Pilot Scoop: Connie Britton Snags Lead in Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story

Horror? This is more like an American dream.

Friday Night Lights‘ Connie Britton has snagged the female lead in American Horror Story, FX’s much-buzzed-about drama pilot from Glee bosses Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

Britton — who is also developing an FX drama with Fighter director David O. Russell — will play the role of Vivien Harmon, one half of the show’s central couple. Vivien is described as a force to be reckoned with in spite of her vulnerable demeanor.

The Horror premise is being kept under tight wraps, but this much I can reveal: Each season will feature an entirely new cast. As a result, if the project gets a green light, Britton would only be under contract for one season. So she could conceivably finish Horror and segue right into the new project with Russell.

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