Big Love Star Previews the Show's 'Shocking, Outrageous' Finish: 'Everything Will Be Tied Up'

One of the most surprising things about the final season of HBO’s Big Love (Sundays at 9/8c) — besides the Henricksons going public with their polygamist beliefs, of course — has been the emergence (and importance!) of Nicki’s daughter, played by up-and-comer Cassi Thomson. Will Cara Lynn’s illicit affair further destroy the family? How will it all end? Thomson tells all to TVLine.

TVLINE | Big Love is thisclose to coming to an end, and Cara Lynn has been such an integral part of its final season. How has that been for you?
It’s been so amazing. Honestly, our creators Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer are geniuses, so intelligent and so talented and so nice. They’ve created a show that is going to be remembered for a really long time. Chloe Sevigny is one of the most talented people I have ever worked with — she can do anything! She brings Nicki to life in such a fun but outrageous way, and it’s been such a treat to work with her and play opposite her. I’ve learned so much from her and from everybody on set.

TVLINE | Talk about Cara Lynn’s journey in these final two episodes.
Cara Lynn’s had a hard time trying to adjust to this new modern world. Nicki now knows that Cara Lynn is having this relationship with her teacher Greg Ivey (played by Christian Campbell), and the next two episodes are very intense for her, especially this week. Nicki and Cara Lynn are at a breaking point right now, and this week Nicki just goes crazy. Nicki’s always dramatic, but she’s going to put Cara Lynn through the wringer. And the finale is going to be very good.

TVLINE | Will Cara Lynn continue to see her teacher, ultimately putting the family in more danger? Or will Nicki ultimately win the fight?
It’s definitely a battle. But this is not a thing where Cara Lynn says ‘screw you’ to the rest of the family. She’s deeply concerned that what she’s doing is hurting them, and she didn’t really understand what was at stake here with this relationship with her teacher. But their relationship doesn’t just end. This week’s episode still shows some stuff happening with Cara Lynn and Greg, but Nicki is not weak and she will get what she wants, which is to protect her daughter.

TVLINE | Big Love‘s final episodes have been filled to the brim with shocks, and fans are concerned the series won’t be able to wrap everything up by the end. Can you ease their minds?
When I read Episode 6 I though the same thing, but everything will get tied up and the series ends on a put-together note. It is very shocking and outrageous. All I can really say is to expect the unexpected. It all does get wrapped up though, believe it or not.

TVLINE | Besides your upcoming CSI: Miami guest spot, what would you like to do next in your budding career?
I’m kind of a tomboy, so I’ve always had a soft spot for action movies. I would love to do one of those, doing my own stunts and training.

TVLINE | Any special plans to commemorate Big Love‘s finale night?
I usually just watch with my mom. She’s been a fan forever, so I’ll watch at home with her!

Don’t miss Big Love‘s penultimate episode tonight at 9/8c, on HBO.

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