Community's Return to Warfare: Exclusive Intel!

“Come with me if you don’t want paint on your clothes.”

Oh yeah, Community is going all “Modern Warfare” again, and we’ve got some exclusive details on the kickass season-ending showdown.

TVLine has confirmed that “Modern Warfare Redux,” as we have tentatively dubbed it, is definitely in the works (as a Vulture interview hinted last week), and in fact it is going to act as the two-part finale to Community‘s already stellar second season.

But don’t expect a carbon copy of Season 1’s smash hit. Sources close to the show tell us that while they expect fans to identify the episode as a sequel to the first installment, it is meant to be its own entity with a much different premise — à la not the same half-hour “action flick” we laid witness to last year.

This time around, the paintball war is not at all what it seems; there’s a bigger conspiracy afoot. The colorful game is much larger in scope, while the two-parter’s final twist is just too, too good to spoil.

We can reveal that Alison Brie’s Annie is central to the story — after all, poor thing was offed too soon in the original! — and will even face off against her very own nemesis, a student who happens to model herself after Greendale’s goody-goody. But don’t worry, the rest of the study group et al is involved in the fun, too.

As of now, NBC plans to air the new, yet-to-be-titled round of “Warfare” as an hour-long event, but there is still a small chance the network will parse it out over two weeks.

Side note: Check out the faux-news ticker scrolling the bottom of the screen during the February 24 episode. There may have been an Easter egg or two.

Are you as thrilled as we are to see Community break out the paintball guns again? Is there anything better than the promise of a two-part finale? Sound off in the comments!

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