RuPaul's Drag Race Recap: Patriot Games

On Monday night’s edition of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the six remaining queens shot patriotic PSAs for the troops — though I’m not sure which military base has a drag-friendly policy! — but most of the gals faltered in at least one of the three crucial areas: Fashion, comedy, and/or heart. I suppose Alexis Mateo’s campy polyester pantsuit and “Bam! Bam!” dancing shtick was moderately entertaining, but I couldn’t get what had Ru and Ms. Visage doubled over with laughter. With no clear winner, and with front-runners Raja and Shangela both flirting with the bottom two, Ru opted to spare both Yara Sofia and Carmen Carrera after they lipsynched for their Latina lives. All I can say is Manila Luzon was lucky to dodge the bullet after her bloated and gassy PSA stank up the room. Below, 10 screengrabs tell the tale!

Ladies, stop trying to make Heathers happen. It's not going to happen.

Grrrrl! Looks like a shootout at the 'Mmmkay?' Corral!

Ru assesses Carmen's eyelash flutter: ''Is that what being an American means to you?''

I'm with guest judge Cheryl Tiegs on this one: Manila lost me at the simulated fart.

Alexis serves pure joy despite feeling heartbreak over the unknown whereabouts of her solider boyfriend.

Ru (as always) wins the award for critique of the night: ''Who are you wearing? Wait! Don't ask, don't tell!''

Raja once again rocks the week's most creative look, but to me, she always just looks like a dude in a wacky costume, not an actual drag queen.

Guest judge Johnny Weir reads Carmen's runway attitude: ''She stood there, and she may as well have been chewing on a piece of wheat, taking a dump, doing her nails. This girl, if she ever wants to be a huge success, people will not buy tickets, she will not be able to pay her rent, and she will be flipping burgers.''

Carmen tries to seal her fate...with a kiss.

Yara gives the international expression for ''Chanté, everyone stays.''

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