Secret Life Star Previews 'Dramatic, Even Tragic' Future for Ben, Adrian and Their Baby-to-Be

The Secret Life of the American Teenager is back after a six-month hiatus (Mondays at 8/7c), and star Ken Baumann tells TVLine there are big things ahead for the ABC Family drama. What’s in store for Ben and his teen baby mama Adrian (played by Francia Raisa)? Might Ben/Amy reunite? Baumann is revealing all, including a shocking tidbit about a possible tragedy.

TVLINE | Talk a little about Ben’s journey this season.
I’d say this is the most difficult, challenging season for Ben yet. He is dealing with his most adult issues, and there are a lot of really dramatic, maybe even tragic things that he’s going to have to endure.

TVLINE | Can you elaborate at all on your use of the word “tragic”? Are you possibly referring to some problems with Adrian’s pregnancy and/or birth?
I plead the fifth amendment. I won’t incriminate myself. [Laughs] I’ve got to leave that one dangling.

TVLINE | Will we see a baby, or at the very least some resolution to the Ben/Adrian pregnancy storyline before the May finale?
There is definitely going to be resolution. I don’t know how exactly when that will air or how many episodes into the season, but I believe it’s about 12 episodes in from tonight’s premiere.

TVLINE | Besides typical teen pregnancy issues, will Ben and Adrian have any particular obstacles to overcome?
It’s going to get increasingly difficult for them to find some common ground. They got pregnant not from a very altruistic place — it was revenge sex-turned-teen pregnancy, which is pretty unfortunate. They’re going to struggle with the idea of being together and they’re going to struggle with the idea of raising a kid, particularly when you don’t know if you even want to be with the other parent. I would say that that dominates the season for Ben and Adrian, for the most part.

TVLINE | Will Secret Life fans witness any happiness between these two, or is it strictly an obligation-based relationship?
They do manage to find a common ground and that will show. There are a lot of scenes that are almost romantic, where they are forced into this intimate place and they’re going to make the best of it occasionally. So, yes, they have some happier moments.

TVLINE | How, if at all, is Ben and Adrian’s education impacted by having a baby on the way?
There is an impact for Adrian, because it becomes a question of how long will she be out of school, and does that mean she won’t graduate if she stays out too long after giving birth? So, there are those questions that these characters will have to face leading up to the finale, but Ben and Adrian have it relatively easy on the school-side because they are pretty intelligent. Ben is definitely going to experience some difficulty at work. It interferes a lot with his general scheduled way of life, big time.

TVLINE | And finally, since there’s a pretty big Ben/Amy (played by Shailene Woodley) following out there: Is there anything between the exes that fandom can look forward to this season?
As this show is really skilled at, there are definitely going to be a lot of interactions between Ben/Amy, Adrian/Ricky (Daren Kagasoff) and Ben/Ricky. It’s a small world, that high school. [Laughs] Amy, in particular, has been through the pregnancy-thing before, so she’s there. You’re also going to see Ben yearn for a way out eventually, and why would you not want to go back to your first love? There is a lot of fun stuff between Ben and Amy coming up.

The Secret Life returns to ABC Family Monday night at 8/7c.