Matt Lauria's Spoiler-Free Friday Night Lights Finale Thoughts: 'It Blindsided Me!'

Saying goodbye to Friday Night Lights was tough, but thank goodness The Chicago Code came around when it did because TV without Matt Lauria isn’t really TV — am I right?

I recently had the good fortune to chat with the Dillon football stud-turned-rookie cop, who was nice enough to offer his insights on FNL‘s series finale. And knowing that not all of you are DirecTV inclined, he prefaced his thoughts with this request: “Only if you promise not to do anything to spoil it for the NBC fans.”

“So, when I’m in the ambulance in the last scene…no, I’m just kidding!” he laughed.

All joking aside, Lauria admitted that things got “pretty emotional” after he shot his final scene. “Watching the whole season, your heart breaks a little bit from joy and from sadness. When you’re working on a project, you’re so close to it that it’s hard to see it sometimes. But when you step back and you’re able to see what a beautiful show they’ve all put together, I was just filled with such pride and gratitude to be a part of it, and then sadness to see it go.”

Lauria was a huge fan of the way the FNL Powers that Be wrapped up his character Luke’s storyline. [Warning: Vague spoilers ahead]. “At first [the ending] blindsided me,” he laughed. “The dreams of my character become very close to me; I want so badly for what my character wants to come true for him, so that was challenging. But in terms of stepping outside of it, I love what they did.

“It was truthful and authentic, and you can’t always have the hero get exactly what he wants,” he continued. “But once again, you have to tip your hat and salute the writers for keeping it real.”

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