flashy one (not Pia), or the slick one. And Pia voters? Most of them call and vote once. No wonder she got kicked off tonight.

    • Holly says:

      I’ll think they’ll sign her faster than any second or third place finisher was ever signed. I also think they will take over her image and make her a star, just like Carrie Underwood.

    • Keith says:

      Yes a woman can win Idol-Kelly,Carrie,Fantasia and Jordan all won.

      • Dwilson says:

        Jordan was a looonnng time ago.

        • ewolfgirl says:

          All the female winners were a long time ago, back when there was a stronger male viewership. I predict James will win, just like the last 3 winners have been pop/rock guys.

          • Doug in Cheyenne says:

            Lee Dewysee?, Kris Allen?, Pop rock? How about sensitve drivel, that didn’t or doesn’t play. If this is what the Tweens and Mid-ager girls and women want, then Paul is their man…God help us. He’s as useless as wings on a rhino.

      • Liz says:

        But did they have unlimited text voting back then?

    • adamfan says:

      I hate to sound like this, and will still give some of my vote to James, but WOMEN UNITE!!! VOTE FOR A GIRL EVEN IF YOU DON’T LOOOOOVE HER! I certainly will. How can Jacob survive a practical F U to all of us watching the show and a woman who was to come close to winning goes home in 9th? Nigel, one vote per household, stop these stupid horny teenage girls from voting a 1000 times for a cute boy.

      • chistosa says:

        Teenage girls were not voting for Jacob. Hewas probably second from the bottom.

        I think that the problem is that Pia, while an incredble vocalist, did not excite enought to pick up the phone. If you read the blogs on other sites, she is in everybody’s top three but not necessarily the top, so she didn’t get the votes. Jacob is polarizing. Many did not vote for him but his fans are fanatic. He squeaked by because Pia’s performance persona did not match her singing voice. Very sad that the save had been used too early.

    • duranmom says:

      Jimmy Iovine had better had been waiting for her with a contract in one hand and a pen in the other after the credits rolled. What happened tonight was a TRAVESTY. Jacob or Stefano should have gone home. Haley and Lauren must be looking at each other like “is it going to be you going home or me?” Poor things don’t stand a chance if all of America doesn’t vote (myself included). I am soooooooooo power voting for the girls next week.

  3. Mark r says:

    This is so disconcerting. I’m officially done with Idol

    • yorkie says:

      outrage does not even begin to describe my feelings…. i wanted to crush the remote.

      She was eliminated for her gender and as much as she gets on my nerves Lauren alaina ftw now.
      i’ll be damned if a guy wins

  4. I wrote this on my blog and I’m going to write it here. I blame this elimination 100% on the judges. 1. The judges asked her to do something different than what she has done with those ballads and the first week she did that the audience didn’t vote for her. 2. The judges used the save on Casey with 11 people left. 3. The judges gave little no criticism to anyone but Pia last night, when others were so much worse comparable. I blame the judges 100% for this one. Should the audience have been more passionate? Sure, but when you tell everyone they are perfect, and only say something a bit negative about Pia, you aren’t helping the audience at all.
    One of the worst eliminations I have seen in a long time, maybe since Daughtry. It’s very close in my opinion. That Jacob, Paul and Stefano are still here while Pia is gone is wrong on so many levels.

    • Stephanie says:

      I totally agree. The judges need to be more critical and actually tell the contestants what they can approve on.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Could not agree with you more, especially on #3.

    • Lilly Lee says:

      Absolutely agree. The judges have not given decent critiques all season. AI has hired them to pimp the season in response to a rating decline.

    • Amy says:

      It may not be 100% the judges fault, but they are partially to blame and I was kind of offended that they blamed all of America of Pia’s ouster. Come on! If they had given actual critique then this probably would not have happened. The blame also falls on teenieboppers and texting. Back when Kelly, Fantasia, and Carrie won texting was not available.

      • Erin says:

        I don’t think it was the criticism that did Pia in. It actually wasn’t that off: Pia delivered the uptempo song but glided gently around the stage as if it were a ballad. It’s just the utter lack of constructive criticism to everyone else. Scotty, stop pulling faces. Haley, there was no heart in that yellfest. Jacob, you should be more careful with what you say to America (Simon would have totally called him out for that). Paul, you cut the blues out of this song. Lauren, why take on a monster song like that?? SIMON WE MISS YOU!!

    • sunny says:

      You are absolutely right!!! By refusing to critique the other contestants, but only giving Pia notes, it signals that she is the weakest. When in fact, she was the best vocalist on the show.

    • McFudge says:

      You are 100% correct. Even if they hadn’t wasted their save on Casey, the judges could have “saved” Pia by simply being honest about all the contestants. They didn’t need to NOT correct her or give her advice, but when they gush over average people, telling them they’re “brilliant” and “beautiful” till we all want to barf, don’t get all shocked and appalled when the only person you have anything negative to say about is the one who gets booted. It’s like acting disappointed when your straight A student gets one A- but going into raptures when your C student gets a C+.

      • Ablo says:

        Ok — I don’t want to keep jumping in on this — one more time. Pia wasn’t the A student to me and to many. To me she was a B/B- student on a number of occasions (she can’t hit high notes comfortably). And she was very dull and not particularly artistic. So just because you liked her (your prerogative of course) doesn’t mean everyone did or should. I think she is better than Stefano and Jacob, but that’s me. If you liked her the best, that’s fine too.

