Will Southland's Third Season Finale Be Its Last? Series Star Wagers $100 On Renewal

Southland‘s third season finale airs Tuesday on TNT (10/9c), and fans are already wondering: Is this it for the little show that could? Or, as at least one trade suggests, is Season 4 a possibility?

No one knows for sure, but stars Ben McKenzie and Michael Cudlitz are weighing in on the future they see for Southland.

Tuesday’s finale, “Graduation Day,” finds each character in his or her own predicament. Ben (McKenzie) is in a particularly tough spot on his final day as a rookie, struggling to deal with his longtime partner John’s (Cudlitz) ever-growing drug addiction. And while the episode is billed as merely a season-ender, it’s not impossible to see how it wraps things up for some of the characters — should this be it for Southland.

“This season really completes the journey for my character, literally and metaphorically, being a rookie,” McKenzie shares. “He’s finally done with his probationary period. He’s grown up and become a confident officer in his own right. He’s also had to face down his returning officer and tell him some hard truths. He’s ready to go out into the world, and the gloves are off for Ben Sherman.”

And should TNT renew Southland (fingers crossed), there’s still plenty to see. “The world is wide open, and Ben can go in any number of directions,” says McKenzie. “It is very exciting for both me and for the producers and writers.”

Adds Cudlitz, “The great thing for every great character in the show, and for the future of the characters, is that everything is moving forward, everybody is moving forward.”

Luckily, that’s all neither here nor there because both Cudlitz and McKenzie are more than confident that Southland will see a Season 4.

“We have produced the television series that we set out to produce, and TNT has given us the opportunity to do that unflinchingly,” says the outspoken Cudlitz. “We’re very proud of the 10 hours we have done, as well as the 13 previous hours that we produced. But more specifically the past 10 hours — and we will not be discussing not being picked up anymore.

“I think the show is getting picked up,” he reiterates with a laugh. “It’s a matter of how many [episodes].”

“If it’s 3-to-1, I’ll still put money on it,” McKenzie chimes in. “You pick the odds and I’ll bet you 100 bucks, how about that?”

Whatever Southland‘s future holds, you don’t want to miss Tuesday’s powerful finale at 10/9c on TNT.

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