White Collar Exclusive: Diana's GF Comes Out

Diana’s ol’ ball and chain on White Collar is about to put in an appearance, and sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that she’s quite the looker.

Israeli beauty Moran Atias (from Starz’s Crash) has landed the potentially recurring role of Marsha Thomason’s oft-referred-to-but-never-seen onscreen sweetheart, Christie, on the USA Network hit.

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The character — who turns up in the third episode of the show’s upcoming third season — is described as a cardiologist who brings out Diana’s lighter side with her sweet smile and scalpel-edged wit. Her access to the pharmaceutical world proves to be invaluable to the FBI’s latest case.

Bonus scoop: In the same episode, 24‘s Jayne Atkinson will play a hard-hitting magazine editor who becomes a target when she refuses to back off a dangerous story.