Fringe Exclusive: Deadwood's Brad Dourif Saddles Up for Season Finale

A key role for Fringe‘s Season 3 finale has been cast — and as with everything on the Fox series, there’s a bit of a twist involved.

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Brad Dourif, whom many of you remember as Deadwood‘s Doc Cochran, has been tapped to play a mysterious character named Moreau in the sure-to-be-intense Fringe finale airing Friday, May 6.

The wrinkle is that the original casting breakdown for this character specifically sought a “well-known Japanese actor … who speaks English” to fill the role.

Dourif is not a Japanese actor, at least not a well-known one.

He is, however, known for bringing chills to the big screen, where his long resume includes Eyes of Laura Mars, the voice of Chucky in that series of fright films and, most recently, the sheriff in Rob Zombie’s recent run of Halloween redos.

He also of note played The Lord of the Rings‘ Wormtongue, and since Fringe fave John Noble was Denethor (as TVLine reader Jeff points out), we may have a bit of a Middle-earth reunion on our hands.

On TV, in addition to Deadwood, his credits include appearances on Star Trek: Voyager and The X-Files.

Fringe, which is already renewed for a Season 4, returns with new episodes April 15. In the meantime, the musical episode “Brown Betty” airs this Friday.

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