Nikita Scoopfest: Mikita's Reunion, Division's Possible Downfall and... Alex's Betrayal?!

The CW’s Nikita resumes its freshman season this Thursday (at 9/8c) with “Covenants,” an episode so game-changing you might actually mistake it for a finale. But showrunner Craig Silverstein has a thing or two to say about that, telling TVLine that the shock-and-awe nature of this week’s hour is but the beginning of an explosive batch of season-ending installments. Said episodes may include a “Mikita” hookup, a Nikita/Alex breakup, and the imminent bust-up of Division.

TVLINE | Let’s start with that steamy promo for “Covenants.” Having seen the episode, I know the answer, but for the fans: Is the romantic moment between Michael (Shane West) and Nikita (Maggie Q) real?
Yes, that happens. It’s real.

TVLINE | How in the world do things get to that point between the two? Last we saw, Michael was holding Nikita at gunpoint.
There is a flashback or two that shows Michael and Nikita when they first got together, when they were both working in Division. So, we’ll see when things were as good as they were between them…and also as bad as they are now, with him pulling a gun on her in her place, putting her whole mission at risk.

TVLINE | Is there any chance we’ll see a union between these two by season’s end — romantic or otherwise?
In terms of him coming over to her side, I think that has always been in the cards. She’s been asking for that repeatedly, for Michael to wake up and open his eyes. And it may take a really huge shock for him to open them. But even if he steps over to her side, it would not be an easy transition.

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TVLINE | If Nikita is picked up for a second season, is it possible to move forward with Michael and Nikita openly fighting on the same side, or would he need to stay undercover in Division?
I can’t tell you that without spoiling what happens at the end of the season — but I do know the answer to that. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Fair enough. Can you say anything to appease the massive “Mikita” fanbase? Will they be satisfied with this “Will they/Won’t they?” couple’s journey throughout the rest of the season?
They will enjoy it, although it’s a question of if the fans ask themselves what they really enjoy: Do they enjoy being tortured? [Laughs] The answer may be yes! They will get what they want, but like so much of what happens in the show, people achieve victories only to find there’s a dark lining to the silver cloud.

TVLINE | Viewers are also dying to know: Are there plans to pit Nikita and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) against one another?
Oh yeah. Something negative will come into their relationship this season.

TVLINE | Something tells me that Amanda (Melinda Clarke) has something to do with that feud — am I right?
Amanda does have a lot to do with it.

TVLINE | What is her deal, anyway? Is Amanda strictly a villain, or merely a champion of the cause she believes in?
What is up with Amanda? [Laughs] Percy (Xander Berkeley) is really, really smart, and I also think he’s really, really cynical and self-serving. Any talk of patriotism is really a façade. He is out for Numero Uno. Amanda does have a code and some ideals, which makes her infinitely more dangerous and scary because she does believe in something. Of all the characters with a backstory, we know the least about Amanda, and she’ll make a few moves at the end of the season that will surprise everyone. However, you’re not going to learn a full Amanda backstory this season.

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TVLINE | Speaking of Percy: After Thursday’s episode, fans will be dying to know what’s in store for the big bad.
Percy is going to come into the forefront in a very real way in the last few episodes. You’re going to see just how powerful and intelligent of an antagonist he is. It’s really going to make for an exciting fight to the finish.

TVLINE | This week we also see a glimpse of what the real future may hold for Alex and Nathan (Thad Luckinbill). What can you tease?
Alex is really shaken up by the future that she’s seen, and she really is considering getting out [of the spy game]. The price of revenge is too high for her. But the problem is that it will be hard because of Nathan’s safety. She doesn’t want to repeat what happened with Nikita and Daniel. She can’t just split, because then they’ll grab this guy and torture him until she comes back. So she’s got to break up with him, but that’s hard to do, too.

TVLINE | And lastly, let’s see if you can answer some random fan questions: “Might we see Thom (Ashton Holmes) again at some point? His death was so shocking.
It is possible to see Thom again, but I can tell you he doesn’t pop back up this season.

TVLINE | What about some scoop on Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford)? People love that little guy.
There’s some good stuff coming up for Birkhoff, some of him fighting, which is rare. And beyond that, there’s some real nice Birkhoff [story] right at the end of the season.

How was that for some Nikita scoop? Which storyline shocker are you most eager to see pan out? Hit the comments and let us know.