American Idol Takes on 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame' Night: Who Did Best? Who's at Risk?

It was Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Night on American Idol, and the Top 9 contestants performed. If that sentence is conspicuous by its utter lack of creativity and insight, well, let’s just say I was taking notes from Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, and Randy Jackson, who sponsored the letters “g-a-g” in aggravating. I’m not going to say any more than that — I’ve got to get stated on a full episode recap that’ll post overnight right here at — so in the interim, I turn it over to you. Sound off in our polls about tonight’s best and worst performances, then head down to the comments to expound on said opinions. And for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Tonight’s Set List
Jacob Lusk: Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”
Haley Reinhart: Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart”
Casey Abrams: Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?”
Lauren Alaina: Aretha Franklin’s “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman”
James Durbin: George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”
Scotty McCreery: Elvis Presley’s “That’s All Right Mama”
Pia Toscano: Tina Turner’s “River Deep Mountain High”
Stefano Langone: Percy Sledge’s “When a Man Loves a Woman”
Paul McDonald: Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues”

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  1. Stephanie says:

    The return of Paul! Yeah!
    I really liked him early on but he had a lot of so-so (if not bad) performances, so I’m very happy he came back with a bang.
    Ok,random thoughts:

    Jacob. Ugh. I honestly hope he goes. I loved his personality and his early performances but he’s quickly gone downhill for me.

    I’m happy Pia switched it up, but there is something lacking. Personality. She seems very guarded and aware- too aware of how she presents herself. She needs to loosen up. Like that clip of the guys and her wrestling really showed she has a fun vibe. She needs to show that onstage.

    Hayley. Yeah, I don’t think I’ll warm up to her. The growling was too much.

    Lauren could be in trouble, can’t say I’m sorry for that. But Casey could be in trouble. I honestly forgot about him. He wasn’t bad by any means, but I just forgot about him. Stefano should worry as well.

    Umm…I forget everyone else. Or is that all? Oh James! He was alright.

    The judges. Geez, why so nice? It’s fine to be nice- but there needs to be constructive criticism and honesty. Sometimes it hurts, but it needs to be said.

    There needs to be a judge like that- it’s not to say be cruel like Simon was at times, just have the honest he had when judging. You can’t sugar coat it or they won’t learn anything. I do think Jennifer is trying but whenever I see her doing that she then immediately goes into a love fest of a contestant.

    • Brittany says:

      You and I pretty much posted the same thing. I agree on all accounts. Bye bye, Jacob!

      • RTW says:

        Michael, if Jacob goes home, just think of the source material you could use for your next Idoloonies involving mirrors: Snow White, Shrek, Romper Room, Harry Potter, NeverEnding Story, Black Swan, Beauty and the Beast, Mirrors, Candyman, etc.! For me, he was the worst of the night in his one-piece, white pajamas telling me that I’m the problem. Sorry dude, I’m the one with the phone and your voice Lusky Stank.

        • evs says:

          I agree. His movement is unpleasant to the eye. His outfit is horrific. He also has a disproportional huge ass. And his voice lacks shades if he’s not yelling at us while weeping.

          Haley and Casey nailed it for me.

          • Sally in Chicago says:

            OH NO, not Casey! He was the weakest of the pack. No energy. He belongs in a jazz lounge. And that smiley face is annoying.

          • tarc says:

            Casey was the best of the night. Awesome.

          • Jojo says:

            Yes! I cannot stand Jacob! Simon would never have let Jacob in the competition. The drama, the sound of his Rupaul voice ick!!! He is a charity case with a huge ass. So many other talented singers deserve his spot.

    • Stephanie says:

      Oh and about Jacob’s ‘message’ to America if he lands in the B3?
      WTF? How incredibly indulgent. If he is voted out it is because of his performance(s) nothing else, nothing more. I was so flabbergasted at that comment. He needs a good dose of humility.
      And this is why the judges need to stop overpraising- Jacob has had awful performances but the judges just continously praise him and he ends up believing he is some incredible singer.

      You don’t tell someone they’ll be wrong to not vote for you before you even sing the dang song. Another issue with what he said- he says it before he even sings! Argh.

      I liked you Jacob! Why!?

      • Paula says:

        I was completely taken aback by his comment. If he gets in the bottom group it’s not because he sang bad or his fault at all, it’s because all of us voters are bad people. I already didn’t like his singing, but now I don’t like him at all in any way. I think he’s the one that needs to look in the mirror.

        • ginaM says:

          I know what was up with his comments? I don’t vote anyway. So, because he looks in the mirror he is more special than the other contestants? I don’t understand the judging. Too much of a love fest being lead by Steven. What station do the judges think Jacob would end up on? And how does Man in the Mirror get by as a rock and roll song?

      • mu-shoo says:

        I’m trying to come up with a plausible explanation for why Jacob said that in his interview package. Trying to give him the benefit of the doubt because he seems like a nice person and not a jerkwad. My theory: He was really trying to say, If I believe in the message of the song and can deliver it, I will compel others to believe in the message too. If I wind up in the bottom 3, it’s because I wasn’t compelling enough. I want to believe it’s something like that, but really, the producers hurt him by featuring that clip. He’s going home.

      • Sally in Chicago says:

        Did it occur to you as it probably occurred to Jacob that the minorities are the first ones to go on AI? That’s probably why he said it…plus it’s obvious he’s gayish.

      • Kerry says:

        I loved how Jacob took a ‘moral stand’ in his song choice, and then spent the last seconds of the show attempting to grind with Ryan on national television. Interesting…

    • agrimesy says:

      I’ve been a fan of Jacob’s in the past, but he lost me on the “if you don’t vote for me tonight, it isn’t because I didn’t sing well, it’s because you need to take a look in the mirror” comment. What what THAT?

      Yes, Haley growled too much, but at least she did an actual ROCK song! The song choices just left me shrugging tonight!

      Scotty is slowly turning into Paul. UGH!

      Oh, Pia . . . why don’t I like you?

      Stefano is going home.

      • Brittany says:

        Agreed about the Jacob comment, I think that was his kiss of death. Where did that come from? For someone who seems so nice and humble… and then BAM. Pia just seems really superficial to me. Her personality isn’t arrogant or superficial, but everything about her looks fake to me. She might as well be a wax figure standing up there sometimes. It’s like she’s smiling and playing the part, but even her smile is so tight, it’s like she’s had plastic surgery or something. Also she basically sang another ballad with a little bit of a beat. She just needs to let loose and make a mistake or something. Fall off stage or hit a bad note so people know she’s not a slightly better robot than Thia.

      • sandee says:

        We don’t like Pia because she is dull and forgettable. Please, the 80’s are gone…

        • Eolra says:

          I can’t deny that she has good vocals, but I mean, I don’t buy Celine Dion albums either. Her song choices have been so lame – though she picked Tina Turner this week, really her version was similar to the Celine version – yuck. I need a little grit. I need a little dirty. I need a little crazy. I need a little humor.

          • Michelle says:

            Yeah Pia’s problem is that she doesn’t know how to loosen up. Walking behind the judge’s table is not getting into a song like Tina. Her hair needed to be down and she just needed to flail around up there.

