Fringe Countdown: What Happens at 6:02 AM?!

With Fringe freshly renewed for a fourth season yet serving up repeats for the next two Fridays, Fox is whetting fans’ appetites with a 15-second promo teasing what’s to come.

Apparent to the naked eye upon casual viewing is a flurry of familiar images — Walternate, Peter and Olivia, The Machine, the book The First People — while a clock tick-tocks in the background. It all closes with the question, “Where Will You Be When It Happens?”

But when is “it” happening? Well, if you freeze-frame during that closing title card, you can catch a glimpse of “6:02 AM.” To me, that seems kind of early in the morning to be destroying or saving a universe, but I have to assume the producers did their research.

Watch the promo here, then share in comments A) your own thoughts and B) a second wave off yee-haws over the Fringe renewal.

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