Amazing Race Photo Recap: Land of the Lost

I pity the poor editor in charge of trying to inject a little suspense into Sunday night’s installment of The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business. I mean, with Goth/Sims people Kent and Vyxsin misreading their compass, driving wildly off course, and missing a mandatory flight from Japan to China, they were at a five-and-a-half-hour deficit before a single task had been completed. “It really is a million-dollar question,” said Zev, wondering where his competitors had gone. “Either they’re on a kabuki show or super, super lost.” Kent and Vyxsin eventually made up a ton of ground — I’m wondering if TAR producers scored them a faster route to Lijiang than the overnight trains their competitors took — but when Kent left his fanny pack and passports on a gondola, it pretty much sealed their fate in finishing last.

Or did it? TAR tried to pull a fast one with a “to be continued” zinger at the end of the episode. We left Justin and Zev at the final detour — carrying a giant ceremonial horn through the streets of old-town Lijiang and uncertain if they were heading in the right direction. Kent and Vyxsin, meanwhile, were last seen desperately trying to get their bus driver to reverse course on a narrow mountain road and retrieve their lost items. I’d bet everything in my wallet that the Goths will finish last, but seeing how the preceding seven teams weren’t allowed to rest at the pit stop and had to keep racing, the question remains whether or not they’ll be eliminated when they get there. (Place your bets in the comments.)

For the record, the finishing order (thus far) at the pit stop reads as follows: Margie/Luke; Jet/Cord; Gary/Mallory (the goofy father/daughter team almost always seems to be near the front of the pack, eh?); Ron/Christina; Kisha/Jen; Flight Time/Big Easy; and Jaime/Cara. And now, without further ado, an episode recap via the time-honored tradition of the screengrab:

Vyxsin decides to approach the day with PMA ('Positive Mental Attitude'). Wonder what her Debbie Downer days look like.

Ron has been the most irritating contestant this season, but you've got to respect any guy who understands that sometimes you've got to risk the big prize for warm Chinese buns.

Stomach full of Chinese delicacies + 500 meter sprint = this facial expression.

Cord's yak-riding technique amuses the locals.

One creature makes a case for a CBS spinoff series: CSI: New Yak.

Shockingly, Cord's interpretive cock-a-doodle dance does not yield any clues to the location of the Chinese Zodiac paddle in question.

Ron's temper tantrum causes daughter Christina to hurl herself from a moving vehicle.

Clue-holder plays bemused Bugs Bunny to Zev's agitated Elmer Fudd.

Fievel the mouse knows that somewhere out there, the 'little pink kitten' will find all 12 Zodiac tiles.

Mallory again takes home the prize for the episode's best self-deprecating sound bite: 'I need to pay my dues and make some candy for change -- all the candy I eat!'

'I just really never thought of myself as a stupid person -- until this race,' cries Vyxsin, sadly driving home her point by looking for clues in the dirt.

It actually would be kind of awesome if the driver heeded Vyxsin's pleas and turned the bus around RIGHT THERE.

What did you think of this week’s Amazing Race. Will Kent and Vyxsin be eliminated next week? And more importantly, should they? Sound off below, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!