First Look Video: Huddy Plays House, '50s-Style!

It’s a veritable dream come true for Huddy fans: An angst-free House and Cuddy happily married with child. Unfortunately, it is just a dream — albeit an incredibly stylized, brilliantly staged and perfectly acted dream. It’s one of five TV/Movie genre-themed hallucinations experienced by the couple in Monday’s rapturously anticipated episode “Bombshells” (8/7c). It also happens to be my personal favorite, which makes what I’m about to tell you particularly exciting: The ’50s-inspired vignette is available for your (exclusive!) viewing pleasure below!

Other genres spoofed in the groundbreaking hour, directed by Greg Yaitanes, include the traditional sitcom, the big-budget Hollywood musical, the classic western and the B horror movie. The ’50s clip represents Cuddy’s interpretation “of the life she imagines the future could hold for her and House,” explains Yaitanes, who adds that the sequences “are not there just to be cute. They are all pushing the story forward. They’re telling us something about what the characters are going through. There’s a lot of hidden subtext and meaning.”

Thoughts? On a scale of 1 to 10, shat’s your anticipation level for “Bombshells” now?