Exclusive Greek Sneak Peek: Is Kappa Tau Calling It Quits?

Greek‘s four-season run comes to an emotional end Monday, March 7, and while we’re (so, so) sad to see it go, we do have an exclusive sneak peek at its drama-filled final hour — and boy, is it good.

Said simply, all of the trouble the KT’s have faced this semester — mainly the fact that they’ve been unable to get back in the Greek system’s good graces — has caught up with them… and they don’t even know it!

Unfortunately, overachieving exes Casey (Spencer Grammer) and Evan (Jake McDorman) are made privy to the KT woes when their law professor forces them to work together on a not-so-mock trail. The case: Cyprus-Rhodes U. is developing some expansion plans that call for the demolition of a few dilapidated buildings — namely Kappa Tau Omega. (Yes, this is a conflict of interest for Cas.)

Take a peek at the exclusive video below:

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Say your sad so longs in the comments, and don’t miss Greek‘s series finale, “Legacy,” on March 7 at 9/8c on ABC Family.