Ratings: Foul! Fringe Hits a Friday Low

The Daylight Saving Time demons, in tandem with the NCAA, conspired this Friday to knock Fox’s Fringe down a peg. As a result, the stellar sci-fi drama dipped to a 1.3 demo rating — its lowest to date in the Friday slot.

Yet… I will point out in a glass-half-full way, Fringe inched up a barely perceptible (and thus, wiser men than I will argue, statistically insignificant) amount in total viewers, to 3.8 million.

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But really, aside from Anna Torv and her Emmy-caliber work, there were no winners this Friday, as folks either retired to the backyard to play Jarts or immersed themselves in March Madness. Yet you’re here and I’m here, so:

* CBS’ aforementioned college hoops coverage averaged 4.52 million total viewers across its three-hour prime-time run, scoring a 1.5 demo rating.

* The series finale of ABC’s Supernanny drew 4.45 million viewers. Now stop teasing your sister, Jeremy! And put down those matches!! (From here on it takes a village, people.)

* NBC’s Dateline was Friday’s (faint praise alert!) most watched program, averaging 7 million viewers. Fox’s Kitchen Nightmares meanwhile netted the night’s “best” demos, delivering a 1.6.

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So, tell us: How has Daylight Saving Time and the extra batch of sunshine affected, if at all, your TV habit?

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