Is It Time for Jon Cryer to Get Serious About the Charlie Sheen Situation?

Jon Cryer appeared on TBS’ Conan Thursday night to once again address the Charlie Sheen situation… without really addressing it. Raising the question: Will he ever?

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On the late-night talker, Cryer “responded” to Sheen’s recent declaration that his Two and a Half Men costar is a “troll” for not publicly reaching out to and supporting him during his headline-grabbing feud with the sitcom’s producers. You can watch the full Conan clip below, but if I may boil it down for you: Cryer interprets the “troll” label literally.

The Conan cameo marked the second time Cryer has obliquely weighed in on the ongoing Sheen sitch, having previously appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in his “new job,” as a receptionist. (You can watch that video here.)

OK, we get it — Cryer is “breaking his silence,” only not. It’s the stuff viral videos are made of.

But is Cryer trying to have it both ways by making these TV appearances without offering something of substance about his troubled costar, a man he has worked alongside for some 20 years (if you date back to Hot Shots)?

Holland Taylor issued a statement about her on- and off-camera experiences with her Two and a Half Men son. Marin Hinkle has talked about how the controversy may portend “the end of something amazing.” But Cryer? Steadfastly mum.

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How many more lighthearted chuckles can we expect from Cryer before he steps forth with some sobering insight on Sheen’s wild post-rehab media rampage and the antics that have thrown the future of TV’s most watched comedy — and the hundreds of people employed by it — into jeopardy?

Do you agree with Cryer’s approach? Does he “owe” us nothing? Or do you think the time for milking the situation for (the faintest of) laughs is over?