Pilot Scoop: Jimmy Smits Gets Dramatic for NBC

Jimmy Smits has been tapped as the last major lead in NBC’s untitled Stephen Gaghan pilot (formerly S.I.L.A.), a complex ensemble drama in the style of  Traffic and Syriana set in the world of crime, law enforcement and politics in sprawling modern-day Los Angeles.

The pilot centers on Los Angeles Mayor Mayor Alfonso Morales (Smits) and his Special Investigations Unit led by detective Terry Mullins (Noah Emmerich), who has returned to LA to reconnect with his 15-year-old daughter Jennifer (Emma Dumont) and try to get along with his ex-wife and Jennifer’s mother, high-powered attorney Mary McCarthy (Madchen Amick). Morales is a man full of ambition who cares deeply about his city, power and women, perhaps in reverse order.

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