      • Sally in Chicago says:

        Pia comes off as the little rich girl ala Kat McPhee, who was programmed to sing a certain style and is trying to break out of the style and get “soul”. Gwen Stefani put her in a Gwen Stefani outfit. And what about Gwen clothing the Idols….nobody has a comment about that? If she clothed Jacob, she did a piss-poor job of it. And I didn’t like Lauren’s hair….she’s a 16 yo for god’s sake, not a madam.

    • SallyinChicago says:

      I think it’s Casey going home, he gave the least impressive performance. In fact, his performance was limp. In the bottom 3: the boys, Jacob, Casey and maybe Paul…although Paul rose to the occasion.

      The girls are safe. Haley finally came out and slayed the song and worked the stage. Pia tried….but her vocals are so killer, she doesn’t have to do anything. Lauren was good but she also seemed a little fatigued. She’s grown in her looks and maturity.

      • Ablo says:

        I’m guessing you’re wrong there.
        To me the worst performances were Jacob, Stefano. I think one of those two will go home before Casey. Pia sang a little better than normal, but still dishwater — but she’s safe for a little while.

        • Snsetblaze says:

          I also think he’s wrong. I loved Casey (he sounded a lot like John Fogarty tonight). Jacob and Stefano were terrible and I thought Lauren was as well. But I think its Stefano’s night to go home although I’d prefer it be Jacob’s. Stefano’s boring but not annoying. Jacob’s both (and arrogant to boot). I’m guessing that Jacob might get through (based on past history) and go next week. The people that don’t vote for him this week won’t come back to him but those that ignored the comment he made may vote for him like crazy this week but figure that the rest will forget the comment next week.

          • Tarc says:

            And I’ll go stright to Casey being the best of the night – followed closely by Haley. Stefano’s been improving, but he was still the worst of the night. I think he’ll be saved by Jacob foot-in-mouth package and the manipulative, preachy song choice.

      • evs says:

        during Lauren’s performance I was recalling goosebumps I had when Crystal performed that song. Lauren is missing a little soul, but her vocals were rather good, I can’t deny

    • Leigha says:

      The judges are completely worthless. Why are they even there? The contestants all think they did wonderful because of them. Wrong.

    • Jacub Lust says:

      You better vote for Jacob…or you’re a RACIST homophobe.

      • evs says:

        I love some gay performers but Jacob is just very misguided and uncool. (Adam Lambert for starters, also a bunch of actors, and a bunch of actors that played gay)

    • Anthony says:

      I agree.. getting tired of the judges being so nice. It’s no longer real. It can’t always be nice job. I think XFactor is going to take over..

    • Bev says:

      I agree with you, what in the world have those producers been telling them judges. I almost cut the tv off last night, because of the sugar coating. I’ve never cared for Simon ,but we need a little bit of him back. James is my favorite, he did awesome job last night , the judges never said a damn word about his vocals. They were to busy telling Scotty and Pia they were in it to win it. Give me a break , Pia if she beats james , Lord ! Help us all. Sorry, American Idol wants a girl to win so bad, I hope the voters can see through them. The girls with Scotty last night, that was staged ! I sure wish we could comment somewhere on how we feel the judges are doing.

  2. Kevin C. says:

    Kudos to Scotty, Pia, and James for at least trying to show a bit of range.

    Anti-kudos to Haley for becoming a serious challenger to Paul in the “has no idea what the heck they’re singing about” category (Smiling through those lyrics Haley? Seriously?). And to the judges, too.

    • donie says:

      Right? How is that not one of the most important things Jimmy and the guest helper should’ve worked on with Haley?

      J-lo and Randy were annoyingly Steven-like tonight. The one time Randy tried to use a variation of his ‘just ok, not great’ critique, Jennifer was shushing him. Good grief. It’s a drag to have mediocre performances and then 3 judges going down the line saying beautiful, beautiful, hot/initowinit. Somebody, wake up!

    • tarc says:

      The trouble is, Pia was just as boring and robotic as she is during her ballads, and everything Scotty does is an instant channel-changer in my book (ick). OTOH, Casey and haley are always worth the price of admission (watching them grow is really fun).

  3. Brittany says:

    First off, Paul got the pimp spot(!!) and he nailed it. So glad he brought the more powerful (and on pitch) vocals tonight.

    The judges did not offer constructive criticism to ANYONE other than Pia this week. I don’t buy her ballad disguised with a slightly faster beat as “uptempo” anyways. It was better than the Whitney Houston one, but still. I’m not buying it. They were raving about Jacob (what?) and I don’t know what J-Lo is smoking, but Stefano did not give anyone “goose pimples” or goose bumps.

    Sometimes I wonder whether Scotty is playing the flute or singing into a microphone.

    I was surprised none of the judges addressed James’s pitch problems… it was a great, very sensitive song, and don’t get me wrong I love James and liked that he didn’t rock it out this week, but it was NOT a great vocal.

    Haley did the growling thing again throughout the whole song… Lauren, was a little too mellow and boring tonight compared to the other contestants. That combined with her attitude and her outfit that did NOTHING for her body makes me think she may be in trouble.

    Bottom three: Jacob, Stefano, Lauren

    • debi says:

      I only noticed that he was sharp in once during the song, and I’ve listened to it several times. Other than that, I thought he was wonderful.

    • Sally in Chicago says:

      I don’t know who to dislike more: James or Casey.

    • allie says:

      I agree with everything you said. Who taught Scotty to hold the mike like that??? I don’t think James is really capable of a GREAT vocal. He is above average but he is NOT as good as the judges make him out to be. Stefano is dull. Haley needed to get dirty for that song – Bowersox totally killed Joplin and she simply did not. Having said that, I don’t think she was the worst of the night.Casey played it safe which was very disappointing. Pia was as good as ever but her performances bore me. I missed Jacob’s opening comment. I thought his vocal was good but America doesn’t forgive that kind of statement. Best of the night was Paul. Going home? Stefano or Jacob.

  4. ARCHU-D2 says:

    I have not been a scotty fan, but tonight I was STUNNED by scotty’s performance. Scotty is very charismatic on stage. He has that mysterious IT-Factor. He has that STAR quality. Well done Scotty.

    • John says:

      …hmmm, I’m not a ‘country’ fan…but I agree with you…this kid has got ‘IT’….and I’m not even sure what ‘it’ is…..but he sings in tune, with enunciation and the charm and twinkle in the eye just are as entertaining and captivating as any of the contestants….and at age 17…can one only imagine what the years ahead will hold for him. So I said I’m not a ‘country’ fan….but I sure am a Scotty ‘fan.’

    • Melissa says:

      I could not agree more!!!

    • sara says:

      Nope, not seeing it. He is a one trick pony with a mediocre voice at best. He is a little too cocky for his own good, but I guess that works for some people.

      • Leslie says:

        Mediocre voice? What are you smokin’???? This kid has such a clarity and feeling in his voice, take the cotton outta your ears cause you aren’t hearing him right! I am a huge country fan, rock fan, pop fan—Scotty does have IT and I think once he’s done with Idol he’s gonna be all over GAC and CMT!