        • McFudge says:

          Well, first off, it was an analogy. You don’t need to take it literally. But yes, I liked her a lot. I’ll take her any day over a jerk like Jacob has shown himself to be, a truly boring singer like Stefano, over Casey, who proves his mediocrity almost every week, over Paul, for goodness sake, who is not VFTW’s pick for no reason, over James, because his brand of rock doesn’t interest me unless it’s done exceedingly well, over Lauren, because she’s young and inconsistent, although I have no hate for her, maybe over Haley, because although Haley has an interesting sound to her voice when she’s “on”, she sometimes overdoes it. Unless Haley or Lauren step it up like 45 notches, Scotty has this thing walking away.

          • Michael says:

            And who exactly made you king of the world? I’ll take Stefano over Pia any day. Doesn’t make me right or wrong. Get over yourself.

          • McFudge58 says:

            Queen. Not king.

          • Tarc says:

            Conisdering that Casey’s the best artist of the lot, and his performance this week was the best, I think you need a revaluation.

          • takakupo says:

            Dearest Tarc,

            Just because Casey can play an instrument doesn’t make him an artist. It makes him a musician. Naima, BY FAR, was a vastly superior artist to Casey with or without an instrument. It’s just too bad you see someone playing something and you get easily impressed.

      • jacksoniam says:

        Last week the only negative comment the judges (except Steven) gave was to Naima, who was the only female who showed any kind of creativity. Naima deserved to stay longer just as much as Pia.

        • McFudge says:

          Agreed that she should have stayed longer. Her voice wasn’t the greatest, but at least she had flair. If we could merge Pia’s voice and Naima’s stage presence, now “THERE’S an Idol.

    • Ablo says:

      No — they worshiped Pia – they hardly gave her any criticism. There were so many things they should have said to her over the weeks — and if they had, perhaps she could have improved. Instead they glossed over her weakness – heaped on the praise (while she stood there smiling and nodding at the praise in a rather unseemly manner). So no – the elimination wasn’t because the judges were hard on her last night. The judges have been awful all season long — they aren’t judging. Saying someone is perfect (like our own Michael S. does week after week) is not helpful. Pia is also to blame — singing that song without going to Tina’s school didn’t help.

      • McFudge says:

        Are you serious? They hardly give ANYBODY any criticism.

        • Ablo says:

          Exactly — so the poster claiming it was the judges fault because they criticized Pia last night was — odd.

          • McFudge says:

            Hardly criticized. Emphasis on the “hardly”. They’ve criticized Pia every week over her song choice or the fact that she needs to move around more. Valid critiques. Spread the critical love, judges, or don’t act surprised when America takes you to heart.

          • Leigha says:

            Not odd, correct. Pia received the only criticism from the judges last night. Well, not Steven because he doesn’t critique anyone in a useful way. The judges are counter-constructive. America doesn’t know who to vote for except Scotty.

        • Pamela says:

          I think there are so many haters of the show, they try to prove the best singer can get voted off, so unfair why people vote that hate the Judges and the show seem to vote for the worst happens every year.Pia was the best even if she did not sing a ballard last week Juudges had nothing to do with.As Jimmy Buffet would say to many fruitcakes in this world not enough bakers, now it will be hard to watch why bother………..

    • Liz says:

      100% in agreement with you! Maybe some of us have learned you have to vote and that no one is safe, but the judges need to learn that their comments and actions (i.e. premature save) have consequences. So upsetting!!!

    • beanbag says:

      I agree that it is the judges fault. They have an effect on how people vote. I think the judges should each give an overall impression of each performance so people will be swayed one way or another. That said, they should not humiliate, but provide supportive constructive criticism to point out where there needs to be improvement. Idol needs to really examine the judging and what they expect from each judge, and brainstorm about how the judging can be improved. Maybe they should consider things like a point system or consider having judges evaluations count in whether or not somebody stays in the competition.

      • Spycig says:

        If the Judges are there because they know best i.e. who could sell records etc. then I think a fair way to do it would be to have a Bottom 3, they do a sing-off then the Judges decide which 2 stay and therefore who goes… I’m sure if they did that tonight either Jacob or Stefano would’ve gone home…

        • forrest says:

          actually, I think changing the formula would only hurt. The judges overuling the public vote would just cause a greater backlash. People would stop voting and then stop watching.

        • Erin says:

          If that happened, then only a judges favorite (for whatever reason) would win. They could just sign someone with all their money rather than play it out on tv. I always wished it could be “vote who you want to leave”.

        • Jake says:

          You just described The X Factor…America votes the bottom 2 and then the judges give their own choice the boot. This ensures the judges (producers) keep their “star” or the drama queen to spark ratings/buzz.

      • Angela says:

        I have to disagree on blaming the judges. If the judges actually had any real influence over how people vote people like Sanjay and dozens of other train wrecks wouldn’t advance as far as they do before finally getting the axe.

        Pia went home because her fans didn’t bother to vote for her. She has herself to blame. She promised she was going to change it up and then delivered yet another performance that was pretty much exactly like every other performance she’s given this season. You can’t hype and then under-deliver and that’s exactly what she did. Pitch perfect, yes–there’s no denying that. But nothing challenging or intriguing. Her performances became incresingly indistinguishable and people forgot to vote.

    • Joanne says:

      I agree 100% in what you said.

      I am so mad right now I can’t see straight.

