CSI Brings Back Lady Heather! What About Gil?

Melinda Clarke is due to make her sixth appearance as CSI‘s Lady Heather this April. But will Gil Grissom be on hand for his sexually charged “friend’s” encore?

Though William Peterson recently and somewhat secretly reprised his role on the CBS procedural, Clarke says, “Unfortunately, no,” he won’t be a part of her upcoming visit.

Nonetheless, “I think the storyline’s pretty interesting,” the actress told E! Online, which first reported on her appearance.

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How interesting is the crime at hand? In a twist that would arouse Saturday Night Live‘s Stefon, the episode — penned by CSI creator Anthony E. Zuiker and Ed Whitmore — is set in an offshoot of the dominatrix world that involves “human pets.” (I hereby coin the term “hets.”) When a murder occurs within this subculture, Dr. Lady Heather is brought in to consult, EW.com reports.

CSI Surprise! Did You Enjoy Grissom’s Visit?

Clarke, who now appears on The CW’s Nikita as Amanda aka “The Inquisitor,” last visited CSI in November 2008, when Lady Heather offered Gil her (ahem) expertise during the investigation of an S&M club killing.

Will you still make a point to tune in for Lady Heather’s next adventure, even sans Gil?

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