Exclusive: True Blood Baddie Visits Cleveland

He who rules the Fellowship of the Sun soon will turn up as someone’s long-lost son, on Hot In Cleveland.

TVLine has leaned that Michael McMillian, who recurs on HBO’s True Blood as cunning cult leader Steve Newlin, has been tapped to guest-star on the TV Land comedy as Owen, the son Joy put up for adoption back when she was 15.

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Joy’s boy has been a recurring plot point since the hit comedy premiered in June 2010. In an early episode, the displaced “Eyebrow Queen of Beverly Hills” came to fear that the younger man she was dating could be her kid. And in Cleveland‘s Season 1 finale, Joy received a message from her son, but was unable to get back to him because of a tornado.

And when the two finally do meet? Let’s just say that one of them is rather blown away by the moment. There’s also a twist that finds Wendie Malick’s Victoria trying on a dreadful Cockney accent.

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Now in the midst of its second season, Hot In Cleveland airs Wednesdays at 10/9c. McMillian’s episode is tentatively set to air June 22.

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