    • Sophie says:

      You are delusional. The judges? Do you really think that all of the 13 to 16 year old girls who week after week make up the biggest block of voters really care about what the judges are saying? They may as well be saying “blah, blah, blah, blah , blah, blah”. These girls afe reacting to deep voices, muscles, swiveling hips, dreamy eyes, etc.

      • McFudge says:

        I’m perplexed how anyone could honestly think that any of the men in this competition are hot. Admittedly, they are all young enough to be my children, but I do know it when I see it.

      • TV Exec says:

        You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Middle-aged (and older) women are the largest demographic for Idol. Ever go to a David Cook concert? Adam Lambert show? You tell me who shows up and then you’ll know is “power voting” on Idol.

    • Lloyd says:

      Am I wrong to say that I would not have been as upset if she ended up being voted off in the final four, like Chris Daughtry, like Season One’s Tamyra Gray and Season Three’s Latoya London, and of course, Season Eight’s Alison Iraheta? The likelihood of Pia getting a record contract is less likely with such an early finish in the competition, but out of the four competitor’s mentioned above, they did get record deals, whether successful or not. Tonight’s result was by far the MOST shocking, but the save was already used (on a MALE once again). I wonder if this might have been a wakeup call for the judges to START JUDGING THE COMPETITION?!!! I wish Pia Toscano the very best!!

    • Christina says:

      So spot on!

    • Joe says:

      It’s disgusting and despicable and the blood is on J. Lo’s hands and she knows it. She kept pushing Pia out of her lane and then when she gave them what they wanted, she still harped on her because she didn’t dance around the stage like Naima. Lauren doesn’t dance. She stands still, yet she gets nothing but love. Pia gets knocked because she didn’t like Tina Turner last night.
      America is a bunch of morons. This is going to be Lee Dewyze all over again.
      I hope Casey wins because no one will buy his album and he’ll be touring shopping malls with Taylor Hicks in a years time.
      I didn’t expect Pia to win. I knew Scotty or Casey will win, but this is wrong.
      I have to stop watching this show because it’s not my demographic. I’m not a starry eyed tween girl who thinks all these boys are dreamy. I like good singers and enjoy seeing people take shots at their dreams. This isn’t the show for that. This show is Tiger Beat. What a disgrace.

    • Lulu says:

      F*** this show. I’m done watching a show that is controlled by 15 year olds girls who can dial and power text for hours. Pia is an exceptional talent. Paul is off key and moves like he’s drunk, Jacob is ridiculous, Stefano is dull as dish water, Casey has lost his mojo, Scott is auditioning for Country Idol, Lambert 2.0 can only sing while screaming… I am over it. See ya Idol. When is X-factor debuting?

      • Arlene says:

        I agree with your comments and they made me laugh. Paul is totally of key all the time and he really moves like a drunk. Stefano is colorless. Casey is a gimmicky kind of entertainer. Lambert 2.0 can only scream, but I have to add Scotty makes sense. Yes he is auditioning for Country Idol, but at least, he is good at it. Jacob is the most ridiculous Diva I have ever seen in man suit.

        • MaeBelle says:

          Jacob has the most natural talent of any contestant in IDOL history. You may not care for his mannerisms, but don’t judge him so negatively.

    • Arlene says:

      I agree with you on Stefano and Paul who should have been gone before Pia. And It was a Daughtry moment for sure.

    • Delightful Di says:

      How the hell can you blame the judges’ comments for influencing voters. Judges offer their opinions, or not. They are having way too many kumbayah moments. HELLO, can’t we decide for ourselves? How are you going to let the judges help you decide what is pleasing to YOUR ears? Aren’t you the best judge of who you think is deserving to win?

      Many viewers didn’t vote and yet, are now jumping ship on A.I.? How can we expect AI voting to run smoothly when the Electoral College gets it wrong from time to time.. We are a country that voted for George W. to be President TWICE!

    • amadeline says:

      I totally agree that a significant part of the blame is on the so-called judges. They are not being fair to the contestants, and the audience (us) by telling almost everyone they are brilliant, perfect, the best thing ever, etc. The only person they criticized last night was Pia, and while they did give her good constructive comments and praise, they came across as negative while everyone else basically got raves no matter how they sounded.

      They should have constructive comments for everyone and call them out when they’re off key, over/under singing, singing the wrong song for them (Lauren), wearing the man from Glad’s suit, etc. Instead what happened is the voters put their votes elsewhere based on their comments (and I think partially because while a really good singer, she is not a great performer).

      Each week I keep wondering if the ‘judges’ are watching different performances than we are, because they sure don’t seem to be hearing what I’m hearing. Also, it was supposed to be rock and roll night – but it was not a rocking show, more like (not so well sung) ballad night.

      While overall the show is way better than last year, I’m really missing Simon about now.

    • duranmom says:

      I agree that the judges are not JUDGING they are seat fillers. And when Randy gets remotely critical, he gets booed and shuts down. I am all for a kinder, gentler Idol – but I’d like some feedback from the judges, please. I am actually missing the word “pitchy”. And there were a lot of pitchy wonky notes last night. Argh.

      • Sally in Chicago says:

        Don’t blame the judges — GEEZ! Blame the way they allow people to vote and the way they choose the finalists. 14 boys/14 girls is not right. Whoever is the BEST!
        They should change the voting and follow DWTS. Let the judges factor in a vote with the audience and limit the number of times somebody can vote.

    • Bat Country says:

      I blame Christian Slater.

