Shocking House Videos: Is Cuddy Dying?

New promos for Fox’s hit medical drama forewarn of next Monday’s outing, “This is no ordinary episode of House.”

And indeed it certainly won’t be, seeing as the life of a major character hangs in the balance.

As Wilson himself puts it in the first promo shared below, “[Cuddy] could be dying.”

In this sneak peek, House and the team bat around ideas as to what is ailing their boss lady:

And in this one, Wilson conducts an ultrasound test that presents not-good news:

Whatever the outcome, the far-out script — which involves several fantasy sequences (and Hugh Laurie singing), as Cuddy fights for her life and House struggles to cope with this heartbreaking crisis — put a big smile on Lisa Edelstein’s face. “It’s really exciting,” Cuddy’s portrayer tells TVLine. “I love this episode.”

With reporting by Megan Masters

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