      • Eolra says:

        Love him or hate him, his voice is really not “mediocre”. His tone is unusual, and he hasn’t really missed a note this season. I can understand not enjoying his voice or performance if it’s not your thing, but “mediocre” would indicate that I could walk into a regular high school right now and find someone with the same talents – I don’t think that’s true.

      • jessiesk says:

        scotty still looks like george bush and as long as he looks like him I can’t get behind him

        • ginaM says:

          That’s a superficial reason for not liking a singer. Not a country lover but I respect his presence on the stage for such a young age. I actually think he looks more like the MAD guy from the magazine cover.

        • Leslie says:

          Wow, that’s not shallow or anything. I can’t stand George Bush—but I love Scotty!

        • Nana says:

          The reason I can’t vote for Casey is my dog was mauled by a fat bear…so because of that I can’t vote for Casey.

        • I agree Nana says:

          I can’t get myself to vote for Casey also. Ever since I saw Star Wars and was frightened by Chewbacca the Wookie, I just can’t seem to vote for Casey Abrams.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Quite all right, jessiesk. I didn’t like White House Intern for pretty much the same reason.

          • Snsetblaze says:

            I did not any physical resemblance between Molly DeWolf Swenson/Shannon? and George Bush. I better get my eyes checked. :)

        • GaryfromCinci says:

      • tarc says:

        HIs voice is the only thing right when you’re talking about Scotty. terrible genre, terrible song choices, terrible looks, terrible wardrobe, and unwatchably bad stage mannerisms. The eyebrow and the smirking is like Geroge Bush all over again, and that’s the las thing anyone needs to be reminded of.

    • laura says:

      charismatic like a parkinson’s patient with a cowboy hat. his stage presence is made for radio.

    • JohnDoe says:

      If by charismatic, you mean incredibly cheesy and forced, then I’m in complete agreement. Check out Elvis Presley’s stage performance sometime, that’s REAL charisma.

    • GaryfromCinci says:

      I find Scotty hard to watch personally. His uncomrtable looks he shoots into the camera in attempts to be sexy, cool, and sincere come off creepy to me. His stage swagger is completely horrible.. He needs a Rock Star Bootcamp bad!!! His voice is decent in the realm of country… I recomend that he goes this week and rents a Garth Brooks concert DVD followed by Kenney Chesney: Summer in 3D and maybe he can emulate true country cool.

      • RD says:

        Thank god-I thought I was alone in thinking Scotty came across as creepy last night.Uggh!
        Since when was Alfred E.Newman sexy?

      • tarc says:

        scotty look like George W. Bush, and that alone has me fastforwarding through all of his songs. The rumpled wardrobe and the awful old country songs he does would also have me running (if I already wasn’t skipping him).

  5. debo says:

    Pia is so good, but I haven’t liked but two of her song choices. James was my favorite tonight. I would have liked Casey, but he makes grunting noises.

  6. jef says:

    I said While My Heart Gently Weeps. Horrid, and so was Haley with her forced voice.

  7. KevinR says:

    Can you say goodbye Jacob?
    Best season of Idol in years……
    Pia and Scottie in the final

    • Snsetblaze says:

      If that were the case, I’d have no idea who to vote for (or against). Pia’s voice is beautiful but boring and I don’t go for Celine Dion or Mariah or Whitney (but I do strangely like Streisand). Scotty to me has a good voice in the low, low range but not a big range and I’m not into the type of country he would be doing (really commercial country). (I will admit to liking alternative country – Lucinda Williams, Wilco, etc.) I would not buy an album from either.

    • Tarc says:

      I hope not – I’d stop watching.

      • Tarc says:

        Er… if Pia and Scotty were the finalists. How awful would that be! I’m hoping for Casey and James, though Haley replaceing one or the other would be fine.

  8. dgman says:

    OK. Did anyone think it was Naima singing with Jacob at first. Oh and look they brought back wait that was just a look-a-like violinist accompanying James….

  9. Lilly says:

    Everyone was great. Paul had his best night yet. Jacob could be in trouble, despite it being one of his best performances. I’m not sure what he wanted to accomplish with his lecture, but he came off looking very ugly. I don’t get why someone who was voted into the final round, and who has never been in the bottom three would say something so stupid. I can’t even bring myself to vote for him.

    Just so I won’t sound like a cheerleader, like the judges, James’ vocals were not that great, tonight. He’s not as good as he thinks he is.

    • Lock says:

      It’s because the judges kept pimping him and that made him believe he as good as he thinks. But, no, he is not good. At least, his vocal is not stable. Lack of training. JMHO. I hope a Scotty & Pia finale.

    • agrimesy says:

      Paul did have his best night performance~wise, but he sang about four different notes and got shouty. That song’s strength is it’s timber and depth. Paul tried to turn it into a sing-along at the bar. I think it was yet another example of Paul showing a lack of connection.

      I’ve already commented that Jacob’s message was a real turn off. He may have been responding to all the negativity about his vocal style and stage presence, but you don’t EVER give the audience an ultimatum like that.

      I agree about James. He isn’t as good as he thinks he is. But who can blame him for keeping the faith when the judges do nothing but overpraise him?

      • Scorpiosue1102 says:

        I disagree about Paul’s “lack of connection”. Paul had people standing up and clapping along with the song. If you lack a connection with your crowd they don’t do those things. He sounded good and had great energy. Definitely his best performance in a long time.

      • kryssyess says:

        I thought it was wierd that he was smiling and bopping around while singing about shooting a man just to see him die…

  10. Karen says:

    Anyone else tired of how nice the judges are to everyone?
    That being said, I think Scotty and Paul nailed it, James and Haley were awful, and everyone else was somewhere in between.

  11. IdolFlash-7-9-35 says:

    Holy Rock n’ Roll, Batman! What a fantastic show! James went soft and sweet (and killed it!) Scotty did Elvis (and nailed it!) Pia did something up-tempo (and rocked it!) Casey played the upright bass (and sold it!) Paul went last (and it was fun!) Jacob went first (and… I hope he goes home tomorrow!) Who cares if the judges said nothing useful? This. Was. So. Totally. Awesome!

    • agrimesy says:

      Your excitement sounds like you may have been part of the Idol live audience tonight. Any chance you were one of the ones whoopin’ it up out there? I’m glad the show you saw was good for you. The one I saw, unfortunately, was not.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I”m with IdolFlash. I thought the show was very entertaining. Just take your mind back to some of last season’s dreadful, boring, dreary shows.

  12. Christina says:

    This season is good. Not a bum performance tonight. I think the only obvious result from tonight would be Stefano going home. If that happens then this competition is going to get crazy!

  13. KED says:

    Jacob: Great voice but hard to watch.
    Pia: Needs to get some tennis shoes and run around a little, come on. Best vocals
    Hayley: Too much growl.
    Lauren: Nice voice. She might be able to do a little in the country setting
    Scotty: Hate watching him.. creepy. He will be in the finals and probably has a contract.
    James: Whoops… now we know you can’t really sing all that well.
    Stefano: great job vocally. He can sing. He is improving every week.
    Casey; Plays well. I don’t like his voice or facial expressions.
    Paul: Hahahaha he is having fun. Can’t sing at all. Very entertaining. Will probably win.

