A Justified Killing: Burning Questions Answered

[The following story contains spoilers from this Wednesday’s episode of Justified.]

In one of its most intense episodes to date, FX’s Justified this Wednesday came out with all guns a-blazing – literally, in some cases.

The first swath of the edge-of-your-seat hour was spent at the whoop-dee-doo that Mags Bennett threw, hoping to unite locals in the cause against Black Pike’s plan to “blow the top off” the mountain and, in doing so, soil their holler with slurry and such.

Every party needs a crasher, though, and Black Pike advance woman Carol Johnson was the one to hit the Bennett bash uninvited. Course, she brought Raylan with her – a good thing, too, seeing as matters got very tense when, in a private tête-à-tête with Mags and Boyd, Carol learned who really held all the cards.

Sure, Black Pike can seize the mountaintop land, Mags allowed – but without access to the Bennett farm and Arlo Givens’ property, there’s no way any trucks can shuttle mined ore to and fro. And with that bombshell (and her list of demands) dropped, Mags all but invited Black Pike to back up a Brinks truck to her porch.

The other big drama took place after the hootenanny, as young Loretta had come to realize that no only was her father in no rush to come home, but that he was dead, likely at the hand of Coover, who had pinched the deceased’s timepiece. After she unsuccessfully tried to KO the goon with laced weed, so that she could rummage for Daddy’s watch, Loretta went on the run, only to ultimately get caught by the wholly unhinged Coover.

Fortunately, Loretta had hailed Raylan using the cell he slipped her weeks back. Givens showed just in time to cut short whatever ghastliness Coover had planned and, in the heat of a struggle, plugged him good with his pistol, leaving the bruiser to topple into the mineshaft.

Still, justice served won’t come without a price. Just how mad will Mags be over her boy’s offing? And over the loss of Loretta to children’s protective services? We’ve got answers to those burning questions and others.

Will Mags Be Furious Over Coover’s Death? | Or will the “stupid” Bennett boy be written off as but a casualty of war, or the cost of doing business? “No, she is hit hard by it,” Margo Martindale tells TVLine. “It will lead her to do some sly maneuvering for the rest of the season.”

Is The Bennett-Givens Feud Renewed? | “Absolutely,” Martindale reports. “I mean, it’s all pretty painful. That was my favorite son!” (To which we say: Well, maybe she should have spoken more fondly of him?)

Will Mags “Mourn” Loretta As Well? | In a manner of speaking, yes, seeing as the girl represented for Mags “a brand-new chance to do it all over again, the right way.” Martindale, however, tells us, “That story is not over,” and that when Loretta does resurface before season’s end, it elicits waterworks — at least off-camera. “I started crying, as Margo, and had to regroup,” she says. “That girl, Kaitlyn Dever, is about as fine an actress as I’ve ever worked with. In-credible.”

Will Mags Next Be Seen Neck-Deep In Her Black Pike Payday? | Actually, the easy money might not come so easy after all. “There are a lot of twists — and a lot of Boyd Crowder! – involved,” Martindale shares. “I tell ya, just when I thought I knew his spots….”

Just How Much Is Martindale Enjoying Her Justified Gig? | “It’s about as fun as anything I’ve ever done, truly,” she raves. “To get to play such a powerful woman, at almost 60, is fantastic.”

And Truly on the Lighter Side: Was that Really Walton Goggins Dancing at the Whoop-dee-doo? | And how! Joelle Carter (Ava) points out for us that her scene partner was a champion clogger as a kid, and thus relished a chance to show off his stepping. Thing is, no one gave Carter a heads-up about the fancy footwork to come, and that’s why Boyd simply gives his oh-so-lovely landlady a spin or two.

Justified fans, what did you think of this week’s episode, “Brother’s Keeper”?