RuPaul's Drag Race Recap: Batter Up!

This week’s installment of RuPaul’s Drag Race featured the eight remaining contestants creating couture looks based on different kinds of cakes, then strutting their looks (and mini confectionary versions of themselves) down the runway. Let’s recount the action in 10 dazzling screengrabs. Start your engines…

Delta Work makes the international symbol for "I don't want to do a naked photo shoot."

Raccoon Raja tears into Shangela for getting help with her sewin' and hairstylin'!

You're finally showing your true colors, Raja, and dare I say they're not very attractive.

Anna Wintour finds her new waking nightmare in Stacy Layne Matthews' definition of couture: Skintight red Capris paired with white shoes and an exploding shoulder.

Work, mama.

Team Heathers served some major runway drama this week, did they not?

Although Manila's mortuary makeup and heinous belt knocked her from the top perch.

Raja's exposed knicker, on the other hand, was not enough to sideline her runway stomp to the top.

Stacy literally tears out her own hair while attempting to lipsynch...for her life!

Alexis Mateo, chanté, you stay.

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