Blind Item: Which Show Will Be Seeing Double?

The fans of a certain primetime actor will double their pleasure by season’s end, when their favorite star pops up in a dual role.

Is this a case of an “evil twin” (viva Grant Putnam!), an unexplained doppelganger (remember Peter Brady and Arthur Owens?), or the increasingly trendy alt-universe counterpart? I’m not at liberty to say, because the reveal is meant to be quite the finale-time showstopper. (And trust me, it will be.)

I can only part with this one hint: The show in question is a drama. Also, I’m personally curious to see the performer in question share his/her take on this “double take.”

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Does this “double blind” item leave you sufficiently twin piqued? Share your guesses about whose workload could be increasing in the comments section below!

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