  5. Arthur says:

    Lol at all the people saying that the voters aren’t biased against women.
    This show has become American next TV boyfriend

    • Linda says:

      It’s a bigger mystery than that, ’cause I don’t think Jacob is getting the “boyfriend” vote. This is just bizarre.

      • Spycig says:

        Jacob is getting the Church vote, Stefano the Latino vote, Paul the Vote for the Worst vote – imo these three should’ve all gone before anyone else in the Top 9….

        I agree there should be a limit on how many votes you can give cos Idol has become a joke in terms of who the “Winner” is – like Lee DeWyse, seriously the guy was always pitchy yet won over Crystal but seriously is he selling any records?!

        I could hear Pia on Top 40 radio, in videos etc. but I’d bet my last dollar neither Jacob, Stefano or Paul would be there…

        • bitchn'moan says:

          I can agree 2 a certain extent but about Lee, I voted my ass for him cause I was so not going 2 have a nasty, piss-smelling, dread wearer representing. Nothing about her is Idol-esque. Imo.

          • Holly says:

            You just exemplified the Idol bias against women to a “T.” Crystal was a superior vocalist who happened to be a little edgy and she had a bohemian look. She was punished for not being mainstream, conventional and “the girl next door.” A guy with her look and persona would have fared much better. Idol has become so dominated by female voters that a woman simply can’t win. It doesn’t help that there is virtually no judging going on this year. The judges critiques have two functions – to help the contestants improve and to influence how the audience votes. No one is getting any guidance this season!

          • lilly Lee says:

            What a nasty comment by a pathetic bigot.

          • idolluver says:

            Wow, that’s a hatin’ comment for sure — Crystal was awesome and outsang DeWyse every time. I agree — women don’t stand a chance on Idol any more, and that’s a shame.

          • karenb says:

            @ Holly-Wrong.
            Jason Castro only made it to 4th in S7, so I disagree with your statement that a male version of Crystal would have gone further.

        • MaeBelle says:

          Please don’t criticize the church vote. I don’t believe Jacob would criticize you for not going to church. Jacob has an amazing voice. He seems to be a very innocent young man who spends his time in church rather than drinking beer with a bunch of loosers.

      • Brittany says:

        While I think certain populations tend to vote for the cute boys as everyone has been saying, it doesn’t mean that voting for the boys isn’t justified. I haven’t liked most of the girls this year, and I am female and I LIKE FEMALE SINGERS. In fact, I prefer female singers, I just don’t like the girls in the competition. Last year, I loved Crystal. The year before I actually really liked Megan Joy. The night that Haley rocked it out with Bennie I voted my butt off for her. People need to realize that just because girls aren’t making it, it doesn’t mean that it’s purely based on sex or audience preference. Maybe there are legitimate flaws with the contestants. For example, Karen and Ashton never should have made it to the top 12. However, that being said, Pia was robbed.

        • Salome says:

          Honestly, this years’ crop of girls overall isn’t as talented as the boys. That’s what the fundamental problem is. The producers and judges needed to do a better job of picking the finalists, then it would have been a competition! Ashthon over Kendra? Please.

          • Brittany says:

            Amen! I also actually really really liked that little blonde Hollie girl that cried during her first audition. She had a lot of potential and a great voice, but they told her (and not Thia) to come back… WHAT?

          • Holly says:

            I think Pia, Haley and Lauren are far more talented than Stefano, Jacob, Casey and Paul. Any one of those 4 males should have been sent home tonight.

        • TV Exec says:

          These boys are NOT cute. They’re frau bait. They’re only attractive to the middle-aged white women who power vote and start these cyber fan clubs that give everyone a number… so they can prove how early they supported their boy.

          • ewolfgirl says:

            HEY! You wouldn’t be talking about David Cook, now would you? Don’t be dissin’ on my David Cook now!! haha! I agree that 90%+ of the A.I. voters are female, tweens or ‘frau bait’ as you lovingly called them (me). That said, I really try and vote weekly on who performs the best. I try to be as non-biased as possible. Go w/my gut as to which performance I enjoyed the most. I voted like heck for Crystal Bowersox, but alas…

    • Maureen says:

      4 women have won compared to 5 men – pretty even. And of the men who won, besides maybe Crystal Bowersox, what women deserved to win more than the men? I don’t see the bias.

      • Arthur says:

        THe Women who won: Over 40 million cd sold. Won 8 grammys
        The guys who won: less than 5 million albums no grammy.

        If you can’t see the bias you’re blind.

        • Faz says:

          How do your stats address what Maureen said?

          • Arthur says:

            THe women who won deserved it they were way better vocalists.

            THe men who won are a bunch of middling white guys who won because a bunch of middle age women and teens lust on them. If you go to any concert by American idol alumnis that’s the crowd that appears, frustated middle aged women who dial their fingers off for their tv boyfriends.

          • Brittany says:

            They both are trying to say that no anti-female bias exists. @Arthur is saying that if there is a bia,s it’s not the one that everyone is claiming because women winners have completely dominated male winners post-Idol. Male winners even have 1 whole person more than the females and they still can’t compete with their success.

          • Brittany says:

            Whoops! Apparently not, but that’s what @Arthur’s post said to me!

    • Blondie says:

      This should just be blamed on the whacked voting system. That is all.

    • Christina says:

      Naima’s twitter post show: ” Gotta Love those teenage girl crushes! LOL. Ahhhhhh.”

    • Amelia says:

      David Archuleta (Season 7 finalist) is what Pia could have been if she was more ‘white’ and more male. David was white enough to connect with the predominantly white audience, and being male he drew the female vote.

