Bachelor's Booted Shawntel Laughs Off the Death (Pun Intended) of Her Love with Brad

How many people think it’s really that strange that The Bachelor‘s Shawntel Newton is a funeral director? Anyone? Bueller? That’s what I thought. But after seeing the manner in which her hometown date went down, you’d think that wasn’t the case at all.

Luckily, the 25-year-old contestant is clearing the air, and letting fans know that she — and her love of all things afterlife — are still in tact.

TVLINE | Let’s talk hometown dates: Why bring Brad to your family’s funeral home?
I thought that I might as well lay all my cards out on the table with Brad. I thought, if he wants to get down on his knee and purpose to me, he might as well come to the funeral home and see what I do.

TVLINE | Ultimately, that didn’t turn out so well for you. Any regrets about your choice?
I was falling in love with Brad and I thought this was going to be it. Like I said on TV, it’s the final test to see if he can handle it and I don’t regret it.

TVLINE | You confessed your love to Brad just before being sent home. How are you feeling now that some time has passed?
Since it’s been awhile, I’m OK. I compare this a lot to someone who has had a death…so with me losing Brad, I allowed myself to get angry, almost in denial maybe, and I allowed myself to go through these different stages of grief in a healthy way, and I’m not in love with him anymore. Like I said in the limo, I wish Brad the happiest. I thought he was just an amazing person. He got really lucky with the girls he had to choose from because he had some really great girls there.

TVLINE | You now know how your date was edited for viewers to see, but what was your impression following the hometown visit?
I did think it went as well as it could with Brad laying on the prep table and being at the funeral home, and then to meet my family, which Brad can obviously see is having a hard time taking this all in. But why I said it was a shock to me was because I really thought he accepted my job and was OK with it and was going to still allow me to go one step further, to maybe talk to him more about that. He and I didn’t have a lot of time at the very end when I told him ‘I am now in love with you.’ It was minutes from when he left to the rose ceremony. I really thought I would have the one next step…but unfortunately he wasn’t feeling the same.

TVLINE | Having now lived it, would you recommend participating on The Bachelor to your friends or family?
It’s something that you really need to think about because it’s a really true test of your character., that’s what I learned about myself. You’re secluded from your family and friends, and you really only have yourself to realize what kind of person you are. It’s not that I would not recommend, but it’s something that people need to think about.

TVLINE | What about being the next Bachelorette — are you game?
As far as The Bachelorette goes, I think I would [do it]. You have to be a strong emotional person. You’re doing a lot of interviews, you’re up late and you need to be able to handle that — and I think I’m one that could do that. As far as Bachelor Pad goes, I probably wouldn’t — actually know I wouldn’t. Nothing against the show, I’ll probably watch it because I’ll know some of the girls form my season, but it’s just something I wouldn’t put myself up to. But The Bachelorette, yes, I would do that.

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