  14. Mary says:

    My bottom three was Jacob, Haley and Scotty with Jacob being the one to go. This is the first performance I actually liked of Paul’s. I thought Haley screamed her way through the performance. I don’t think Gwen did any of the girls any favors with the way she styled them. Why in Gods name did they have Will IM mentoring. I think it is ironic how the judges critique Pia’s stage presence, Yes I think she needs work but she was probably afraid of fallen with those heels and I for one don’t feel you need to bounce all over the stage, when I think Scotty’s stage presence looks like he is swatting to lay a egg. His hand was going wild like he was having convulsions. Here we are in the top nine and still nobody has wowed me. At this stage I think whoever has the biggest fan base will be okay. So I guess Scotty will be safe.

    • Eolra says:

      Lol, I KNOW right? If Will I Am has proven anything with his 2 Idol performances this year, it’s that he STINKS on a live stage. Why the eff would anyone take his advice about a live performance?

  15. hooch says:

    Paul, yess! This is the first time since the first week when he sang Maggie that I have enjoyed his performance. Great song, great performance.

    Pia is so talented but I agree with the poster above who said something is missing. I do not like that song she sang either.

    I thought everyone did a pretty good job tonight. I really have no idea who will go home, but I’d miss Scotty the least ( although I know there is no chance it will be him ).

  16. Marlex says:

    All in all, a pretty good night for the contestants, although not as good as the judges would have us believe.

    1. Jacob… I’ve never been a fan, but I have to wonder if the producers have it in for him picking that choice quote calling out the audience in his preview package. I guess I can’t look at myself in the mirror, because I didn’t dig it (although admittedly it was one of his better performances, although that’s not saying much).

    2. Haley’s early position on the night could hurt her, but I liked her performance. Not as good as last week, but it should be enough to keep her safe, if not out of the bottom three.

    3. Casey: The base is back… and so is Casey. I found it off when was going after James for attempting a “5” when that’s essentially what Casey did here and nailed it.

    4. Lauren: Like last week, she did better than I though she would with the song, but I still have lingering issues were her from earlier in the season I can’t seem to get over.

    5. James: He was a bit weak on a few of the notes, but otherwise I really liked his change up this week. I wish the mentors hadn’t badgered him into doing the scream at the end (although it was one of his better ones). I blame them and not him for that.

    6. Scotty: J.Lo called him out for his hand shakes, but otherwise I really thought he did well. Breaking out of the mold… finally.

    7. Pia: Vocally great, but I still don’t feel she’s emotionally invested with what she’s singing. That’s just something missing. I just keep getting the feeling that everything she does she does because she thinks she’s supposed to do it rather than doing what feels right.

    8. Stefano: Most improvement from last week to this week. Rather cliche song choice, but aside from the off falsetto at the beginning, he nailed it. Probably won’t be enough to keep him out of the bottom three, but definitely picked things up after a disastrous two-week run.

    9. Paul: I like Paul, so I tend to ignore his shortcomings, but I really liked his performance tonight. He showed something different and really seemed to be having fun. Even with his antics, I felt more connected to him than I did during Pia’s performance.

    If I had to rank them, I’d say Scotty, Paul, Pia, James, Casey, Haley, Lauren, Stefano, Jacob

    Bottom three… Stefano, Jacob, and Haley

    • Eolra says:

      Hahahaha! I was thinking the same thing about Jacob; who did he piss off this week? Not only did he have to go first, but they chose to air THAT clip??? The producers MUST want him out!

    • Snsetblaze says:

      Plus wasn’t most of his “advice” nonsensical?

    • Snsetblaze says:

      I have no problem looking at myself in the mirror knowing that I did the right thing by not voting for Jacob’s terrible performance.

  17. dgman says:

    And for someone who did not think it felt right to sing “Let’s get it on” Jacob sure looks liked he wanted to with Ryan in the pix above!

  18. Sarah, not Sarah says:

    I think it’s fair to note that the oldies station in my area plays more current rock music than American Idol. Only one of those songs was less than thirty years old.

    In any event, Scotty’s gotta figure out what to do with those great gangling limbs of his. When he wasn’t unintentionally t-rexing he was flinging them about with Red Ryder-like abandon. (“You’ll shoot your eye out!”) I like the kid’s voice, though, and he picked a reasonably good song. I really think he’s going to take the whole thing. He’s not my favorite, but he’s got the young girlies and their Grandma’s behind him.

    As for the rest: Hayley and Paul were awesome, Pia, while technically accurate, was snoozable, and the rest…eh. You know what, though? While I think Jacob could have used a healthy dose of modesty when recording his package, I give him credit for sticking to his guns and going with a song he felt more comfortable with lyrically. Good for him.

  19. Melinda says:

    Jacob, James, Stefano bottom 3.

    Jacob because of that awful comment he made about the voting public.
    James because it was a terrible vocal.
    Stefano because i dont think his fanbase is big enough.

    I think the one going home will probably be Jacob or Stefano even though imo Stefano and James did the worst tonight.

    Haley and Paul really killed it and Scottys performance was cute but the disgustingly staged girls going up there as though he’s elvis himself was waaay too much. but those were the best 3 tonight.

    • Jenna says:

      James Durbin had a fantastic vocal performance – I beg to differ with your criticism of someone who I consider to be the most talented and passionate of the bunch. I really think with his outstanding ability to perform and work the audience, he has a huge career ahead of him. Go James!

    • bev says:

      Have you had your earring checked lately !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Stacey says:

    Jacob killed himself with that comment. He might have been trying to make a funny in a spirit of the song choice name; but it came off as arrogant and self indugent and making himself too important. I truly hope he’s not just in the bottom 3 that he’s sent home.

    I loved Lauren. Sure she didn’t have a big voice for that song, but she did a country take with it. I wish she had done something uptempo, after the last few weeks of ballads but she impressed me with her voice.

    Paul can’t sing, but because he was last and had a fun song…he’s safe!

    Go home Jacob!

  21. agrimesy says:

    What on earth possessed the production team to “plant” shout outs in the audience to interrupt the judges? It’s not like they were saying anything important, but that isn’t the point either! How phony will this season get before they stop the insanity!? And, the Scotty fangirl hugs . . . OMG! Sooooo staged and sooooo stupid! I can tolerate the usual pattern ~~ sing, now stand, now speak, now go. But, this blatant manipulation is like the swaybots of season 9. Oh, audience at home, you should get into it just like those folks on your TV screen. See how it’s done? Don’t you want to have as much fun as we are? Here, have some koolaid!!

    • CrackBaby says:

      I’m glad that I am not the only person that sees this. The viewing public is soooo easily manipulated. It’s disgusting!!

    • Lindsey says:

      Why would you assume that the screaming fans interrupting the judges were planted?? I thought they were rude, but can’t think of any reason to believe they weren’t for real… Girls scream during the judges critiques all the time… No reason to plant them.

