V Star Weighs In On Finale's Double Whammy

[The following Q&A contains major spoilers from the Season 2 finale of ABC’s V.]

Yes, a few actors found themselves out of work as a result of the take-no-prisoners V season finale that aired Tuesday night. But at least one cast member is staring at double duty should the ABC series get renewed for a third season. That’s right, the answer to this recent TVLine Blind Item is Laura Vandervoort, who now is playing imprisoned Lisa as well as Anna’s new, rapidly aged and rather eeeevil offspring. (You could say that this blonde beauty is a real man-eater.) TVLine spoke with Vandervoort just before showtime about her dual role.

TVLINE | You know, I asked your “mom,” Morena Baccarin, two weeks ago, “Is Anna’s new daughter going to grow up to look just like Laura Vandervoort?”
And what’d she say?

TVLINE | She simply laughed and said, “You might be onto something there!” How far into the season did they tell you?
They didn’t! We find out about everything a few days before we start shooting. I didn’t even know I was Anna’s [new] daughter until we got the script. We just go by the seat of our pants here. But I had a lot of fun playing what you saw tonight.

TVLINE | What was your first question for the writers once you did get wind of the evil twin?
I wanted to know if they were going to kill off the original Lisa next season and just keep bad Lisa, because I was having so much fun playing [the original]. And I wanted to know, How different do you want her to be? How similar to Anna do you want her to be? How far can I go with how evil she is? I was just so excited to have a chance to play two characters.

TVLINE | Yeah, as an actor I imagine it’s….
A dream come true. It is. There’s that one particular sequence where Lisa is forced to watch “Lisa 2.0” slaughter Tyler, which was just horrifying for her. I was excited about how that could come across, cutting back and forth between the two characters.

TVLINE | What do you know so far about 2.0’s disposition? Is it just “evil”?
She’s pure, newborn lizard-flesh evil. She hasn’t had a chance to develop emotions, so she’s possibly more evil than Anna. Who knows, maybe Lisa 2.0 can become even more dominant than Anna, Lisa and Diana all together? Maybe she’ll be the one to take the throne?

TVLINE | This Lisa is basically everything Anna wanted in a daughter, and more.
She’s exactly what Anna’s been wanting the original Lisa to be. She’s really her foot solider. But what’d be great is if 2.0 decides she has had enough and she wants to rule!

TVLINE | OK, OK, slow down. Let’s give it at least another half-season.
Oh, c’mon! But really, there are so many ways we could go with it. If we get a third season, there’s so much I can do and so many storylines we can get from it.

TVLINE | Because of this, you of all people must be especially anxious about the prospect of a Season 3.
We’re all excited, but if we have one, I’m definitely looking forward to doing more than I had in the past with Lisa. If we do continue, it should be a lot of fun.

TVLINE | How will you be keeping busy in the meantime?
I’m about to start a Christmas-themed romantic comedy for ABC Family, with Nick Zano (What I Like About You). The closest thing I’ve done to something like this is This Means War (due in theaters later this year and starring Chris Pine, Reese Witherspoon and Tom Hardy), and that’s more of a straight comedy. Here, I get to be the leading lady, one who’s goofy with faults, and then she falls in love. I’m excited because it’s something I haven’t done before, meaning it’s lighthearted and not full of drama!

Vandervoort next can be seen on Smallville reprising her role of Kara/Supergirl in Episode 20, “Prophecy,” of the CW series’ final season.

V fans, what did you think of “Lisa 2.0,” the three big deaths, and the Season 2 finale’s other twists?