      Both David & Pia were great singers and sang mostly ballads on Idol. Their main difference was in their degree of ‘whiteness’ and their gender… although, David’s youth and open/quirky personality probably worked in his favor also! Pia’s personality didn’t shine through as much.

    • Nedsdag says:

      Not me. Excluding Jacob, none of these guys are make me want to drop my drawers unless I was both high and drunk at the same time.

  6. Aiden says:

    That was an incredibly brutal show tonight. All I could do was stare at the TV and think “WTF” for a whole minute after it ended.

    First time in weeks that I thought they shouldn’t have used their save on Casey Abrams. I enjoy Casey but if I had to choose an unjust elimination on Idol, it’s this.

  7. Sam says:

    I have this fantasy that Jacob is going to drop out this week for “personal reasons,” allowing Pia to come back and win the competition. Hey, it could happen!

    • tkart says:

      Hey, we can dream!

    • MaeBelle says:

      I think Paul should be the one to drop out for what ever reason. He certain lacks talent.

    • takakupo says:

      It wouldn’t happen that way. They would either move on with the competition or they would not eliminate anyone for the week like they did in season 2 when what ever his name was got disqualified because he lied about some past arrest.

  8. Linda says:

    So…the best singer in the competition just got eliminated. Nuts.

  9. Stephanie says:

    What!!! I can’t believe it.

  10. Aiden says:

    Also, the voting’s pretty unfair to female vocalists. This is turning into a boy’s club.

  11. Zoey says:

    I think we can now state with due certainty that American Idol voters are sexist. :(

  12. Amie says:

    American idol hates women. I don’t care if people thought she was stiff on stage, she deserved to stay over Stefano, if not Jacob as well.

    • Holly says:

      On talent alone, she deserved to stay over every man left in the competition except Casey.

    • Holly says:

      Oops, Freudian slip! I meant to type “Scotty” not “Casey!”

    • Keith says:

      I could be wrong but is it the women voters(or probably teenage girls) that are voting for the guys.I don’t see a lot of those girls voting for an older woman.

  13. karenb says:

    Wow! I sure didn’t see that one coming!!

  14. S says:

    This is ridiculousness on the highest level. A lot of contestants this season were so promising, but the judges need to start to actually *judge* them instead of throwing “amazing”s and “great”s their way.

    I like Casey, but I’m really mad now that the judges saved him. I’m pretty sure they are, too.

  15. Micaela says:

    Idol is so sexist! I can’t say Pia was my favorite but I could totally see her on a confetti shower on the finale. It’s a shame, this show is losing all credibility. X Factor now please!

    • Owen says:

      How is X Factor going to be different? The voting block will be the same. I think guys have won the last two UK X Factors as well…

      • Anthony says:

        The way its different is that the bottom 2 get to sing for their lives on the show and then the judges decide who to save. If there is a tie then they go to lowest vote total.

        Rather than having just one save and using it too early as in the case of Casey.

  16. tkart says:

    Pia should have been in the finale! America got it so wrong tonight!

  17. Cocolovesme says:

    Maybe if the judges did their job and actually critiqued ….. We wouldn’t be here. I hated when JLo said she was so mad. She should be mad at herself.

    • kathycalculates says:

      Absolutely. The judges praised everyone last night and left them on an even playing field. If they felt Pia’s performance was superior to others then they should have made that clear. On the other hand, America did not vote her off, they simply voted for people they enjoyed more and in the end, that is who Idol will crown. It was up to Pia to entertain the Idol audience and win their votes each week. Apparently she did not do that.

      • McFudge says:

        Or she seemed like such a lock that people didn’t feel the need to vote for her.

        • ladyhelix says:

          You are absolutely right – we don’t vote people off. We vote for singers who inspire us. VERY DIFFERENT!!.

          Most people I talk to about Idol admit “Pia was not my favorite” or “I never voted for Pia”. THIS is why she went home. Her talent and vocal ability were indisputable – she just didn’t inspire us to pick up the phone

          For me? I was never fully convinced that Pia “felt” what she was singing about. And last night as she strolled slowly/smoothly around the stage (smiling) – to that rockin’ TINA FRICKING TURNER song – I realized that if she couldn’t feel THAT song – and if it didn’t inspire her to MOVE to the beat – then nothing would. In that moment I realized that despite her incredible vocal ability I no longer cared if she stayed or left.

      • shelbar says:

        I agree with you. American did not vote Pia off, they voted for who they liked to stay. I am not at all upset Pia was voted off. I’m more upset the judges said “america got it wrong”. SOMEONE is going to be voted off every week, thats the nature of a contest. If the judges don’t like the “vote a person off every week”, then end it now and name who they want as the american idol. Someone said Pia is more concerned about hitting a high note then actually singing for the love of music. I felt nothing from Pia and I thought her high notes were screeching. She is a dime a dozen singer, she will do well at weddings.

        I remember feeling crazy when Michael Johns was eliminated and went psycho when Adam Lambert didn’t win, but I still watch the show. It’s silly to throw a temper tamtrum when whoever you think is the best is kicked off. How about a temper tramtrum because one trick stupid face making Scotty is still there.

        I loved when that guy from TMZ asked him who he is dating and he said “your mom”. Left that guy speechless. Ha Ha, the idols were NOT in awe of the TMZ people, ha ha ha.

        Also, right before Pia sang her song, was that a bun note from the piano?