  22. Amanda says:

    I think the most frustrating thing about tonight’s performances was watching the judges do their best impressions of Ellen Degeneres. Seriously? They had no useful critiques all night, except maybe JLO’s comment about Casey and his upright bass, that was it. She even joked around about Scotty’s hand gestures and gangsta style to an Elvis song. I know it’s only American Idol, but take it seriously JLO! Just like her comment to Naima “I don’t even care about you hitting the notes.” Yeah, and where is she now? That’s right, she’s gone.

    Scotty’s performance was hilarious to watch. I kept waiting for him to start playing the microphone like a harmonica and his random G-Unit hand movements were so out of place. I don’t care for him as a contestant but he usually comes out, does a country song, hits the notes and leaves but tonight I found him pitchy.

    Pia was not as good as she normally is vocally. I felt nothing in that performance and her vocals weren’t that great tonight. Up tempo, yes, boring, yes! I’d have liked to see her sing some Fleetwood Mac or something, or something up tempo not disguised as a ballad because that’s what it felt like.

    Paul tonight was awesome. I’m a big Paul fan, so I’m completely biased, but after a few rough weeks, he nailed that pimp spot. If America sends him home after that high energy performance than their smoking something because that was one of the better performances of the night.

    Jacob- I liked the restraint, good job but still boring.

    Lauren- Nice vocals, fairly good performance and connection but I’m still partial to Crystal Bowersox covering it in Hollywood week last year. But I didn’t mind Lauren’s take on it.

    Stefano- Had a better performance than the last few weeks. He had more connection to the song I felt and better vocals and JLO obviously still wants a piece of it. ;)

    Casey- Loved his slightly change arrangement of that CCR song and he gets bonus points for vocal control and the upright bass. I liked it.

    Haley- Vocally she was good, not as growly as she usually is, it felt a bit more natural which I liked but for me, there was no emotion behind her singing. Especially for that song, I wish she’d brought the emotion and then maybe I’d have liked it better. She was smiling throughout and trying to get the audience into, when it should have been her singing, being slight angry. For me, there was none of that behind the singing.

    James- Much better this week, did not care for the long note at the end but I guess that’s his signature. I like the emotion, I felt it when he was singing the song, before he started to cry. He really felt it and I felt that. It was good job and nice and toned down compared to the last few rock performances with him jumping around. Nice choice in switching.

  23. Vivi says:

    I thought tonight’s episode was good.

    1. Jacob – A nice performance. Not as good as Kris Allen and definitely not good as MJ. But he toned it down a bit and didn’t over sing. And I can appreciate that.
    2. Hayley – I am just not a fan of this young woman. Growling does not equal singing to me. It’s like she knows the growling is her black jack and uses it at every chance she gets. Which is practically the whole damn song. She was out of tune most of the performance. Nothing feels genuine.
    3. Casey – I really, really liked his performance tonight. I am glad that he’s reverting back to what he did during the semifinals. He has talent.
    4. Lauren – Her performance is the only one I fully can’t remember. I mean, she sang ‘Natural Woman’. I really hate comparing but Kelly Clarkson DESTROYED that song. Hearing Lauren sing it made me yearn for Kelly.
    5. James – I think he may be in trouble tomorrow night. Not only did he sing a song that many people (re: teenage girls) know but he didn’t sing it well. I mean, if you’re gonna sing a song that a lot of people are not familiar with, you better sing the sh*t outta it (ex. Elliott Yamin’s ‘Moody’s Mood for Love’).
    6. Scotty – I was smiling throughout his performance. I liked it. And J. Lo and I had the same thoughts: Scotty was bringing A LOT of flavor into his performance. Similar to how male R&B/rappers perform.
    7. Pia – If you closed your eyes or was not looking at the TV, Pia gave a great performance. But watching her trying to move was very, very awkward. If that was her version of ‘up-tempo’, then I’m scared.
    8. Stefano – I’m #teamStefano. His performance was good but not stellar. And Randy is right, not every note has to be a punch.
    9. Paul – The man that I want to go home. Yes, he got the pimp spot but just like last week with Hayley, I was just not impressed. BUT I will admit that it’s adorable that Paul treats the AI stage like it’s his concert. ‘Tony on the guitar’, ‘Crowd, make some noise!’.

  24. Lizbeth says:

    I like Paul’s personality–not his voice that much. But, I just don’t get why he is smiling through the Folsom Prison Blues song
    Here are some of the lyrics

    I hear the train a comin’
    It’s rollin’ ’round the bend,
    And I ain’t seen the sunshine,
    Since, I don’t know when,
    I’m stuck in Folsom Prison,
    And time keeps draggin’ on,
    But that train keeps a-rollin’,
    On down to San Antone.

    When I was just a baby,
    My Mama told me, “Son,
    Always be a good boy,
    Don’t ever play with guns,”
    But I shot a man in Reno,
    Just to watch him die,
    When I hear that whistle blowin’,
    I hang my head and cry.

    Paul did this on another sad song a couple weeks ago.

    My fave of the night was probably Casey. Stefano-or Jacob will probably be going home.

    What the hell did Gwen S make Pia wear. I would almost rather see her in normal pageant garb

    • hooch says:

      I know ! That outfit was awful ! And she should wear lower heels because she isnt great at walking in them, especially if she’s going to run around the stage.

    • Brittany says:

      They told Paul to sing like a lunatic, hence his different approach to the song and the smiling and louder song and crazy stage presence…

      Gwen made all three girls look terrible. Haley was wearing a trash bag, and Lauren, well, that outfit did nothing for her thighs/hips and was actually quite distracting!

      • Adam Leonard says:

        Lauren looked like she was wearing a diaper which might be appropriate given her maturity level but was highly ill-advised from a fashion point of view.

        • Brittany says:

          HAHA. Couldn’t agree more!

        • allie says:

          LOL! My first thought was Holy Puffy Butt! Who would put that poor girl in those shorts?

          • Elissa says:

            I thought everybody’s outfit tonight was hideous. It totally distracted me from paying attention to their singing. I mean Pia, Lauren and Haley looked downright dowdy and fat. Scott was wearing an all denim outfit, which is just wrong.

    • Adam Leonard says:

      My notes on Paul were “I wonder if he actually knows what that song is about.” Same could be said about Haley who never has any connection with whatever she sings – she’s always too busy doing a pageant performance that requires a big smile.

    • thankyouuu says:

      i totally agree about paul. his best performances were maggie may and blackbird (hwood). and he has great choices in that rocket man is my fave elton song and folsom prison blues is not only my fave johnny cash but one of my top 5 of all time. but the original song is just worlds different and worlds better than what he did tonight. honestly even the joaquin phoenix version was better. you can’t speed the song up like he did. it just didn’t work with the lyrics at all.

      at this point i don’t think any of the contestants really DESERVE to go home…all have impressed me at one point or another. I can stand to see jacob go though. every time he sings I find myself doing my best Simon “it was a little indulgent”

    • Adam says:

      Yeah! I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one! What bothered me the most with Paul is he sang the whole song in one note. That song has such a range and he sang one note! Entertainer, maybe. Singer? no. But he’ll make a killing in toothpaste commercials.

      And yeah on Casey! Who would’ve thunk of singing a Creedence Song in a Jimmy Buffet vibe? That guy has musicality coming out his ears.

