Supernatural Exclusive First Look: Sam and Dean Head to the Wild Wild West

Hold onto your (10-gallon) hats! Here’s an exclusive first look at Supernatural hellraisers Sam and Dean channeling their inner John Wayne for the show’s upcoming trip back to the Wild West (April 22 9/8c). And danged if they don’t look as at home in chaps as they do in bluejeans!

And lest you think the episode is all style and no substance, keep in mind that the time-tripping hour features the first face-to-face encounter between Sam and the legendary Samuel Colt.

“Sam not only gets to meet Samuel Colt, but he also sees the original Colt [revolver],” previews Jared Padalecki. “We’ve been dancing around that since season 1, so it was nice to go back and have Samuel Winchester meet Samuel Colt.”

But getting back to the style of it all, do you think the Brothers Winchester make convincing cowboys? Peruse our exclusive gallery and then shoot your mouth off in the comments section.