    • McFudge says:

      Yup. Randy occasionally admits to being lukewarm about people, although never flat out says “that sucked”. But when J-Lo criticizes, even mildly, you know she means it, and she criticized Pia. Dont’ fuss at America, judges. Check YOURSELVES out in the mirror.

  18. MEL31602 says:

    I’m waiting for the barrage of comments now about how a female will never win this show again. I didn’t believe it at first but now I’m being swayed to the dark side. Of course it is possible that either people forgot to vote for her or people thought she couldn’t do uptempo because she can’t dance in high heels

  19. Jess says:

    This is shocking. I used my votes for Haley because I figured Pia would be safe.

    This is what happens when none of the judges give honest criticism. If everyone is great, then why worry who gets voted off and who stays.

    • agrimesy says:

      I voted for Haley because I liked her more than Pia. BUT, Pia did not deserve to go home. I agree that the judges did her no favors. Unfortunately, the voters who pick “cute boys” are ruining this show. The Idol producers encourage those crazed girl voters, though. Look at the stage swarm they gave Scotty after his performance. The girls don’t have a prayer.

    • LadyBug979 says:

      You gave your votes to Haley instead of Pia?!!! You’ve got to be kidding me!!!! Never vote for anyone but the one you want to see win it. This is what happens when you play that game!!! I don’t care who anyone else roots for, just make a decision!!!

      • AKL says:

        Why would it be at all surprising to favor Haley over Pia? There are lots of us out here! While they both can sing, I think Haley brings a lot that Pia was missing — versatility, joyful performances, unpredictability. That said, I’m disappointed and even shocked to see Pia go, particularly instead of someone like Jacob. She was miles more talented than several of the dudes still standing.

        • LadyBug979 says:

          Several on here said they gave their votes to Haley because they thought Pia was safe this week. There are several who are playing games with their votes to try to keep the women in it. All of the cotestants lose that way. And that’s how we end up with lesser contestants winning. My advice is pick THE ONE you want to see win it and stop the game playing. We’ll never be able to find the one who truly deserves to win it by playing games with their votes. And I don’t get all this keep the women in it thing. Again I thought this was about who is the best, not about gender or race. I’m not against Haley I’m just upset about the game playing.

  20. Melissa Rhoad says:

    Well it may have been a “shocking” elimination but it’s not like she was going to win anyways…sorry…just saying

    • Dennis says:

      Yeah, she wasn’t going to win at all. I mean, it’s not like she was #1 last week on the leader board on this site and many others and wasn’t receiving constant praise and being heralded as the best female contestant this season and considered by many their pick to win.

      Oh wait, she was.

  21. Corey says:


    In addition, they should not have encouraged her to sing anything other than a ballad-that’s what she’s good at! she was the best one on the show. i quit idol. this. is. wrong.

    • The Save was intended for purposes like this, not to be given to the 11th person voted off. Pia was the one to beat, not Casey. I usually don’t care about the 9th person voted off but Pia could have and should have won. Bad stuff all the way around.

      • Faz says:

        Why? Because you liked this contestant and not the other one? You get to decide for America?

        • Because using it for the 11th person out of 13 is just dumb. Plus with only 3 girls left to get rid of another girl is terrible. The judges need to help the audience out a little. Whoever is voting for these boys don’t see past gender. Pia’s voice and style is what AI needed to gain back some credibility. AI hasn’t had any since they let that Sanjaya character run around for weeks on end in Season 6, not to mention Tim Urban last year.

  22. Elena says:

    In a way, I’m not surprised. It seems that all the girls are being voted off one by one. I even wonder if Kelly or Carrie could win in a season like this. Pia had one of the best voices EVER on Idol. Yes, she had some growing to do, but when you compare her to some of the ones left …

  23. Paisley says:

    So disappointed in the way the votes are cast. Can a female win again???

  24. Charles Mitchell says:

    I’m out.

    Michael I will truly miss you.

    (on a side question: is Uncle Mo the real deal?)

    • Holly says:

      Uncle Mo hasn’t run enough races to know if he is the “real deal.” With his pedigree and inexperience I suspect he will not get 1 1/4 miles the first Saturday in May. Dialed In looks like a better prospect to me, but he is also very inexperienced. Too bad we just lost Premier Pegasus in California – he looked like a good Derby bet too.

  25. Derby says:

    It was a little hard to stomach all the indignant righteousness from the judges about Pia’s ouster when they’ve been blowing smoke up the a$$es of EVERY SINGLE CONTESTANT, telling EVERY SINGLE ONE how they were the greatest thing ever.

    If they thought Pia was so much better than everyone else, their comments should have reflected that. Instead, they’ve been as useful as teats on a bull.

  26. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    I really think that Idol is going to have to have where the judges also vote like Dancing with the Stars. Their say so should mean something. Until then I don’t think we’ll see a woman win again. I had Pia in my top 2. Ridiculous. Jacob makes an asinine comment yet he stays.

    • McFudge says:

      Seriously. He should have been booted off just for being a jacka$$. I was a little amazed that Ryan would bring it up, but when he did, I was SO hoping that he would ask Jacob to explain what he meant by that just so I could see the hole he was digging get deeper and deeper.

    • rgd says:

      Giving the judges a stake in the vote would only work if they are willing to actually judge.

  27. Katt says:

    I have to be honest…I cried. Like really hard. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY!!!

