Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on The Good Wife, Supernatural, Grey's and More

Got the Monday blahs? Let’s see if I can perk up the start of your week with a flurry of scoops, teases and sound bites from some of TV’s hottest shows and stars.

Is Good Will Bad? | Although viewers of The Good Wife have seen the last of Scott Porter, don’t think for a second that the bombshell Blake dropped last week – hinting that years ago he covered up for Will a bit of embezzlement – will be forgotten. “No, we are going to build on that,” series cocreator Robert King assures me. “It becomes its own storyline, and for the moment it doesn’t need Blake to go forward.” As for Porter returning should his CW pilot not get picked up, “Never say never,” King says, “but he completed the arc that was originally intended.”

Good Wife Scoop: Is Kalinda Hot for Nurse?

Winchesters Gone Wild! | Jensen Ackles got his cowboy on when Supernatural transported Dean and Sam to the Old West for an upcoming episode. “The guys find a formula to battle Eve, the mother of all monsters, but the problem is the only record of this formula ever existing happened over a 100 years ago,” Ackles previews. “So they call upon their angel friends to give them a time-travel experience.” The excursion fit like a glove, says Ackles, who like Dean is wild about Westerns. “I sent a picture to my father [from this episode], and he wrote back, ‘You’ve been rehearsing this scene since you were six.'” Hopefully he rehearsed it well, because Supernatural pulled out all the stops. “I get to have, like, a high noon shootout, we get to see a hanging…,” says Ackles. “We packed a lot into a 42-minute episode. It’s really good.”

The TVLine-Up: Grey’s Anatomy and More TV Worth Watching This Week!

Stark ‘N’ Twisty | Grey’s Anatomy last week covered a lot of ground with regard to the April-Dr. Stark… “relationship.” They hung out a few times and had great conversation, but just when April thought From Here to Eternity might lead from the sofa to the bedroom, she trotted out the “just friends” speech. “They are intellectually compatible, and they really enjoy spending time together,” says Sarah Drew of the doctors’ dynamic. “I just don’t know how romantically interested she is.” Nonetheless, Drew says that in the weeks ahead, “the April-Stark situation takes some really fun and interesting twists and turns, so I’m really excited. Peter MacNicol is an absolute genius, and I’ve been having a blast working with him.”

Funny Business | Previously we told you about How I Met Your Mother casting Battlestar beefcake Michael Trucco as an old crush of Robin’s. We have since come across more intel on the pair’s past and their iffy future. Turns out that Robin met this guy years ago, during a brief encounter in a store. That fleeting spark is ignited anew when Trucco’s character pops up at MacLaren’s – only Robin’s game may be off, thanks to another old flame. Yep, a source tells me that Ted will (perhaps unwittingly) cramp Robin’s flirting style…. One of the females on The Big Bang Theory will consult with a doctor towards the end of the season, leaving one of the boys – Howard — on pins and needles. Wait, is Bernadette pregnant?! Nope, it’s Mrs. Wolowitz who lands in the hospital – though her son’s sweetheart may have played a role in the medical crisis. How-ahd!

Screened & Heard | FX’s Justified this week dives deep into a storyline in which a coal company exec gets in Mags Bennett’s face, and as we all know, that can’t ever end well. The story arc –- predicated on the exploding and mining of the mountain Mags and others call home — takes a neat twist come April 6, in an extremely intense episode that is one of the series’ very best…. In case I wasn’t clear in this week’s TVLine-Up post, The Killing (premiering next Sunday) is must-see TV in keeping with so much that comes out of AMC these days. Based on a Danish TV series about the investigation into the mysterious murder of a teenage girl, the pacing is deliberate and the visuals far from glossy. But that is what makes the experience so immersive, as we are left to wonder what dark secret will next emerge from dank Seattle’s murky shadows.

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