Grey's Anatomy Twist: Teddy Gets a Proposal

Grey’s Anatomy‘s Teddy aka the Cardiac God will find herself juggling a few hearts — and ultimately a very big decision — when James Tupper resurfaces as Dr. Andrew Perkins, the crisis counselor who last fall helped the Seattle Gracers recover from the hospital shooting.

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“He’s a bit nomadic — he’s traveling — and he’s back in town when he contacts her,” Tupper tells us of Andrew’s springtime return.

The psychiatrist apparently “contacts” Teddy (played by Kim Raver) right off her feet, because before you know it, they’re picking things up where they left off at the end of Tupper’s original run. “They liked each other before, so they’re trying it again,” says the actor.

Well, yeah… except Teddy is now technically married to Henry (played by Scott Foley). Oh, that’s right — Andrew is kept in the dark about that pesky detail.

“Yeah, she hasn’t told me about that,” Tupper shares.

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Regardless — or more likely because of Teddy’s omission — things progress to the point that, by the end of the season, Andrew will drop a big question in her lap.

“I do make her a proposal,” Tupper teases. But is it an offer Teddy can’t refuse? “I’m waiting to see just like you are,” says Tupper, “but I think there’s a chemistry there.”

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy returns with fresh episodes on Thursday, March 24. (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)