  28. It took me a minute to even register what Ryan was saying. I couldn’t fathom him saying that Stefano was safe and Pia was going home. It didn’t and still doesn’t make sense.

  29. Jessabean says:

    It’s time to hit the button:

  30. Brian says:

    I was fully expecting Nygel to break the rules and save her. A girl will never win AI as long as pre-teen and teenage girls send 1000 texts every voting period for guys.

    • CeCe says:

      I have a very strange feeling there is going to be some twist and Mr. Lythgoe is going to wave his magic wand and have a second save this season…call me crazy, it probably won’t happen, (the show would never have credibility again) but then again….

      • Holly says:

        Nigel doesn’t need to “save” Pia. He can and will make more money by signing her right away. Unless he thinks Lauren has more potential….

    • Brittany says:

      I thought the same thing. The way Ryan was talking about her and to her and then when he asked her to sing for the last time, I thought here we go… save #2 coming out of thin air.

  31. IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

    I normally don’t vent about Idol this much, but this is a *bleeping* outrage and a *beeping* disgrace. Pia, the strongest of the AI:S10 women, gone?! Jacob and Stefano still standing?! Five women eliminated in a row?! How?! I love my James and my Scotty and even my Paul, but this show has become so male-dominated; we’re going backwards in history, people! And I voted my heart out every night! WHY WHY WHY?! PIA!!!

  32. GingerSnap says:

    Sadly, a female can’t win this thing. Women, we’ve got to stop the foolishness of picking each other apart. I did everything I personally could with my power votes. Now I won’t vote for a guy ever again. And I don’t care 2 twats about Lauren A or Haley. I’m on a mission.

    • Spycig says:

      Word! I’ve been voting for James the whole time and then Hayley for the past two weeks now I’m just going to vote for Hayley!!!

  33. preston says:

    pia was boring and had no energy. bitch may have had a great great voice, but the whole package, DON”T THINK SO!!!

  34. Arlene Reese says:

    During the show when I saw Pia and Scotty standing together I thought I was looking at the top two… Boy was I wrong… What a shame…

  35. Candice says:

    People need to stop blaming Casey/the judges. He absolutely deserved to be saved. Maybe blame the people who didn’t vote for Pia. OR blame the producers for what could be a contrived way to get people talking about the show.

    Just please.. don’t put Casey down in the process. He 100% deserves to be there, as much as Pia does.

    • Linda says:

      Yeah, I agree. Casey’s great and deserved the save. Pia’s fans let her down. Maybe they thought she was so good she was a shoo-in. I certainly did. :(

    • jacksoniam says:

      Agree with you Candice, I’m glad they saved Casey. Where was the outrage when two females were sent home last week.

    • Anita L says:

      I agree that Casey deserved the save. He’s a great performer and very entertaining. Just because another good singer got voted off before she deserved to go in no way negates the decision made for Casey.

      I disagree, though, that the judges don’t need to be blamed in part for this. They effusively praised almost everyone last night rather than giving any kind of feedback at all – except for the “constructive criticism” to Pia – which then came off as sounding like a slam on her. The voters are influenced by subtleties like that.

  36. KED says:

    This is just so predictable. The judges are so bad. They make a terrible mistake using their save so early in the competition, not because of Casey, but because they knew there would be drama with this group all being so close.

  37. Jf says:

    Totally agree. Gwen’s clothes might look good on Gwen but what wouldn’t? On the Idols, well not so much. WillIAm only cared about screen time (his) and was annoying.

  38. DC says:

    Just F&*%King wrong. All the young girls mad speed dialing like crazy for undeserving boys because they are “cute”. I don’t think Carrie Underwood could win these days. This is a disgrace. Yeah, the judges even wasted the “save” on a guy. I just don’t think girls have a chance on this show any more.

  39. I think the blame rests with the judges and their incessant over-praising of the vocals during these live shows! American Idol voters are a fickle beast, and they have proven over and over again that they do not like a front-runner who is over-praised or who does not show “growth” over the season. The judges not offering constructive criticism of any kind or any suggestion towards how to vote means that people were deciding based on who they like – and they just didn’t like Pia apparently. I thought she was insanely boring and a little bit New York Italian tacky – but she was still one of the best, if not the best, vocalists!

    Just sucks there are only 2 girls left now.

  40. S.S. White says:

    Honestly, I think a couple of things played into it:

    1) She’d been promising and promising to do up-tempo and the judges kept pushing her to do it, so there’s all this expectation, and while she did a great job, it wasn’t OMGAWESOME. It was like a checkmark to a list: “prove you can do up-tempo.”

    2) The outfit and hair were HORRENDOUS.

    3) People are used to Pia being perfect, so definitely, there’s complacency in the voting block. But poor Pia didn’t deserve to be outed. Sheesh, once she landed in the bottom three, I kept hoping this was a scare tactic and that she’d really focus on what makes her voice great rather than trying to please everyone.

    I hate this. I had her pegged as the one woman who could win it after all. And they say there’s no conspiracy…

  41. Rh says:

    Girl #5 going home means you have to admit that America is just not voting for women anymore. It is a gender thing. Even if Casey was voted out technically, it still would have the 5 to 1 for the girls going home. That’s ridiculous. I don’t care how boring Thia was or how much Naima’s vocals weren’t perfect or how Pia… did whatever she did to get voted off, but many of the guys did similar or worse things and are still there. Stefano is boring, Casey and Paul and Jacob and James have had issues with their vocals, and James for instance puts the style of the performance before the vocal more often than not and when he tries to highlight the vocal alone (this week), he fails. What the hell, America. Haley for the win.

