Fringe Exclusive First Look Video: The Fight to Extract William From Olivia Begins!

Fringe fans let out a collective gasp in the final moments of last Friday’s episode when William Bell returned from the dead in Olivia Dunham’s body! But no one was more surprised by the unorthodox resurrection than Anna Torv herself.

The actress — who has already been tasked this season with juggling the dual roles of Olivia and Fauxlivia — admitted this morning to TVLine’s Matt Mitovich that adding a third personality to her repertoire “was not [a challenge] that I had been asking for!”

The fact that the new role involved channeling a sci-fi legend by the name of Leonard Nimoy made it all the more intimidating. “I was in shock for the first day,” Torv confesses. “I think I hyperventilated — and then I called John Noble [Walter] to say, ‘Can you please help me?’ I wanted to know what he thought, and what that [Walter/William] relationship was like. Plus, John is such a sweetheart, a lovely person to ask.”

The research paid off. The following exclusive clip from this week’s episode (Friday 9/8c) — which finds Walter and Peter reeling from William’s brazen body snatching — is proof of that. But don’t take my word for it. Press play and see for yourself.