Bachelor's Booted Ashley Ponders Date With Bachelorette! Plus What Made Her Cry, 'Ugh'?

The Bachelor‘s dancing dentist, Ashley Hebert, was sent packing this week after a final date that was so uncomfortable, even she had to avert her eyes!

But during our post-elimination chat, the 26-year-old weighed in on a possible date with The Bachelorette, the “demise” of her relationship with Brad Womack and why she’s actually OK with it.

QUESTION | How would you feel about being ABC’s next Bachelorette?
If they asked … I would definitely consider it. The process worked for me once, and I would be so excited to do it. What I can say is I do think that — despite what most people think — I’m actually a really confident, sincere person [and] I do have a lot to offer. I’m pretty fun girl to be around, I get along really well with people…. I feel like the show really primed me to start dating again, and that’s something I’m excited about. If [ABC] does want me to do it, I think they would be really happy with the end result.

QUESTION | What went wrong in the end? Everything seemed great until your final date with Brad.
There was a lot of miscommunication between Brad and I. I’m certainly at an age where I feel ready to settle down and enjoy the finer things in life, but I really think it was a lack of communication. I have to admit that throughout the whole process I went into it not really expecting to feel as strongly as I did and I guarded myself. I definitely learned a lot from that, and hopefully I can move forward and not make that mistake again.

QUESTION | There’s been a lot of talk about your age factoring into the elimination. How do you respond to that?
A lot of people think that we were in very different places in life, but in my mind we were actually right at the same spot. I’ll never really agree with that, but I think we wanted different things out of life.

QUESTION | Looking back, is there anything you would change about that last night in South Africa?
[Brad and I] should have talked about the important things that we touched on at dinner, but [instead] we continued on with our really fun, light relationship — and that’s where things went wrong. In the end, we ran out of time and that night was the demise of our relationship.

QUESTION | Brad mentioned during that final episode that he always thought you’d be in his final two. Did it hurt to see him say that, after the fact?
Ugh! It absolutely made me feel worse. When I left, the one question I had was, “Will he regret this? Is this something that he thought twice about?” So to hear him say that he thought from the beginning that I was going to be one of the two people, it confirmed what we had, in my mind. It made it harder to live with the regret of being so closed off.

QUESTION | Do you respect Brad’s decision to send you home early and not make you go through an entire rose ceremony?

Oh, absolutely. Especially after watching it and hearing all the things he said about pulling me aside instead of not giving me a rose, I have a whole new respect for him. I left really heartbroken but after seeing that, it helped get a little bit of closure and solidified the kind of relationship we had, which was full of respect and mutual admiration.

QUESTION | Which remaining lady do you think is best for Brad?
It changes from week to week. I thought Chantel O. until last episode, and now I’m a little more apt to say that he’s falling in love with Emily. In terms of what I think Brad wants out of life and in a relationship, I think Emily is probably a better match. But I love him and Chantel together — they compliment each other well.

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