SNL With Zach Galifianakis: What Were the Best and Worst Skits?

From Movieline.com‘s tube-obsessed Louis Virtel….

BREAKING: Zach Galifianakis is much funnier than Miley Cyrus. Nice recovery, SNL. The Hangover star returned to Studio 8H for a second hosting stint last night, gifting us with plenty of fine characters and skits. He also burdened us with the most cliched final sketch in recent memory, and that’s something of an accomplishment. Prepare to cross your eyes and whine like musical guest Jessie J!

Best Sketch: Monologue
Behold, the most freeform monologue in SNL history: Galifianakis transitioned from standup jokes and impersonations (my favorite was “Guy from Queens Who’s Obsessed with Cargo Shorts”) to an Andrea McArdle lip-sync and a cue-card gag. Bizarre? Indeed. Hilarious? From beginning to end. I’ve watched it three times now, and I’ve concluded that it’s also performance art. We’re all smarter now!

Best Sketch: Family Dog
Turns out there are plenty of hysterical ways for the family dog to die, and one involves a copy of PUGGS magazine. To say more about this (disturbingly) great sketch would be unthinkable — although I wish it hadn’t ended with Kenan Thompson’s unfunny voiceover bit. (We’ll add the embedded version once NBC makes it available.)

Worst Sketch: Titanic Lifeboat
Maybe producers nicknamed this sketch “Dead in the Water” during rehearsals, knowing it would fail. I can’t even decide which of its hackneyed ideas made me frown hardest: The repeated wails of “Shut your mouth”? The outdated Titanic conceit? The ever-hilarious scrolling epilogue? It’s a cavalcade of SNL cliches! A jamboree of jank! A funhouse of funlessness. Just all wrong. I turn my nose up at this sinkable nonsense like Rose DeWitt-Bukater.

What did you think of Zach’s second time on SNL? Was it better than his first? Is Bill Hader’s Charlie Sheen impression growing on you? And did that uneven skewering of CBS’s The Talk make you long for SNL‘s great parodies of The View with Cheri Oteri and Tracy Morgan? Leave it in the comments, read me regularly at Movieline.com, and follow me on Twitter at @louisvirtel.

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