The TVLine-Up: TV Worth Watching This Week

As but a supplement to the awesome features and original reporting TVLine has coming your way this week, here are 26 shows you might want to keep on your radar.

9/8c NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship (CBS) |
My Connecticut roots have me rooting for the Huskies over Butler’s Bulldogs.
9 pm The Event (NBC) | Sterling gets suspicious of Simon, the undercover ET. Um, finally?
10 pm Castle (ABC) | A dead body turns up in a pizza oven. But was it cut into 16 pieces?
10 pm Harry’s Law (NBC) | In the first of five bubble shows bidding their season adieu this week, Harry defends courtroom nemesis Jeffrey Peyton (Paul McCrane) when he’s charged with assault.

8/7c NCIS (CBS) |
Any team members who were Without a Trace fans will do a double-take when they meet Ziva’s beau, “C-I-Ray” (played by Enrique Murciano).
8 pm No Ordinary Family (ABC) | Mrs. X (Lucy Lawless) kidnaps JJ in the first season finale.
10 pm Lights Out (FX) | This not-renewed series’ finale features the big clash between Lights and Death Row — though not before their respective wives go at it a bit first!
10 pm The Good Wife (CBS) | While Alicia locks horns with Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) a third time, “Cary finds out shocking information about Kalinda.” Could it be her Big secret?
10 pm Parenthood (NBC) | Crosby labors to win Jasmine back. Hmm, looks like someone finally read about the casting for the Charlie’s Angels pilot.

9:30/8:30c Breaking In (Fox) |
Series premiere: Bret Harrison (Reaper) is Cameron, a computer-savvy college student “recruited” by Christian Slater’s security firm. Odette Yustman plays a potential love interest, if Cameron can lure her away from her wacky beau (Smallville vet Michael Rosenbaum).
9:30 pm Mr. Sunshine (ABC) | Ben hooks up with Crystal’s new assistant, played by Lizzy Caplan. Bad timing, dude — the season ends tonight!
10 pm Justified (FX) | That Mags Bennett throws one hell of a hootenanny, and the cider isn’t the only thing packing a punch. Wait until you hear what Boyd has to reveal about those maps he studied. (Later, for good measure, someone dies.)
10 pm Off the Map (ABC) | Season finale: Maybe if Lily and Otis had, like, broken out into song once, Off the Map wouldn’t be On the Bubble.

Dates for 21 ABC Season FInales

8/7c The Vampire Diaries (The CW) |
No, it only feels like we last got a fresh episode in 1864. The series’ return features the resurfacing of Elena’s birth mother, Isobel (Mia Kirshner).
8 pm The Big Bang Theory (CBS) | Yeah, so this is the episode Kaley was talking about in our Q&A, the one in which Sheldon winds up shaking his groove thing.
8:30 pm Perfect Couples (NBC) | Paul Reiser’s new show in getting plugged in here starting next Thursday, so this likely marks the season finale of this week’s Bubble Show No. 5.
9 pm Nikita (The CW) |
Michael gives Nikita an ultimatum: “Find the people who killed my family, or Alex’s jig is up. Succeed, and we can totally make out.” (I’m paraphrasing-slash-fabricating.)
9 pm CSI (CBS) | Fans of Nikita‘s Melinda Clarke can double their pleasure, as Lady Heather once again gets involved in one of the CSIs’ cases.
10 pm The Mentalist (CBS) | The Eye’s hottie guest star night continues with Morena Baccarin (V) as the wife of the murdered owner of a dating site.

8/7c Smallville (The WB The CW) |
With the show’s final season resuming next week, it’s a fitting time to revisit the pilot and see how the beginning of the beginning began.
10 pm Blue Bloods (CBS) | Someone is poisoning runway models. With what, caloric cheeseburgers? (Editor’s Note: Still funny!)
10 pm Merlin (Syfy) | As Starz’s tale of Camelot, Merlin and Arthur enters Week 2, this telling of Merlin, Arthur and Camelot closes its third season. Yes, it’s all very confusing.

11:30 pm Saturday Night Live (NBC) |
Dame Helen Mirren is the third British host out of SNL‘s last five outings, raising the question: Did Alec Baldwin ever get a crack at Benny Hill?

8/7c The Simpsons (Fox) |
David Copperfield and Penn and Teller (Teller?) voice themselves when Lisa becomes apprentice to a magician (Martin Landau).
9 pm Brothers & Sisters (ABC) | In back-to-back episodes, Kevin and Scotty face losing Olivia, and Nora and Saul are rocked by a death.
10 pm The Killing (AMC) | The mystery continues as the police try to connect what happened to Rosie Larsen with what they discovered in the high school basement.

Which of the above is must-see TV for you? And by all means, hit the comments to politely share tune-in recommendations of your own.

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