Elizabeth Mitchell Previews the V Season Finale: Can Badass Erica Evans Save the World?

This week on ABC’s V (Tuesday at 9/8c), more than ever it is time for the Fifth Column to put up or shut up, lest Anna deploy her plan to use the Concordia sites as landing pads for the Visitor ships, and in turn round up the Earth women to breed some hybrids. TVLine invited Elizabeth Mitchell to give us a taste of what to expect from the season finale, reflect on Erica’s libidinous liaison, get caught up on a Lost love, and ponder V’s future.

TVLINE | When last we tuned in, the Visitors had 500-plus ships orbiting Earth. So… what’s the plan to fend them all off?
I know, it’s going to be tough! But thank goodness we have Erica Evans.

TVLINE | She has become very, very badass in recent weeks.
She really has, mentally and physically, and that’s been so much fun! Plus I get to have tons and tons of [bruise and cut makeup] all over my face, which you know I love.

TVLINE | What kind of cliffhanger will the finale leave us with? Will we be left wondering if the Fifth Column’s plan, whatever it may be, worked?
There are a bunch of things in the works. I enjoyed reading the script, it feels like a mini-movie. I mean, it took us a little longer to shoot it, and we spent a lot of money! [Laughs] I haven’t seen [the final cut], but a lot of the people I talk to in production say it’s their favorite.

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TVLINE | What would a Season 3 look like? Will Erica & Co. be fending off a global invasion every week, or will the drama get smaller in scale?
I liken up until now to Rocky I, and I feel like Season 3 would be Rocky II, where Erica does everything right, is the smartest woman that ever existed, is the most powerful, and everybody [on the V ships] gets completely massacred. That’s what I’m hoping for.

TVLINE | How do you like Erica being more active, bossing around all these alpha males?
I love working with alpha males; I think it’s fantastic. And they have been incredibly generous to me in that they are a bunch of alpha males, and they still let me lead them. I find them to be still very manly [Laughs], so it works out well.

TVLINE | You told me last May that you wanted Erica to enjoy a “little sordid romance.” Lo and behold, she recently hooked up with Hobbes (played by Charles Mesure).
I’m wondering if that’s because I kept writing letters? “Could you please let me hook up with somebody?!” But yeah, I’m happy for the characters – it showed how unbelievably kind of damaged and raw and dangerous she is, even to herself, right now.

TVLINE | I like how she was pretty casual about it after.
It has that feeling, but I think there might be something deeper to it. Neither of them is the type to ever admit that they actually like each other, so I think it’s better for them to just keep it sex.

TVLINE | Should we be feeling bad here for Father Jack (Joel Gretsch), though? I mean, he lost his collar and everything….
I do, I feel really bad for Father Jack, especially now that he’s no longer a priest – which you have to admit was a pretty major stumbling block towards romance! But I love Father Jack and Erica, because I feel like she’s such a good person with him.

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TVLINE | I was recently breaking in my new flat-screen TV, and it involved a rewatch of the Lost finale. Damn if the Sawyer/Juliet reunion doesn’t hold up really well.
Awww. It’s so sad, isn’t it? It’s so sadly happy. I think that [executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse] have a definite romantic streak. They had this incredible sense for adventure, and they also had this wonderful sense for romance. I loved it.

TVLINE | The Lost cast is doing very well. Terry O’Quinn, Jorge Garcia and Michael Emerson have booked pilots. In addition to the next Mission: Impossible movie, Josh Holloway is in the season finale of Community….
Is he really? I’m so excited for that. He’s really funny. I always told him that he should do comedy, actually.

TVLINE | Speaking of pilots, I have a good feeling about V getting a Season 3 pick-up, if only because none of you seem to be hedging your bets by booking new gigs.
Yeah, all of us have been saying the same thing – “Are we going to go out for pilot season…?” [Laughs] But they keep saying we’re still on hold, so that’s definitely a good sign, isn’t it? After those first six [episodes of V], I’ve really, really been having a great time, so my hope is to come back and continue what we’ve started.

Do you hope V continues what it started next season? And what sort of twists do you expect from the season finale? Who do you think will die?

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