90210 Pregnancy Mystery: Who's About to Break Some Big Baby News?

As I exclusively revealed on my Facebook page Wednesday, a major character on 90210 will announce that she’s expecting in the May 16 season finale. Who’ll be sporting a baby bump come fall? Let’s examine some of the pro/con arguments for each of the prime suspects.  

Pro: The show’s quasi-matriarch is currently robbing the cradle with Mr. Matthews, and, coincidentally, they’re both heading for the hills in the finale. What better parting gift than a visit from the stork?
Con: No offense to the youthful looking Lori Loughlin, but I think Deb’s childbearing window closed a few years ago.

Pro: It would certainly come as a surprise. Not necessarily an exciting surprise…
Con: Annie is already the whiniest girl at West Bev. Can you imagine what she’d be like with all those hormones?

Pro: She can’t have Raj — at least not long-term — so this would be the next best thing.
Con: Let’s be real: Ivy’s more likely to give birth to a bong than a baby.

Pro: Her interaction with her nephew has proven that the privileged vixen has a maternal side. Also, could you imagine Naomi’s take on maternity fashion?
Con: This would take the Redemption of Naomi a little too far. We’re fine with her geeking out over a nerd, but a pregnancy? That’d be pushing it.

Pro: A baby with Navid would certainly raise the stakes in her nasty feud with onetime teen mom Adrianna.
Con: Producers would have to figure out a way to bring sister Kelly back for the birth, and I don’t see Jennie Garth returning anytime soon. That’s hardly an insurmountable con though.

Pro: A baby with her ex would give the Silver/Navid/Adrianna triangle some serious legs, literally and figuratively.
Con: Adrianna’s been there done that.

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