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Human Target On the Bubble: Keep Or Cut?

Come mid-May (if not occasionally sooner), the networks will be making some tough calls as to which shows will return for the 2011-12 TV season, and which should start packing their bags. In addition to our ongoing “Renew Our Show!” Bracket Tournament, TVLine will single out some “bubble” shows and survey their prospects. The first one in our crosshairs: Fox’s Human Target.

THE SHOW: Human Target (Fox)

THE TIME SLOT: Most recently, Wednesdays at 9/8c.

‘Renew Our Show!’ Sweet 16 Bracket Tournament: Chuck Vs. Human Target

THE CASE FOR KEEPING: Most simply said, we need testosterone TV like this, and ever since the clock ran out on 24‘s Jack Bauer, it’s been Christopher Chance’s (Mark Valley) mantle to carry, and his alone. (Really, who else is walking away slo-mo from fiery explosions anymore? It’s a dying art.) Plus, we already “lost” the excellent Chi McBride once before, when Pushing Daisies got plucked. And thirdly, I give you four words: Jackie. Earle. Frickin’. Haley.

THE CASE FOR CUTTING: Some argue that Human Target misfired in its second season by adding to its manly mix two female series regulars (as well as subtracting the original theme song). I will argue that the character of Ames (played by Janet Montgomery), if thought out more thoroughly, could provide true value to the team. Indira Varma‘s Ilsa, however, seems to be on hand for primarily one reason: to stir up some “Will They/Won’t They?” angst-filled dynamic with Chance, and folks, this just isn’t the show for that. We were absolutely A-OK with Chance having intermittent romantic interests played by gorge guest stars (such as, swoon, Emmanuelle Vaugier).

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Hit the comments section to make your own case for keeping or cutting Human Target!

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