For Grey's Anatomy's Lexie, Things Get 'Steamy' and 'Awkward' With the Men In Her Life

This Thursday on Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, 9/8c), Lexie rides quite the emotional roller-coaster, enjoying a hot hook-up with one fella before getting served a chilly helping of “uncomfortable” courtesy of another.

First (and frothy) things first: Chyler Leigh tells TVLine that the opening scene of this week’s Grey’s, featuring Lexie and Jackson, is “a bit steamy.” She is quick to clarify that is is “not, like, literally steamy — it’s not a shower scene again! — but it involves other equipment.”

Steamy? Other equipment? What the what? Leigh offered no further details, only teasing, “You’ll see….”

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Dissecting the dynamic between Lexie and Jackson, Leigh says, “I think they support each other, they care about each other and it’s easy for one another to talk to each other about whatever they need or whatever want — things like that.”

“They’re both in the same place in their lives, and they also have the physical attraction to one another, so…. It’s Grey’s Anatomy, so they want sex,” she adds with a smile. “You will see us interacting a lot.”

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Interactions between Lexie and Mark, meanwhile, have been few and far between, largely because of the plenty complicated baby drama he’s got going with Callie and Arizona — a twist that did the always-fragile “Mexie” relationship no favors.

“Lexie got pretty rocked by the whole thing,” Leigh says of Mark’s latest baby daddy status, which came not so long after his grown daughter Sloan hit Seattle. “It was a breaking point for her, so her involvement [with all of that] so far hasn’t been too much.”

Yet in this week’s episode, a baby shower thrown for Callie sets the scene for Lexie and Mark to cross paths, and the chill in the air could revisit winter upon Seattle. “There’s a run in between [them] that’s a bit awkward,” Leigh previews. “It’s one of those moments.”

So are things thus finished, done, finito with Lexie and Mark? Will they continue to ignore the elephant in the room rather than talk about what happened? By season’s end, Leigh reckons, “Something will have to come to a head. I am sure something will come up where they’ll be at least in the same room together for more than a few minutes.”

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In the meantime, Lexie and Jackson will continue to sing a happy tune (or at least make beautiful music together), especially when Grey’s serves up its “musical” episode on March 31.

“I’m singing ‘Breathe (2 AM)’ by Anna Nalick, and Sarah Drew (April) and I do the chorus on a song called ‘Grace,'” Leigh shares. “And In ‘Walking On Sunshine,’ by Jesus Jackson, I do a part in there.”

And might Lexie be singing to Jackson in any of the scenes…? “I can’t say,” Leigh non-answers. “But there are other people involved, definitely.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)