TVLine Items: Torchwood: Miracle Day's Tempting Teaser, and Other TV News to Know

Starz is pulling the curtain back on Torchwood: Miracle Day, the hotly anticipated fourth season of the British smash. 

Miracle Day examines a world in which everyone instantly becomes immortal, and contrary to what the eerily upbeat song playing in the background of the new teaser trailer suggests, the premise is anything but “perfect.” Check out the video below (or at the Starz site here), then hit the comments with your reactions:

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Ready for more of today’s TV news? Well…

• Malcolm McDowell (Entourage) is set to appear in Psych‘s sixth-season premiere, E! Online confirms. The veteran actor will play a “witty British diplomat” who winds up with a dead body in his ritzy Santa Barbara home

• Fox has placed an eight-episode season order for Mobbed, the Howie Mandel-hosted flash mob reality special that aired Thursday night following American Idol, says Deadline.

Which TVLine Items have you talking today?