CSI Exclusive: Nate Haskell Returns For Killer Season-Ending Arc

Not unlike a persistent pimple, serial killer Nate Haskell is popping back into CSI during May Sweeps for — presumably — one final showdown with his longtime archenemy Langston (Laurence Fishburne).

A show rep confirms to TVLine exclusively that Bill Irwin will reprise his role as the murdering menace for two episodes. Look for Haskell, who escaped from prison at the end of the Feb. 17 episode after switching ID bands with a minimum-security prisoner, to resurface in a very surprising way.

“Breaking out of jail was only the beginning,” teases exec producer Carol Mendelsohn. “As Haskell warned, he’s always five steps ahead of our CSIs, until he’s not…”

Thoughts? Do you share my hunch that this will probably mark the final chapter in the Langston/Haskell war? And being that it’s May Sweeps we’re talking about, do you think the erstwhile Dick & Jane Killer will add a high-profile victim to his body count? Hit the comments!