    • Billy says:

      Your chain of logic is impeccable, your conclusion correct.

      Haley for the win!

      • takakupo says:

        HALEY FOR THE WIN!!!!!

        Lets show America what a real lipstick massacre is!!!!!!
        …or did America show us already? :(

        HALEY FOR THE WIN!!!

  42. Andrew says:

    flat. out. horrified. that’s all I can say.
    they may as well hand the title over to Scotty now.

  43. Marlex says:

    I wasn’t her biggest fan, but there’s no way she should have gone before Jacob or Stefano.

    I can’t really blame the save too much though. Casey getting being voted out should have been a shock to everyone that nobody is safe this season. As good as Pia is vocally, she still wasn’t too much above the average for this season.

    I think the combination of the lack of critical judging and a too heavy hand from the producers on the arrangements has made everyone pretty meh this season.

    After you linked Kris Allen’s performance on your recap for last night, I played a few others on youtube. Every one of his had more originality and entertainment value that just about anything presented so far this season.

    That’s the problem with this season. There’s no soul.

  44. A says:

    Pia sucked last night, but Jacob and Stefano sucked more.

    • MaeBelle says:

      Pia did not suck. It was not her best, but her worse is always better than Paul.

      • Bily says:

        Heck, even my worst (and I can’t sing to save my lfe) is always better than Paul McDonaldDuck.

        • Brittany says:

          I don’t understand why everyone says he is so “bad”. He is unique, not bad. He is completely different stylistically and that doesn’t make him bad. He doesn’t have power ballad power vocals, not all singers have to do that to be “good”.

  45. sara says:

    this is what happens when the judges insist on praising even the most mediocre performances (and yes, even the most wretched **coughJacobcough**). There is no differentiation. Were Stefano and Jacob and Casey as good as Pia. Not in any sense of the word. It clearly does not matter to the judges and apparently it does not matter to the voters either.

  46. MFW says:

    This is enough to make me stop watching….I cannot believe it. Why oh why is Jacob still there? And amazing Pia is not. Especially after that terribly arrogant comment he made.

  47. debi says:

    I hope Ryan didn’t make a mistake when reading the results. It’s really unbelievable that Pia was eliminated tonight. She was too upset to sing and her voice cracked. I am not a happy camper.

    • Brittany says:

      I don’t think she had a clue that she might be in the bottom three, much less the bottom ONE (like most of us). However, I feel that this was the first time we actually got to see her truly emotional and in raw form. Sad it was too little too late.

  48. dbaj says:

    Unbelievable. Hoping this means Pia gets a big jump start on a record deal & debut album. Never imagined a final 3 or even 2 without her. But then again, I never voted…damn me.

  49. Lori says:

    Check Dialidol…they had Pia in third place with Paul going home. I’m thinking the opening of the Internet voting is bringing in a lot more people who normally wouldn’t vote. I include myself in that because I never vote until the end, I voted about 10 times last night (none for Pia).

    She definitely had the voice, but didn’t have the personality and was a tad boring as everyone has already said. She definitely should have stayed before Jacob, Stefano, and James. I’m desperately hoping those are the next 3 to go.

  50. Nancy says:

    I’m stunned and shaken. But there really is no one to blame but the voters. For a long time now the only people voting have been those who like cute little white boys. Don’t know how much longer Idol will last but am sure of one thing – there will never be another female American Idol. Only way to fix this is quit letting voters have the final say – give the judges the final vote.

    • jpango says:

      i’ll go further: There will never be another female American Idol, or another black or Hispanic American Idol, until the voting is somehow controlled (as in: one vote per person). The impact of mass texting is really wreaking havoc on this show. you could deny it in the past (though DeWyze’s victory was a telling sign) but not anymore.

      • yorkie says:

        i’ll go a step further than that and say that a black, hispanic or asian singer will not even make the tour next season. This wholegoing backwards thing doesn’t make sense… 3 minority winners in the past doesnt even seem plausible now

        • B.Rich says:

          Pia never had a chance being an attractive female (which makes me worry more for Haley next). I knew Pia couldn’t make the finale, but 9th place? C’mon now tweens and cougars, that is just taking it too far!

        • Doug in Cheyenne says:

          There won’t be a next season, Pia’s ouster is the last nail in AI’s coffin.

          • Anthony says:

            With X-Factor & Simon coming back later this year, I kinda agree.

            We’ve taken Idol off the TiVo and are just waiting for X (now don’t screw it up Simon, put Cheryl on the judging panel)

      • Rich says:

        I definitely support the idea of one vote per person. Pia may well have gotten more individuals to vote for her than anyone else, but when some folks vote 10 or 20 or 30 times, the whole “vote” thing is meaningless. We’d have to register and confirm our identities as voters, but at least our votes would then have meaning.

        Some of us are tired of being drowned out by kiddies who have nothing better to do than spend 45 minutes voting.

    • Holly says:

      Maybe the public vote should determine the bottom 3, and then the judges should choose the one who goes home from that group. It would have yielded a better result tonight. If that was the case, though, the judges would have to put their money where their mouth is and actually start judging these contestants. Then they would have a basis every week for deciding who goes home.

      • Jean says:

        I totally agree…the judges should be deciding who goes home out of the bottom 3. Limiting the # of votes per voting method is another approach. Thought they might do that this year, guess they are learning their lesson the hard way.