Grey's Anatomy: Why Did Arizona [Spoiler]? And Watch What Happens Next!

Oh, what a ride ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy sent “Calzona” fans on this week, closing Thursday’s episode with a sequence that steered romantic as hell… and then veered straight into harrowing hell.

After months of tension stemming from the fact that Callie is carrying Mark’s baby, she and her lady love embarked on a getaway. Ongoing anxieties persist, though, when Callie gets a text from Mark, the very last person Arizona wants intruding on their “we” time. Arizona grabs and lobs Cal’s cell into the back seat — a critical moment, as it requires Callie to unbuckle and retrieve it.

Then, in the midst of squabbling anew, Arizona decides there is one way to make clear to Callie how she feels, and secure real, Mark-immune commitment.

As Jessica Capshaw told TVLine, “Arizona feels like, ‘Where am I? Who am I?’ So in a bold effort to sort of legitimize and find her place, she pops the question. And then something wild and crazy happens. And then we lead into the musical episode [airing March 31].”

Wild and crazy, yes, though not in any remotely festive sense of the words. No sooner does the proposal land on Callie’s ears and is processed by her brain and heart then their car meets head-on with a truck ahead of them. What happens next? ABC released a sneak peek of next week’s first minute. (Warning: The scenes may be a bit intense for a Friday morning.)

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One of many outcomes of the accident: Somewhat ironically, Arizona and Mark will grow closer as the events of next week’s episode unfold. “The traumatic circumstance leads to them having a greater understanding of each other and then appreciation, and then need for each other and desire to be in each other’s lives,” Capshaw previews. “They come to care, I think, for one another.”

Grey’s fans, what did you think of last night’s shocking ending? (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)