Exclusive Bones Video Preview: Booth Declares, 'It Is Over!'

Is the past really the past? This week’s much anticipated episode of Fox’s Bones (Thursday at 9/8c) — directed by series star David Boreanaz — raises that question rather directly, when Brennan and Booth, entrapped within a stuck elevator, are invited by Sweets to resume their “couples” therapy.

Actually, as you see in TVLine’s exclusive video clip, Sweets doesn’t so much invite them back as urge them. You might even say he borderline insists, and even invokes the “H-word” in making his case. And that is perhaps where he makes his biggest misstep, as evidenced by Booth’s reaction.

“They sort of talk about each other’s feelings for one another,” previews John Francis Daley, “and Sweets, obviously, loves to see that chemistry.”

Hmm, perhaps too much so, from a clinical POV. “[He pushes them] in a very intrusive, annoying way,” Daley admits. “The only way Sweets knows how.”

Press PLAY below to watch the intense scene unfold, then tune in Thursday to see how B&B’s extended time in close, cold confines impacts their always fluid relationship.