Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Grey's, Sons of Anarchy, House, Modern Family and More

Got the Monday blahs? Let’s see if I can perk up the start of your week with a flurry of scoops, teases and sound bites from some of TV’s hottest shows and stars.

Oh, Henry | Be forewarned, Grey’s Anatomy fans, because this reads like a big spoiler for anyone who has been digging the Teddy/Henry MOC (Marriage of Convenience). In light of what TVLine teased about the return of James Tupper’s shrink character and an offer he’ll make Teddy, many have speculated that the ABC drama is paving the way for Scott Foley to exit stage left should his CBS pilot get picked up. That however is not the case – which is not to say Henry’s a keeper. “I love him and would keep him forever if I could,” series creator Shonda Rhimes told us, “but on our show if you’re not a doctor there’s not a lot for you to do.” Foley will be playing a cardio god on his prospective CBS series, and that’s a little something we call irony.

Wilde About House | I checked out the next new episode of Fox’s House (airing April 11), which revolves around the return of Olivia Wilde’s Thirteen. We already got you speculating on why the gorgeous doc has been behind bars for much of her absence, and I’m not about to spoil that surprising reveal. Instead, I will share that House’s road trip with his onetime underling coincides with what would have been the first anniversary of his and Cuddy’s coupling (he himself offers up with no small amount of regret on his face). Also, the extremely entertaining episode ends with House saying the very nicest thing he could say to Thirteen (HINT: It’s three little words, but not those three). Back at the hospital, Foreman discovers that Taub has been “playing doctor” with not one but two lovely ladies. But seriously, back to Thirteen: Oh, how the TV screen has missed her.

Good Sons | Speaking of jailbirds: Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter confirms that when the FX series revs up Season 4 this fall, some 14 months will have elapsed since the SAMCRO boys got sent to the slammer. Not coincidentally, that’s when they’re eligible for parole, meaning the must have very good bad boys behind bars. “Yes, yes, they’re behaving,” Sutter reports. “And everybody comes out alive, I’ll tell you that much.” Sutter also fielded a burning question that many have had regarding the “long con” that got the Russians and Agent Stahl off the club’s back while simultaneously shaving their prison sentence: When exactly did Jax loop in everyone on the “deal” he made with Stahl? “It happened early,” the show boss says. “There was a vote on it right after he made the decision to do it.”

Kaley Cuoco On Her Scary Fall, Penny’s Big Bang Cold Streak and a Shaken ‘Groove Thing’

Big Bling Theory | First, purrfectly sad news: The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco was about to tape a “Soft Kitty” encore when I Q&A’d her last week, but that scene has since been snipped. The good news: This Thursday’s episode promises to shake up the Bang gang dynamic when Howard seeks to take his relationship with Bernadette to the next level. “It’s so funny because if you think about [a possible engagement], you’re like, ‘Oh my god, it’s too soon!’” Cuoco notes. “But no, we’re almost in Season 5.” All told, she says, “It’s a very good episode.”

Screened & Heard | ABC’s Modern Family returns April 13 with big belly laughs. The storylines concern a marvelously mortifying ad that Phil has the family van shrink-wrapped with, Cameron evolving into “Bob Fussy” as the interim director of Manny’s school chorus (“Years from now, these kids will fondly recall how I Sondheimized them!”), and Jay getting more than he bargained for when Gloria urges him to bond with his brother Donnie (Wiseguy’s Jonathan Banks)…. FX’s Lights Out this Tuesday wraps up its run with the awaited title fight between Lights and D-Row. In my opinion, the series ends exactly where it should. Given how it ends, I would not have been interested to watch Season 2…. Some have declared Law & Order: LA down for the count, but having seen the first revamped episode (NBC, April 11), I wouldn’t be surprised if the series – now fronted by Alfred Molina – gets off the mat to go another round.