RuPaul's Drag Race Recap: Permanent Record

The legendary Miss Jody Watley and Carmen Electra popped up as guest judges on a lively episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race on Monday that also served as a nice promo reel for the titular dragster’s music catalog. The queens played a round of “RuSical Chairs,” then headed to the studio to cut renditions of Ru’s “Superstar” from one of six predetermined styles: reggae, hip-hop, country, disco, punk, and pop. Below, a recap using the time-honored art of the screengrab.

Alexis Mateo has some ideas for how dishy producer Lucian Piane can calm her nerves -- but none of 'em are fit to be heard on Logo!

Yara Sofia, overjoyed by her 'pop' remake of RuPaul's ''Superstar'': ''My English is very well looking darling!''

Ru With the Dragon Tattoo (Gown)

''Britney wants her old body back,'' says Michelle Visage, checking out Yara's lean chassis.

The legendary Miss Jody Watley is not impressed by Carmen Carrera's lipsync game.

Alexis may have misinterpreted Ru's instruction to ''bring out my girls!''

''These are breasts!'' declares Michelle. ''You don't need to tell me twice,'' replies Ru.

Raja's winning punk look wins her a custom-made gown -- and a possible romp with guest judge Carmen Electra. Carmen

Shangela courted death with an impressive leap-drop-split maneuver in the ''Lipsync for Your Life'' round, while Carmen rested on pretty posing. Wonder how that worked out.

''So sa-a-aad that you're leaving.'' Well played, Shangela.

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