David James Elliott Teases CSI: NY Reunion: 'There's Still Something' Between Jo and Russ

While speaking with TVLine on the set of CSI: NY (Fridays at 9/8c), David James Elliott couldn’t help but sing the praises of his latest CBS home — even going so far as to say he’d love to join the series on a more permanent basis. Sadly (or not), pilot season has since snapped up Elliot, who will play husband to Kristin Chenoweth on ABC’s Good Christian Bitches.

But don’t be dismayed. Pilots are never a sure thing, and Elliott’s CSI: NY character, Russ Josephson, still has this week’s episode to make a lasting impression on ex-wife Jo (played by Sela Ward), with whom the sparks are, yes, a-flyin’ once more.

In the episode — which we happened to be on set for and were blown away by — Jo’s daughter Ellie (Sydney Park) witnesses a brutal murder in Penn Station. Vampire Diaries‘ Taylor Kinney plays the perpetrator.

“It’s an emotional episode,” Ward previews. “Jo has told Ellie she was adopted without going into any details, as she’d actually put the girl’s birth mother away for life, for a murder. So Ellie skips school to go find her mom and ended up on a train in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

How does Jo’s ex get pulled into this drama? After all, he was out of the family picture well before Ellie entered into it. It’s simple: Jo is having lunch with Russ and their son Tyler when she gets the gut-wrenching call about what happened. Being an FBI agent, Russ is immediately on the case.

“The murder dovetails certain characters that the FBI has on their database,” Elliott explains. “Jo and the NYPD access info through Russ, and he helps a little bit — just as he did the first time around.”

But what we were most impressed by on set was the chemistry between the former marrieds, which plays out in each scene they share — a fact that was not lost on the former JAG star.

Says Elliott, “There’s certainly still something there for Russ, but there is a wall that needs to be scaled first. I don’t know if Russ gets there, but we’re teasing it. You’ve seen me a second time, so maybe you’ll see me a third. The [writers] like us together, I know that. That’s why they brought me back.”

Adds Ward, “I’d love to see David again after this episode because every time he’s back, I get to do scenes that have something to say about people. It’s a nice connection, but Jo is still conflicted about it. She is still very much attracted to him.”

So for now, these two aren’t getting back together. But you never know what the future (or pilot season) holds.

Don’t miss Elliott’s CSI: NY encore Friday at 9/8c, on CBS.