      I don’t know who Gwen dressed worse; Pia or Lauren.

    • Art says:

      I agree completely. It’s a mournful song and Paul smiles all the way through. He has a unique voice but I’ve never seen the quality in it that keeps him against a pretty talented group. Strangely, I liked Jacob’s better but that ‘look in the mirror’ comment was wierd. Normally I don’t like Jacob’s singing at all.

  25. Tim Gunn says:

    Jacob. Must. Go.

    (please be in the bottom 3, please be in the bottom 3, I promise not to look into any mirrors, please be in the bottom 3)

    I didn’t like Stefano, either. Everybody else was fine. I wonder if Casey’s making the bottom 3 again.

    Gwen Stefani = designer#fail – gawdawful fashionz

  26. Taylor says:

    Was it just me or was anyone else completely turned off by Jacob’s comment right before his performance began? “If I’m in the bottom 3, it won’t be because I sang the song bad, it won’t be because I sang the song wrong. It’ll be because everybody in America wasn’t ready to look themselves in the mirror.” Um, what?!

  27. ali427 says:

    GREAT show tonight! Can’t believe how much Haley has grown on me; loved Pia and loved Casey and loved Paul. I shouted “NO!!!” at the tv when Lauren’s song choice was announced–any true Idol fan hears “Natural Woman” and sees only Kelly in her awesome tie and fedora. Kelly OWNS that song–what was Lauren thinking?!? Hopefully Jacob and his deluded mirror will be leaving us tomorrow.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      I see Crystal Bowersox not Kelly (but I did not watch season 1). But Crystal also killed the song. And wasn’t there a few years ago one of the African American divas who did a really good version – Mandisa maybe or Melinda Doolittle? I just can’t remember who but I do remember it was pretty good. The thing is — all of them had enough gravity, maturity and experience to do the song some justice. Lauren was terrible. And that comment she made that she was getting her self-confidence back and then her personality would come out – the personality is what annoyed most of us in the first place.

  28. primeminister says:

    Jacob – I thought he sounded better than anything he’s done before. His opening package did him little favor though. C

    Hayley – Her growling didn’t fit the song this week. It seemed like she was trying too hard. C

    Casey – I LOVE this CCR song, but I thought Casey made it sound hokey. He sounded nice in the beginning, but the vocals took a hit midway through. I appreciate his attempt at rearrangement though. B

    Lauren – Sounds great, but doesn’t have the sassy and sexy oomph that Kelly had when she sang this. Lauren hit all the notes, but took away spirit from the song. Maybe she’s just too young to sell this song. C

    James – Second favorite after Maybe, I’m Amazed. The whole time, I was wishing I could hear Adam’s voice on it (and I wasn’t even an Adam fan). Not a good thing? B

    Scotty – I didn’t think he could pull off doing something outside of his country wheelhouse. More specifically, I didn’t think his voice could sound good on anything other than country but…I think he just became one of my favorites. LOL A

    Pia – She can really SING. The combination of a great voice and stiff stage movement reminds me of Carrie Underwood. Not much else to say. A

    Stefano – The best he’s been in weeks, but ZZZZZZZ has he ever gone uptempo? C

    Paul – Paul finally performs at the caliber of his pre-idol and Vegas performances. His voice sounded stronger than another week. Terrific way to close the show. A

    My rankings:

    A+++++ (at least that’s how the judges made it seem)
    1. Paul
    2. Scotty
    3. Pia

    A++ (at least that’s how the judges made it seem)
    4. James
    5. Casey

    A (at least that’s how the judges made it seem)
    6. Haley
    7. Lauren
    8. Stefano
    9. Jacob


    • Stephanie says:

      Haha, I like the way you grade.

      Honestly, these judges are so useless. Literally useless. “You look great. You sing beautiful.”
      To judge implies actual, you know, feedback. That could, you know, actual be of some use.

    • whowho says:

      why was Lauren wearing diapers??

      • ginaM says:

        I think the girls were forced to be styled by Gwen Stephanie and her line of clothing- L.A.M.B. All the hair dos looked like Gwen hair and the clothing did look like something Gwen would wear. Those shorty shorts do not look good unless your Gwen’s size. Pia looked like she was being choked to death buy her multiple necklaces. But at least I didn’t feel like a pervert looking up Haley’s skirts tonight because she wore pants. lol

  29. KSC says:

    I loved James, I love his voice. I think it’s incredibly clear and strong and to be able to sing with so much emotion in both a softer song and when he rocks out is outstanding. I also like that he consistently wows me. Rock n Roll Hall of Fame night and the “rocker” guy goes with a slow tempo emotional song? I thought he nailed it.
    I am surprised by Haley. I kind of didn’t think much of her early on, but her performance last week and this week are changing my mind. I think she’s developing an identity and voice. So glad to see longtime fave Paul confident again.
    I thought Casey was good, but more adequate than stunning.
    Lusk…I have never gotten him. Today I really did not enjoy his performance. I think he’s consistently weak, wavery and overwrought.
    Just my opinion.

  30. Peggy Sue says:

    Hi Michael! I was enjoying tonight until we got to Stefano. Same story – nice voice, don’t enjoy hearing him sing because of the phrasing. Also I didn’t get Paul’s performance at all. I think he should have done Kenny Loggins or James Taylor. Johnny Cash as a crazy person who had no idea of what he was singing, smiling? Too wierd. Jacob made a huge mistake with his announcement about how unlightened America might be if we voted him off. The guy has no idea of what he did by saying that. I thought Haley was amazing, and I loved James’ performance too! Am voting for both of them.

    • casey says:

      okay speaking of paul, nobody has mentioned this, so am i the only one who couldn’t understand a word he was singing??? it was very distracting to me!

      • AJM says:

        I also didn’t discern any words in his song. I’m not as familiar with Johnny Cash’s discography so I thought it was just me.

  31. karenb says:

    This was Scotty’s first performance where I didnt not have the urge to blow chunks all over the living room floor! Seriously!

    I think it was the absence of twang that suppressed my urge to vomit. Well done, Scotty?!

  32. laura says:

    A few things:

    1. Bottom 3: Lusk, ‘Fano and Durbin. This may be the year of the Fantasia Exception, because everybody is taking a dip in the bottom three. Top 3: Pia, Paul (!!!) and Casey.

    2. Do not backlight the Durbin ears. #ReindeerGames

    3. Gwen Stefani went full Mean Girls on Lauren and convinced her to wear such incredibly unflattering shorts. it was a regina george “i love that skirt/OMFG that is the ugliest skirt ever” moment. (“I know she’s kind of socially retarded & weird but she’s my friend…so, just promise me you won’t make fun of her!”)

    And Pia is officially a Kardashian now. (“her hair is so big, and full of secrets”)

    4. Scotty managed to suck all the sex appeal out of Elvis. And why do they let him dress himself??

    5. I feel like the judges have given up and are just biding their time until happy hour. And I’m starting to kind of despise Randy… which is new.

    • Sally in Chicago says:

      “5. I feel like the judges have given up and are just biding their time until happy hour. And I’m starting to kind of despise Randy… which is new.”
      This is funny.^
      But notice that they have “stars” in the audience, so it’s like seeing a concert. It’s like Jlo said, she would pay to see them. So they’re having a good time.

