The TVLine-Up: TV Worth Watching This Week

Between broadcast and cable, there are exactly one kajillion different things to watch this week. So, as a supplement to the awesome feature stories and scoops TVLine has coming your way over the next seven days, here are 22 shows you might want to keep on your radar.

8/7c |
Chuck (NBC) | A mission requires Sarah and Chuck to make like Bonnie and Clyde; Morgan’s roommate search is hit with a twist.
8 pm |
Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family) | “A” is for “arrested,” as one of the pretties gets thrown in the slammer.
9 pm |
The Bachelor (ABC; in progress) | Come for the man-whore, stay for the rest of the whorishly slow reveal of the new Dancing with the Stars cast.
9 pm | The Chicago Code (Fox) | Jarek pursues a bomber who may have ties to the Chicago Liberation Army; a holdup prompts Gibbons to reflect on his idealistic youth.
10 pm | Castle (ABC) | The sure-to-be-intense conclusion of Adrian Pasdar’s “dirty bomb” arc.

8/7c | No Ordinary Family (ABC) | Geekgasm! Lucy “Xena” Lawless and Tricia “Six” Helfer guest-star.
10 pm | White Collar (USA Network) | Neal brandishes a badge and Peter picks pockets as the partners in crime-solving switch roles.
10 pm | Parenthood (NBC) | Will something Eventful happen in Sarah’s love life when ex-beau Jason Ritter resurfaces?
10 pm | Lights Out (FX) | Lights decides he needs to shake up his training routine if he’s ever going to become a Vatican assassin. Wait, what?
10 pm | 20/20 (ABC) | Oh, right, this is what: ABC affords us a chance to hear Charlie Sheen uncensored and without a filter, as he offers his two cents on the Two and a Half Men maelstrom.

I know, I just gave you four things — in addition to The Good Wife — to watch Tuesday at 10. Godspeed. Moving on….

8/7c | The Middle (ABC) | Doris Roberts returns as Ms. Rinsky, when Brick gets a D on a test (test…).
9/8c | Modern Family (ABC) | Phil spends a day at a spa; I’m hoping for at least one “Kelly Clarkson!!!” moment.
10 pm | Justified (FX) | The hunt is on when Rachel’s brother-in-law (Rescue Me‘s Larenz Tate) violently busts his way out of a halfway house.

8/7c | The Office (NBC) | Annnnd… sweeps is over. So your non-Idol choice this Thursday is to subject yourself to a cornucopia of repeats by surfing channels or lock onto NBC for six straight Office encores.

8/7c | Smallville (The CW) | Ask Ausiello’s January 18 asterisk quiz takes human form when clone Alexander is revealed to be Connor Kent aka a rather super boy.
8 pm | The Defenders (CBS) | Kathy Griffin guest-stars as herself an insult comic. Actually, unstrike that.
8 pm | The NAACP Image Awards (Fox) | Silly rabbit, thinking awards season was over.

11:30 pm | Saturday Night Live (NBC) | Miley Cyrus is your host, y’all! So yeah, it’s gonna be, like, pretty… uneven.

9/8c | Undercover Boss (CBS) | Cincinnati mayor Mark Mallory dons dreadlocks and a goatee to become the first elected official to go undercover and see how the other half lives. I am so there.
10 pm | Brothers & Sisters (ABC) | Nora and Sarah visit D.C. to find out what Kitty’s been up to — other than enjoying a really cushy definition of “series regular.”
10 pm | Breakout Kings (A&E) | In this new drama, three felons (Smallville stunner Serinda Swan included) are offered a month off their sentences for each prison escapee they help U.S. marshals catch.
11 pm | After Lately (E!) | Fans of Chelsea Handler should check out this new weekly series offering a behind-the-scenes look at her late-night talker. Meaning: I get to go to bed early.

Which of the above is must-see TV for you? And by all means, hit Comments to politely offer tune-in suggestions of your own!

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