Is Charlie Sheen Winning, Or Begging for Work?

Apparently frustrated by nearly an entire week of being comparatively “under the radar,” Charlie Sheen is back making headlines — yet those of a suspect kind.

Rumors and reports surfaced on Monday suggesting that Sheen was in talks with assorted Fox bigwigs (about, for example, fronting a new late-night talker) and/or CBS (to discuss a return to Two and a Half Men).

Sheen hinted at the former scenario during a “surprise” Monday visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live, gifting the host with a mug that had (clumsily) pasted on it illustrations of a tiger (get it, “tiger’s blood”!) and a fox.

As for a Two and a Half Men comeback, that would obviously demand much extending of olive branches ‘tween the actor and his former employers at Warner Bros. TV and CBS, making it the more questionable of the rumors. As New York Magazine’s Vulture blog notes, “It makes no sense that [CBS CEO Les Moonves] would suddenly decide that Sheen should return without any new development” in the form of undergoing actual, not-at-home rehab or proffering an apology.

More likely, Vulture posits, “sources sympathetic to Sheen may be deliberately leaking out ‘news’ … in order to create the impression that Sheen is in demand,” when he in fact remains unemployed after being terminated from his high-paying sitcom gig, all the while carrying on with his hard-partying lifestyle.

Bona fide or not, Sheen sought to capitalize on the new buzz with the Kimmel drop-in — coincidentally just as guest Mark Cuban said that he was discussing “a lot of different” possible HDNet projects with Sheen, whom he hailed as “a very smart guy.”

The Sheen stop-by, though, had little teeth. Instead, he merely tossed assorted plug-plug-plug T-shirts to the audience after planting a long kiss on Kimmel’s “very moist” lips.

Watch the clip here (the audience hooplah winds down at the 1:30 mark), if you like, then hit comments to share your thoughts on the Sheen situation. Do you think we perhaps have not seen the last of him on Two and a Half Men?

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