      Honestly, I didn’t hear any bad vocals…except I am totally not on the Casey bandwagon and hope America votes him off. He is not. STAR. MATERIAL. At best, he can play in somebody’s jazz band.

    • funkycoldmedina says:

      Ok,you had me rolling at “do not backlight the ears” and #ReindeerGames!!! hahahahaha! The lighting crew did him NO FAVORS at all. Durbin should have sung a Led Zepplin song and rocked the room out. This week was his genre and he could have really solidified his postition with Black Dog, or Stairway To Heaven. But NOOOOOO. He sang While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Poorly IMO.

      Paul sounded like he sang Folsom Prison Blues song in only 3 or 4 keys. It sounded monotonous throughout the entire song. And this is NOT a song about happy-go-lucky-big-cheesy-grin kind of emotion. Wonder why the judges didn’t complain about HIM not connecting with the mood of this song? It’s like they never ever want to say anything at all negative about Mr. Sunshine. His saving grace for me was when he did the wooden legged dance.

      Casey, didn’t watch him. Period.

      Lauren is NOT a woman, she’s 16, so HOW are we to believe that she connected with that song? Really Steven Tyler? She became a full blown woman tonight? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Someone take the drugs away from Mr. Tyler

      Jacob is too painful to watch or listen to IMO. Just NO.

      Haley is too young to know the real sex/drugs/rockandroll life of ups and downs Janis Joplin lived and emoted in that particular song. It was just ok to me. Someone should tell her that it’s ok to growl once in a while, but not throughout most of the song. Overkill taken to the extreme. Unpleasant for me tonight…and I liked her Bennie, Bennie Bennie of last week. Maybe a Stevie Nicks song would have suited her better?

      Pia should fire her stylist. IMMEDIATELY. Actually all the girls should have tackled the stylist and administered an atomic wedgie. Pia cannot walk in 6 inch heels much less dance. Would have loved to have seen her in a short Tina Turner mini skirt, wildly flinging her hair with a choke hold on the mikestand (pretending it was Ike Turner’s scrawny neck), while belting out Nutbush City Limits instead of what she sang tonight. I really like Pia’s beautiful vocals, but someone seriously needs to work with these ALL these kids on showmanship, and maybe explain word for word what the mood of the songs they are singing actually are about. All I am witnessing is a LOT of cheese and no real substance to anyone’s interpretations both vocally and visually.

      Stefano…poor Stefano. I am just not into his style of vocals. At. ALL. Goose pimples, JLO? Seriously? Blech!

      As for the judges? I’m getting a toothache from all of that artificial sweetner they are pouring on in MASSIVE DOSES.

      • Doug in Cheyenne says:

        Showmanship, that’s the word I was looking for, thank you. The stylist was Gwen Stefani. I can hear the fashion buyers in department stores all across the country canceling future shipments Gwen’s L.A.M.B. clothing line. Someone has to explain to Gwen that Hammer parachute pants are NOT back in fashion. And just because quirky hair styles work for you, I never saw women anywhere adopting them, they look silly on others. Need proof, review the womens hair tonight.

  33. lunaburning says:

    Steven and Randy remind me of that Youtube video that’s been making the rounds, of the twin baby boys having a conversation. Sure, at first it’s funny and charming, but in the end, it’s all just gibberish, and goes on way too long, and just starts to be annoying. Then, after having it forced on you a couple of times, their babbling just makes you want to rip your own head off and throw it accross the room. Please, Idol, let’s go the way of Ellen and make Steven Tyler a one-termer.

  34. dgman says:

    And for the record this is the ultimate Idol version of “Natural Woman”…Lauren to be schooled in 3…2…1…

    I think this is one of the performances Randy alluded to in his critique tonight.

    • AM says:

      Completely agree with you. KC can sing. I think part of Lauren’s problem was her outfit. She looked really uncomfortable in the shorts.

    • Chicken says:

      Wow… Kelly had a nice abdomen back in those days. Sorry, my favorite was the version Crystal Bowersox did with only an acoustic guitar. Now THAT was awesome, baby!!! Rock on…

    • Leslie says:

      But seriously, is it really fair to try and compare anyone to Kelly? I don’t think there is anyone that is comparable to her! I also preferred Crystal’s version—but I believe Crystal when she sang the song—Lauren, not so much. She’s not mature, not even close to a woman, yet.

      • Kris Fan says:

        In my opinion, Lauren seems distracted when she sings. Unfocused. Like she’s singing in the school cafeteria and is looking around to spot all her friends.

        Allison was young, too, but that girl absolutely nailed her performances. Wow.

        • Leslie says:

          Allison had emotion and connection with everything she sang. I think she really knew and understood the songs she sang—I think Lauren sings songs that showcase her great voice, but there is no emotional connection there—and I sure hope she’s not been made to feel like a natural woman, yet!

  35. AM says:

    Bottom 3: Jacob, Lauren, James

    James was the worst tonight. He proved he really cannot sing. Terribly out of tune.

    • Tarc says:

      I’d suggest a visit to have your hearing checked. james went out of tune precisely ONCE, at the end, when he was crying.

  36. Petra says:

    Casey doesn’t have a strong voice and can’t hit the notes.I so wish the judges did not waste the save on him. He was forgettable. I don’t get why people even like him. Weird!
    Pia and Scotty stood out tonight . I liked them the best.
    Paul was much better this week than in previous weeks.
    Stefano can sing unlike Casey who people like. Maybe they feel sorry for Casey since he told how he was in the hospital for colitis. Sympathy votes I s’pose. Meanwhile Stefano can actually sing and they don’t vote for him. I hate when peeps turn it into a popularity contest instead of voting for the best singers!

    • Solf says:

      Uh, I don’t think you understand what hitting the notes means. I’m guessing music isn’t your strong suit. That’s ok, but own it.

  37. Erinn says:

    So, the judges are just not going to critique anymore?

    Yea, most of the performances have been good tonight, but these kids could be great with some constructive criticism. If they just keep telling them every performance is great/beautiful/perfect how are they going to improve? Where is the incentive to get better?

  38. tkart says:

    I really don’t get Paul’s appeal, at all! Jacob will go home, for his lame comment to us! My favorite was James: did he do his best? No! He definitely showed his softer, vulnerable side and did an awesome job! Pia needs to learn some dance moves but yea, she’s probably too afraid of falling in those heels! Haley did growl too much but I loved her!

    My B3: Paul, Haley and Jacob with Jacob leaving!

  39. woomble says:

    Michael, you really need to cut the judges some slack. This is a different era. We don’t need them to be nasty school marms all the time. Steven’s the Paula, and Randy’s Randy, and maybe J-Lo will develop into the Substantial One. She’s getting there. But if you look back at Season One of Idol, you’ll see that even Simon was pretty awkwardin the beginning. Give them time to grow into it and sit back and enjoy the spectacle.

