Castle Exclusive: A Nod to the Late Stephen J. Cannell Is In the Cards

Castle — and Castle — soon will pay regard to Stephen J. Cannell, the late novelist, prolific TV producer and sometime guest star, TVLine has learned.

In the April 11th episode of the ABC series, Castle and his poker pals — Michael Connelly, in his third appearance, and first-timer Dennis Lehane (Gone, Baby, Gone) — will make reference to Cannell’s passing as they gather for a night of cards.

The man who brought us such series as The A-Team, 21 Jump Street and Wiseguy, Cannell died from complications associated with melanoma in September 2010, at age 69. He made his third and what would be final cameo on Castle last May.

Here’s Cannell joining Castle for cards with Connelly (far l.) and James Patterson (far r.).

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