  40. SpyKi says:


  41. Leslie says:

    Wow! I haven’t been so excited about Idol since the season of David’s (season 8?)!!!
    Jacob—lost me with his little speech to America—he sang the song well and it was kinda fitting to have the Naima look alike—but I was like–WTF throughout due to his admonishment of the audience before he even sang! WTF????
    Haley—she ROCKED it for me! I like the growl, although she could cut it back a little, but that is her. I really liked how she started out, she gave me goose pimples, it was like the second coming of Janice!
    James–I thought he did really well–yeah, a few pitch issues but they weren’t major. I was very affected by how emotional he was at the end—he’s a good guy!
    Lauren–I really liked how she sung the song—but I don’t think it was appropriate for her—she’s a 16 year old girl, I doubt, or I’m hoping she hasn’t had a man who’s made her feel like a woman yet!
    Casey–I liked Casey—I wish the bass could be heard better, but I think he has a John Fogerty kinda sound anyway, so it worked.
    Pia–For me, it was like an up-tempo ballad. She sang it well, but it didn’t feel like she was feeling it—when Tina sings it–you kNOW she’s feeling it!
    Stefano–sang it good, he’s got a nice voice, but he doesn’t do a lot for me.
    Scotty–I loved his Elvis! He really showed that he is not a one trick pony tonight, there was not one ounce of country in the song–more rockabilly. And his reaction about the girls was too cute! I don’t give a crap how he holds the microphone, picking on something like that is just nitpicky BS.
    Paul–WOOHOO, Paul is BACK! That was awesome! I am concerned because I heard that Idol is taking a toll on his voice—I hope that’s just a rumor. That’s the level he needs to stay at==no more whispers! I loved the show tonight, and even the performances i didn’t buy were good enough to listen to again, I’ll be buying the whole album off iTunes!

  42. AtlMusic says:

    Uhhhhh….if Jacob was sticking to his moral compass, and he had to choose another song because of that, did that compass also tell him to THRUST the backup singer in the most sexual way. I have never really been able to tolerate him, but WOW after tonight and his comment I hope he is done. Paul was great. Enjoyed Lauren and Pia as well.

    • Leslie says:

      LOL, that’s what I said as well! He was doing the pelvic thrust with great gusto–not the move of a man too chaste to sing a song that would have shown off his voice better. And he just pissed me off with his comment.

    • kkd says:

      Thank you! I was thinking the same thing – you can’t sing about getting it on, but you can be so totally inappropriate with your back-up singer? Ewwwww! And the comment was beyond pompous!

  43. Amy says:

    I really think this show has Jumped the Shark. What’s the point of having judges if they refuse to be critical of anyone?? There were several awful performances tonight but the judges refused to say anything bad about anyone. Sorry, this makes for awful, boring TV. God do I miss Simon. I think it’s part of the whole culture with young people, where their parents remind them every day that they’re so special and they refuse to criticize their kids no matter what they do. Kids are going to find out sooner or later that it’s a cold, cruel world out there. You can’t shield them from that forever Mom and Dad.

  44. NikkiGirl says:

    Ive been watching Idol for a while now and after last years batch of contestants all I have to say is … this year is a 100x better. Not one performance tonight was bad, some were better than others but no one bombed. I found myself liking most of the performances but the top 2 of the night were Pia and Paul. Ive been a Pia fan since the beginning her voice is the best in the competition, period. But tonight Paul slayed it in the pimp spot and that last bluesy line he sang at the very end did it for me. I have never bothered to vote but since tonight seems like such a close competition I cast my fist AI votes for Pia and Paul.

  45. Volcfom says:

    Haley should have sang Natural Woman – she would’ve killed it! Lauren is too young for that song – you have to give your V-card away to rock out that one! And all I could think of James was that Glambert would have done such a better job with that song…
    Also, I definitely felt the anti-woman conspiracy vibe tonight. They had Stefano and Paul close out the show, both who have been getting bad reviews lately, and stuck Haley and Lauren earlier on in the line-up.
    I hope that Haley doesn’t get the boot for giving the judges what they want. I think she should have done something out of the box like she usually does instead of catering to Randy <—BOO!!! Kick him off the show!

  46. Ben says:

    I can’t help but feel that more people are voting Johnny Cash than Paul.

    The polls and comments on TVline for the last two weeks have proved to me that there genuinely is power in the pimp spot. It seems to turn peoples popularity around in the competition even when they don’t really deserve it quite that much.

    I’m not criticising Haley last week or Paul this week as the worst, but neither do I think either performances were good enough to poll as the best of the week.

    • hooch says:

      I really don’t think the pimp spot makes you think it’s better than it is. Haley last week and Paul this week were the best of the night (IMO). I think the producers watch the rehearsals and choose the pimp spot based on who is singing the best, so that the show will finish on a high note which leaves a better impression.

      • Brittany says:

        Amen, hooch. I was thinking the same thing. Last week Haley rocked, this week it was Paul. I feel they scout out the rehearsals before they choose who the closer is going to be. They even could have put Stefano before him to make him look even better.

  47. Shelly says:

    Best show of the season! All contestants did a great job. Liked Paul least but not easy to bring something more to a Johnny Cash song. Lot of fun and enthusiasm. Judges did their job finding talented contestants, makes judging hard.

  48. LynnG says:

    While I agree Haley needs to dial back the growl a tad, she rocked a really tough song tonight. She brings joy and energy to her performances and takes risks with her selections. And she can sing — great range and control and tone. Lauren and Pia also can really sing, but they leave me cold. What is is they’re missing? Passion? An emotional connection? I’ve said it before, but Haley is a dark horse to win this whole thing.

    • idolidol says:

      I agree with you Lynn G

      Hailey is the only interesting contestant and regardless of what others say she does hit the notes

  49. agrimesy says:

    Is anyone else disappointed by the lack of actual rock songs on Rock n Roll Hall of Fame week!? Of all nights for James to go with a ballad! Is Johnny Cash really the best rock n roll, Paul could do? And Stefano . . . another love song? Really? He’s like Pia with the ballads. Finally Pia did something uptempo, but she lacked the raw, rough quality of Tina. Haley growled too much, but I liked her runs at the end. Scotty sang my favorite Elvis song very well, but his goofy moves and expressions are distracting. Which reminds me of Jacob! He really should have reconsidered that lead in. That may have just sent him home! Casey gets kudos for singing CCR, but he really is almost completely talentless in my opinion. I do not get him AT ALL! Who did I forget? Oh yeah, Lauren. I personally don’t think you should opt to sing “A Natural Woman” unless you have actually had sex. That song says in so many words that her man can take her there, thank you very much! She didn’t sell it to me, nor do I want a sixteen year old to sell THAT anyway. UGH! I’m disappointed. I hope Slezak’s recap cheers me up.

    • Jason S says:

      A My Guitar Gently weeps is a Rock song. I don’t even think I would classify it as a ballad.

      • agrimesy says:

        Okay, you’re right . . . soft rock, then . . . or “easy listening” . . . I swear I heard this song in an elevator the other day. ;)

  50. Lin says:

    It’s unfortunate that Jacob made the off-putting comment he did, but I’m still voting for him. I thought he did a great interpretation of the song. Loved James and Stefano too, both had some passion behind the words they were singing.